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At the close of each year, we ask you, our LTV family, to tell us about your favorite travel moments from the past 12 months. 2020 was a different kind of year, and your stories reflect that.

Many explored closer to home this year. Many found a new level of appreciation for their self-contained home-on-wheels; a safe way to retreat to the outdoors while being able to distance and isolate. A few even found a unique type of refuge in their LTV, sheltering during or even escaping from challenging circumstances. More than ever, we are honored to have been a part of your stories this year.

Here’s some of what our LTV family experienced in 2020.

Kent W.

“Last June, as COVID numbers were rising, we spontaneously hopped in Mightee Wonder Van and drove 4,200 miles over 2 weeks out from California to Teddy Roosevelt National Park, then down through the Badlands and back west via Colorado. Spoke with 8 people in 2 weeks and went into 2 grocery stores for supplies. Stayed in city parks, county parks, and national parks. What a blast!”

Robert W.

“In August, we took a 6,500-mile round trip from our home in the Florida Panhandle through the Heartland up to Montana, then across the highline to the Michigan Upper Peninsula, then down through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. After some visiting in Virginia and North Carolina, we made it back home again. It was a good way to see the country and maintain our sanity.”

Elva B.

“My husband and I completed a cross-country trip in our Unity. We started our journey in August 2019 from Massachusetts. Arrived home again March 2020. Spectacular adventure.”

Franklin B.

“With travel restrictions outside of our province (Ontario), we chose to explore and visit places we hadn’t been before. The highlight was definitely driving and camping around the north shore of Lake Superior. We did 11 provincial parks, one national park, one private park, and two Harvest Hosts. We met several LTV owners along the way. The drive was spectacular and our Wonder RTB performed admirably, and was noticed every day by other RVers.”

Sandy K.

“In August we met up with several RV friends of 15 years on the Oregon Coast, where we spent two days crabbing in little boats. What a hoot that was! Outside camp dining and camaraderie at the campsite filled a huge need for sociableness while maintaining social distancing.”

Paul H.

“Every trip we make with our LTV is a highlight. Like many, because of COVID, we ‘explored local’ this year. Our trips in 2020 included visiting the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia in June, the Kootenay region of British Columbia in September, followed by a quick tour of the Rocky Mountains in October. From the splendor of the ocean to the magnificent mountains of BC, we brought home many great memories!”

Paula D.

“Since we were going to be near the Great Lakes we decided to do some exploring around Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We loved the UP! The lakes were amazing and the campgrounds were really great.”

William G.

“Taking delivery of Unity RL after 14 months and completing a 5,300 mile coast-to-coast trip from Colorado Springs to Eugene, Oregon, and home to Florida. Spectacular experience. Outstanding RV platform!”

Billie C.

“Boondocking! A great way to be safe and see nature at its best. Buffalo Gap National Grasslands outside Badlands National Park.”


“We went north through the Appalachians then the Adirondacks. New England was next as we turned and ran south out of Maine. The highlight of the trip was a Harvest Hosts in northern Vermont on the Canadian border. Gagne Maple Farm was the greatest.”

Terry C.

“I had been bugging my husband for an RV for a decade or more… I just love camping and the great outdoors. So here we are… Can’t wait to meet some new LTV friends next year!”

John P.

“This year we did stay close to home and explored the north end of Vancouver Island; new territory for us. We stayed in some lovely small RV parks right on the water. Our favourite was Alder Bay RV Park near Port McNeil. It is remote and wild country. The highlight was a whale-watching trip and we saw lots of whales. More humpbacks than we could count, as well as 2 pods of orcas.”

Kathleen N.

“We traveled from Florida up to Chincoteague Island off of Virginia. We spent 6 weeks there and made friends and watched the horses run wild.”

Bill V.

“Our 2020 highlight was five years in the making. In August, our 5-year-old Unity TB crossed the 100,000 mile mark after traveling in 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Looking forward to the next 100,000.”

Bruce B.

“The highlight of my 2020 year is after 19 months of waiting, my Unity TB arrived. We spent three nights at three different Harvest Hosts on the way back to our home in our beautiful LTV. I am already planning my next three trips. But every weekend we take it out for an adventure, just to get used to all the features.”

Frank P.

“My highlight this year was October 15 – the purchase of my Unity RL.”

Jacqueline S.

“We used our LTV to travel from Chicago to Arizona, where we spent 3 weeks in a great Airbnb with family. We ordered all our food for delivery, swam in the pool, and cooked all our meals with 3 generations contributing to the fun. Quality family time had us forgetting a little bit about the craziness in the outside world. Without the Unity we wouldn’t have felt safe traveling in our little convoy. Sleeping 7 for the 2 nights on the road was very interesting, but we made it work!”

Edward H.

“Before COVID, we left cold New England for the sunny and warm south. We explored Charleston, Savanna, and lots of Florida, attended the RVillage Spirit of the Road Rally in Live Oak, stayed at Harvest Hosts sites and with lovely Boondockers Welcome folks, and of course some moochdocking with friends. We also enjoyed several state parks and private campgrounds. But the highlight was celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with friends.”

Bob S.

“Spending almost 3 months in my new Wonder MB, traveling through 14 states and seeing relatives and friends as well as national parks along the way for 8,500 miles. Couldn’t have chosen a more comfortable vehicle for me.”

Dan L.

“Due to COVID-19, we cancelled our trip to Anacortes in the Great Northwest and stayed close to home instead. We treated ourselves to a stay in the 10/10/10 Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville, Texas.”

Brandon V.

“2020 has been a struggle and a blessing for us. We purchased our 2020 FX in August in Las Vegas; my wife drove it to our home in Huntington Beach with a huge grin that’ll take a plastic surgeon to remove. A couple weeks later we drove to Yellowstone, taking turns driving and stopping at several other beautiful locations. We’ve traveled somewhere at least once a month and every trip is truly enjoyable for both of us. Our LTV drives like a dream, we couldn’t be happier with it.”

Romaine B.

“I took my rig out of the shed for essential things like doctor visits, drive-through meals, because I need a table to eat off of and a bathroom for essential things, and many times just to get out of the house and see the beauty of the earth. Then, finally, the state parks opened in Illinois and my Loners on Wheels club was able to camp together!”

Chester S.

“My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in South Bass Park, Ohio, back in August. That was our last anniversary together. My wife, Glenda, passed in October of colon cancer. We made the very best of our time we shared together.”

Mary Kay K.

“The pandemic altered our travel plans completely in 2020. Although we recognize traveling in Bentley, our completely self-contained Leisure Travel Van, was more safe than most any other form of travel, we were not interested in inviting risk into our comfort zone. We were pleased to ‘invent’ a new purpose for Bentley: we would drive to the parking lot of a high-end restaurant, settle in with a cocktail, and order take-out. About the time our cocktails were gone, our hot and perfectly prepared meals were delivered directly to our door! We were able to enjoy fine cuisine with no need to reheat!!!”

Tommie L.

“In short… highly limited… but when I was in my Unity, life was good! January and June placed me in my Unity for what ham radio operators call “Field Day”. Next was a short trip to Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina. The “big” trip, was to East Palatka, Florida, for about seven days, to visit a dear friend.”

Diane S.

“Having just picked up our Wonder RL in early October, we managed 3 getaways that were local. One by a lake, another by the ocean, and our last by the Fraser River. Wonderful times and looking forward to 2021!”

Dong K.

Our private social distancing Thanksgiving road trip to the beautiful and rugged coast of Oregon.

Nelson C.

“Our Unity was a lifesaver for my wife this year. Tammy is an avid tennis player who lives for the sport over the summer months. Due to the virus, the washrooms at the tennis courts were temporarily closed. The old Unity IB stepped up and was there courtside as a comfort station, saving the summer for this family.”

Cindy B.

“The only way we felt safe to travel was in our Serenity motor home. In August, we traveled from St. Louis, Missouri, to northern Minnesota’s boundary waters.”

Bob C.

“Being from flat Florida, we enjoyed the mountains and waterfalls of the Finger Lakes region of New York.”

Cynthia A.

“COVID stopped us from travelling, but not our LTV. We came to the sad conclusion that health conditions prevented us from enjoying our unit, but someone else could. A delightful couple from Saskatchewan purchased the unit online, sight unseen. The new owners were delighted, and have sent us pictures of their travels with it this fall. We know the new owners will love her, as we surely did.”

Suzy M.

“I live about 1,200 miles from two of my daughters, who are the moms of my four young grandchildren. When the 4th was born in June 2020, I was camped in West Wendover, Nevada, on my way from Colorado to help out with the new baby. I was so glad to have a way to travel that was safe. I planned goods and other necessities in the week ahead of my trip, and I never needed to go inside of any stores or gas stations the whole time. I had everything I needed in the camper.”

Joel S.

“My travel highlight for 2020 was our trip from Winnipeg back home to South Bruce Peninsula, after visiting family in Winnipeg. It was a highlight because we timed it perfectly to see fall colours on the whole trip home.”

Jack L.

“Put on 25,000 km short-tripping all over British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. ”

Mark M.

“This fall, my wife and I (and 9 year-old grandchild doing ‘remote schooling – pandemic style’) drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to St. Paul, Minnesota, to visit our daughter and her family. We all then drove up to Madeline Island on Lake Superior to chill out for a week together.”

John J.

“This year we undertook an 11,000-mile journey from South Florida to the San Juan Islands in Washington State. We were able to visit many of the national parks along the way. Other highlights were Columbia River Valley wineries and numerous museums.”

Fred L.

“Due to COVID, we restricted ourselves to direct destination travel – from Edmonton, Alberta, to our daughter’s place in Aldergrove, BC. We stayed at the best campground ever, beside a spawning creek. Hoping to go again in the spring.”

Jamie and Ron Z.

“In October, we traveled from Wisconsin, following the Mississippi, down the Great River Road, ending in New Orleans. Our goal was the National World War ll Museum. It was amazing and well worth the trip.”

Shari F.

“With the craziness of this year, we decided to stick close to home. We did the Nebraska Great Park Pursuit. They highlight 20 parks (state, recreation areas, and even some city parks) all over the state, you find the pole with the clues they give you, take your picture with it, and submit it for prizes. We had no clue we had some really cool places in Nebraska!”

Tim W.

Debbie S.

“I was lucky to get a spot at Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado this summer. Beautiful scenery and great hiking!”

Stan R.

“In March 2020, camping opportunities from our home in Calgary looked bleak. We canceled long-planned treks to Vancouver Island and the Yukon. Instead, we took weekly 2- and 3-day trips to Kananaskis and explored hundreds of kilometres of hikes through the Canadian Rockies. Best RVing summer ever.”

Paul G.

“We took our 2019 Unity FX, Felix, on a coastal getaway this past October. Our route started out traveling south down the I-95 corridor, which we have done countless times, but this time we turned left after crossing over the Hudson River, taking the Garden State Parkway to the Jersey Shore. We were rewarded with sunny and warm weather. We took Felix on three different ferries – who knew a LTV could float – and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel down to the Outer Banks, Ocracoke Island, and finally Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina. We had a wonderful and safe trip.”

Arnold M.

“We drive our Serenity to Nova Scotia and back each year, but of course could not this year due to the pandemic. Instead, we traveled to nearby provincial and national parks, using 2-4 day trips to reconnect to old stomping grounds, and enjoy nature. While the perfect vehicle to traverse the continent, it is also perfect for relaxing ‘in the woods’. Great to be self-contained in the lap of luxury.”

Patrick M.

“At first resigned to staying close to home, an opportunity arose to visit the LTV factory at Winkler. With a week to travel from the west coast to Winkler, we had time to visit some campgrounds that were new to us.”

Conrad B.

As first-time RVers and new owners of a 2016 Unity MB, our first road trip was 12 nights between the Okanagan and Grasslands National Park.

Jay and Bev P.

“Even though we are in a pandemic, we safely travelled over 8,000 miles this past summer in our 2014 Unity TB that we call Lexi. In our home state of Michigan, we went to Sleeping Bear and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshores and to Tahquamenon Falls, Traverse City, and Hartwick Pines State Parks. In Indiana, we hiked in Turkey Run, Pokagon, and Potato Creek State Parks. Our longest trip was to upstate New York, where we hiked Watkins Glen and the Ausable Chasm, and took a boat tour of the Thousand Islands with a visit to the Bolt Castle. Without Lexi we would not have gone anywhere because of COVID-19. With Lexi we went ‘everywhere’.”

Phyllis I.

“We were so excited to break in our new 2020 Wonder RTB in Copalis near Ocean Shores, Washington. We finally figured out all the utilities!”

Daniel G.

“Early September, we went to the Niagara region to wineries. We slept over in the vineyards, surrounded by grapes everywhere. Being a member within the Harvest Hosts network, we were very welcome!”

Anita R.

“We had traveled last winter to the Tucson area, and found a visitors book that was full of fun things to see and do in the area. We took advantage of that book and had just about exhausted every attraction offered in the book when the circumstances of the virus told us it was time to go home. We are looking forward to visiting the area again.”

Eileen A.

“After a wonderful winter exploring Florida, we headed back to Richmond, Virginia. How to stay away from family and beloved grandchildren was solved by parking Idler II (our LTV) next to Idler (our boat) at the marina. For several weeks, we stayed warm, slept comfortably, and dined in while completing the usual springtime commissioning chores and resolving some unexpected problems. A hefty yard bill but a priceless experience.”

Dawn F.

“Our LTV enabled us to travel cross-country – Georgia to Oregon – for the birth of our first grandchild during the pandemic. We loaded up and spent 7 days driving, 11 days waiting/helping, and 7 days back. Our LTV enabled us to stay safe, work en route, and bring our geriatric dog (a bonus for our daughter to see her beloved pup one last time). Being there safely for the birth was, as they say, priceless.”

Karen M-C.

“In spite of, and because of, pandemic precautions this year, we sustained our goal of taking our 2010 Free Spirit on a trip almost every month. Most trips were for 2-4 nights dispersed camping and within a 2-3 hour drive from our Flagstaff, Arizona, home. We appreciate the nimbleness, comfort, and simplicity of our Free Spirit.”

Kenneth H.

“We live on an island 25 miles from the southernmost place in the US, Key West. When the COVID-19 dangers became evident, the Florida Keys were blockaded against visitors, and travel out of the Keys was risky. So our Unity spent its summer in the tropical heat, being driven around our small island and reparked in the yard occasionally. As the long months pass, we dare not leave our safety net in the Keys, so will continue to hibernate on our lovely island. From our house we enjoy beautiful views of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and the LTV.”

Laraine C.

“I wouldn’t say this is a highlight, but the trip will always be memorable. We were in Oregon in September when there were many fires. A new one erupted and we woke up to a very dark but orange sky. Ash was in the air and breathing was difficult. We packed up, realizing we couldn’t go back east the way we came due to the fire. We couldn’t go south due to California fires, so we headed to Boise, down through Salt Lake, on to Moab and Monument Valley. We arrived home in Mesa safe and sound.”

Chuck H.

“Manatee Springs State Park outside Chiefland, Florida, hosts manatees, small deer, and black vultures. The mornings can be foggy and still – a great time to stroll out on the boardwalk to relax with the seemingly floating, motionless manatees who, though large, have limited body fat and depend on the 72 degree water to avoid hypothermia.”

Charles W.

“Not so much a travel highlight, but when we were evacuated because of the East Troublesome Fire from our home in Colorado, we found safe and familiar harbor in our Unity. Many camping trips helped us to quickly grab the essentials and a few valuables. In spite of the turbulence of the pandemic and the fires, we were grateful to have our comfortable camper over our heads.”

Larry S.

“My beautiful bride and I did a quick impromptu trip out of Austin, Texas, for 9 days. What a fantastic quick run west. Our destinations were Silver City, New Mexico, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona. From there we headed to Lee’s Ferry State Park and Marble Canyon, one of the highlights of the trip and the favorite destination of my wife. We spotted 8 condors hanging out on the pedestrian bridge – fantastic memory there. Then on to the KOA north of Durango, Colorado. From there to Silverton, to Ouray, then home.”

Jean-Francois T.

“In 2020, despite the pandemic, we first had the opportunity to travel with 3 other LTVs, all members of our Club’s executive team, during a two-week period in the wonderful Temiscouata region in Québec. Then we spent two weeks in the wonderful Magdalen Islands.”

Roger M.

“Traveling to St. Louis, Missouri, to get this 2021 Unity MB after a year’s wait was the highlight of our 2020 COVID travel season. Hopefully many more highlights to come soon.”

Lloyd S.

“This past summer, we hiked out west for three months with our Unity MB. In August I managed to tear two tendons in my knee and the motor home was a lifesaver – reclining seats with footrest meant I could keep the leg elevated after surgery, as we hung out for a month for checkups before driving back home. An unusual ‘vacation’ but one which did give us an even better appreciation of the MB’s features.”

Connie B.

“Got out of the Fantasy RV Tour in Mexico just before everything shut down for the pandemic. Then, when things started opening up in May, I was able to camp with the Loners on Wheels and FMCA where and when we could find campgrounds open to New Yorkers, following new mask and social distancing rules all the way. It was more difficult but worth getting out with my camping families.”

Randy A.

“I had an action-packed March hiking in the Grand Canyon, biking and climbing in Moab and Joshua Tree, and finally skiing in Aspen. My 2018 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder served as my luxurious home-on-wheels and chariot to adventure.”

Bill B.

“In November I headed out from Lake San Marcos, California, to Arizona in my 2017 Unity MB to explore some areas. I really wanted to spend some time in Sedona more than anywhere else, but decided to first go to Prescott, which I had never seen. I went from Prescott across the state through Cottonwood, and found it to be good timing with the cottonwoods in full golden bloom. Quite stunning.”

Stephan K.

“Due to COVID-19, our international travels were delayed. Thus, to visit our children and grandchildren safely in the US, we purchased a 2020 Wonder MB. Our maiden trip was up and down along the Minnesota north shore’s state parks. Then we made a trip out to Aurora, Colorado, visiting our youngest son, his wife, and our 4 grandchildren. We traversed across Kansas state parks, along the Kansas Scenic Byways, then crossed over to Missouri’s Ozark National Scenic Riverways at Alley Springs. We then drove north to Saint Charles, Missouri, to visit our third son, his wife, and the other 2 grandchildren. As I am writing this blurb, we are now wintering in Joshua Tree, California, and will be using the coach to visit various parks while we are here and on our way home in the spring. So far, so good with TiKiWonder.”

Robert M.

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the importance of family and friends. We were very fortunate in 2020 to be in the Atlantic Bubble in Canada. We were able to take a trip to the east coast of Nova Scotia, which was great. Our highlight was getting to New Brunswick to see my in-laws. We had a great visit and were fortunate enough to stay in our 2008 LTV.”

Bruce L.

“Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons! Amazing trip, completely self-contained and safe amid all the chaos and uncertainty. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for some but will be a regular part of my travel life, thanks to LTV and nature. ”

George C.

“We picked up our 2020 Unity MB in Las Vegas on March 10, and began our retirement as full-time RVers. On April 1, we experienced an eight-week stay-at-home order in California, at a campground in Morgan Hill. On June 1, we continued our full-time travels up the West Coast. Two of our favorite stops were Crater Lake National Park in Oregon and the Hurricane Ridge Trail at Olympic National Park in Washington State. We felt so fortunate to be able to experience these magnificent places on planet Earth.”

James E.

“I asked my brother to ride along with me as I picked up my new 2021 Wonder RTB in Sacramento, California. Final destination, Virginia. We left the dealership about 11am or so on Wednesday and headed east towards Lake Tahoe. There was snow and ice all around, and I took it easy as I was still getting use to the handling of the Wonder RTB. This RV handles like a dream. We made it to Las Vegas about 2am that Thursday morning, and ended up boondocking in the back parking lot at the Tropicana. We got to the Grand Canyon about 2pm that Thursday, got out, stretched our legs and walk along the Grand Canyon overlook. It was a perfect day… sunshine and blue sky. We got up the next morning (Friday) as the sun was just coming up and hit the road. We arrived at my brother’s house in Houston, Texas, about 5am Saturday morning. I hit the road about 11am with a clean rig and headed towards Virginia. Even though it was a fast and long trip, I really enjoyed the maiden voyage with my new 2021 Wonder RTB.”

Phil S.

“I had the pleasure of working for a month and a half as a maintenance host at the Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. The great adventure of restoring old structures at the park – slightly interrupted by being evacuated in the early morning because of the raging forest fires– was a great experience, and I felt right at home in my 2018 Unity TB! Loved every minute of it! The WORST part of that adventure was having to leave my Unity behind during the evacuation, but I was able to reclaim it, unscathed, a week later.”

Terry B.

“In 2020 we traveled in our Unity FX to the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona, Chiricahua Mountains National Monument in southeastern Arizona, the White Mountains in eastern Arizona, Mammoth Lakes, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, the national parks in Utah, western Colorado, and last but not least, we took a 4,500 mile trip from Arizona to Orlando, Florida, and back. Our 16-day adventure in Utah and Colorado was definitely a highlight for 2020.”

Kelly E.

“After 90 days with my parents and sister, it was more than time to be out of other people’s hair. SO I took a longer route home. The falls in Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia were lovely. Then Cloudland State Park just knocked my socks off. Slept in an Outback and Walmart parking lot in Murfreesboro, and while walking the dog saw fireflies… total blissful surprise!!!! Definitely the BEST thing that has happened to me in 2020 other than my family being healthy.”

Kevin J.

“We managed a week trip to Waterton National Park, via Chain Lakes Provincial Park, and thoroughly enjoyed using and getting to know our new home-on-wheels.”

Deb B.

“Traveling to Ohio to see our new grandson Will, spend a week with family, and take the grandkids trick-or-treating. We had a donut breakfast in the LTV with the grands, and they went on the hunt for Snakey, a lost snake. We took all precautions to stay healthy and did.”

David D.

“We are fortunate to have some wonderful county and state parks in Wisconsin. Our 2015 Unity MB allowed us the opportunity to do some camping in 2020, even though we weren’t more than a few hours from home. The photo below was taken at Coon Fork County Park in Eau Claire County. The full moon and scattered clouds made for a beautiful night next to the water. ”

Chris B.

“Spent 4 glorious months of boondocking in my brand new Unity RL, hiking and playing pickleball in the western states. Three top hikes were Utah’s Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Spooky and Peek-a-Boo Gulch slot canyons in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and Skyline Trail in Mount Ranier National Park. Had a super special evening watching 5 grizzlies eat their dinner in Tom Minor Basin.”

Brad H.

“My wife, Judy, and I celebrated our 37th anniversary with a visit to where we honeymooned and a ten-day trip through 11 states. We visited many places from early on in our marriage and also new places, including a trip to Gettysburg for the first time. The fall colors were amazing and we can’t wait to go someplace new in 2021!”

Mark M-M.

“On October 4, we left home in our new Wonder RL with our 2 great pyrenees for a 7-week journey west to visit 6 national parks, 8 state parks, and 10 states, and our 3 sons and 1 new grandson. We survived a steep learning curve, VERY close quarters, a few comic near-disasters, an early snowstorm, cold, winterizing, dewinterizing, and winterizing once more when we arrived home in late November. We loved it and are eager to get back out there after the new year! More to see, more to learn, and the Wonder (named Stevie) amazed us.”

Wherever you find yourself, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and a brighter 2021. Happy New Year!

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