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Each December, we gather stories from our LTV community about your most memorable travels and adventures that year. From family milestones to dream trips realized to taking ownership of that first RV, these stories are always touching, inspiring, entertaining, and the best way to say farewell to the year that was.

Here’s some of what our LTV community experienced in 2021.

I had to smile when LTV sent me this link to send them my most memorable highlight of the 2021 year. My beautiful new Unity MB finally showed up at the end of October, and since then it has been a rush to get everything added to the rig for my 6 month winter escape south. Last weekend I was finally able to take my first shake down night up in beautiful Mount. Kidd RV park in Alberta's Kananaskis Provincial Park! - Lori R.

Richard H.

“Our travel highlight was traveling to Wilmington, NC in November to pick up our new 2022 Unity RL from Tom and Howard RV, and our first night camping at the Wilmington KOA before heading back to Raleigh.”

Bob C.

“In 2021 we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and we wanted to relive our honeymoon. But it was in Jamaica and, due to the pandemic, that was out of the question. However our little Leisure Travel Van got us a close to Jamaica as possible in Key West.”

Mario B.

“We got our new Wonder 2021 RTB and pick up at the dealer in Langley BC. We drove back to our home in Montreal (5500km). We did 12,000 km in 2021 and expect more in 2022!”

Doug R.

“Memorial Day weekend at String Lake in Grand Teton National Park.”

Terry B.

“In 2021 we lead eleven other Leisure Travel Van owners on a 12 day tour of Southern Arizona. We made a lot of new friends on our trip, and discovered the best thing about traveling in our Leisure Travel Van is traveling with fellow Leisure Travel Van owners. We started the trip as strangers, and ended the trip as family.”

Colleen G.

“Thank you to everyone at LTV for making my travel dreams come true. Your hard work of designing and building allows us to have so many adventures and creates awesome memories of fun and fellowship.”

Marylee W.

“A trip to an Equestrian camp near Sisters, Oregon with my LTV easily pulling my horse trailer and my fabulous horse, Beau. A trail ride took us up to a viewpoint where we saw Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, the Three Sisters, Mt. Bachelor and Broken Top. A highlight that I will never forget.”

Robert W.

“We would like to think that the highlight of the year is when we where able to take delivery of our brand new Leisure Travel Van Unity twin Bed motorhome and drive it home. We live about 180 miles away from the LTV dealership so we where going to rent a car to drive to pick up the motorhome but no rentals available, so with a little creative thinking we rented a U-Haul truck and drove to the LTV dealership and drove our NEW motorhome home after a year long wait. Thanks for the high quality product that you produce for my pleasure and travel.”

Brent J.

“3,500 miles and 2 1/2 weeks across the Pacific northwest was amazing! Little Bighorn Battlefield, Glacier National Park, Washington State and Gig Harbor, Olympic National Park, Cannon Beach and the Oregon coastline, and finally Crater Lake National Park. Traveling in a world class 2021 LTV Unity Rear Lounge motorhome was beyond spectacular, and so luxurious.”

Richard P.

“In October 2021 we got to check off one of our “bucket list” adventures. We drove our 2018 Unity Twin Bed to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and stayed at the VIP West RV Parking. We actually got to go up for our very first balloon ride and took an aerial photo of our LTV and Jeep Wrangler Toad. Our site had no services, but we had plenty of water and battery power and enjoyed 3 nights there in the comfort of our “home”. We highly recommend this trip.”

My wife Natalie & I & our dog Joe spent September traveling across our province of Quebec. We did 4,000km in 3 weeks and had lots of fun and met great people. On the last weekend of this journey, we joined the LTV Quebec group of 92 units and it was just awesome! - Charles T.

Robert K.

“New owner November 2021 of a 2014 LTV Unity 24MB and absolutely love it! First Trip was to see daughter at Virginia Tech for a football tailgate. En route stopped at Devils Backbone Brewery for an overnight in a full hookup site. Next day traveled via scenic Blue Ridge Parkway to do a dry camp in Stadium parking lot. Van performed amazing and we are so happy to join the LTV community!”

Doug D.

“The highlight of the year was our first LTV rally with the Texoma Travelers. It was so encouraging to spend time with other like-minded RVers. It is good to be associated with a company that still sponsors rallies, still produces a quality product, and still values their customers. We received our coach in March and have taken several small trips and one 2-week trip. The attention to detail and quality workmanship stands out from the other 3 RVs we have owned. Thank you all for the work you do. I understand it has been a rough year with shutdowns and pandemics, but this is an outstanding company. Please keep it that way. Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.”

Mark M.

“Bonnie and I saw some amazing places throughout the American Southwest in spring and fall 2021 — sunset followed by full moonrise over the Badlands was spectacular. But I think our travel highlight for the year would have to be pulling into our son’s driveway in Evergreen, Colorado, just as they heard that our 1-year old grandson’s daycare was closing for the week due to a potential Covid exposure. What timing! We got to spend that entire week and more with George and his parents. What could be better? Thanks, LTV — our Wonder made it work.”

Conrad B.

“We started the 2021 season in April by discovering our own backyard. It was a short drive to get to sẁiẁs Provincial Park (Haynes Point) in Osoyoos, British Columbia. It was a chance to sort out what would be needed for dry camping since a lot of the BC Provincial Parks do not have services. Our stay was mostly spent birding from our campsite, the bonus was a flock of migrating pelicans that made a stop in a bay on one side of the Park.”

Craig T.

“While the travel blogs and brochures beckon you to mountain grandeur and rugged coast lines, we’ve found “majestic” can happen right here in the midwest. Our rookie trips led us through the beautiful rolling hills and farmlands of north central Ohio. We experienced culture differences and hiked trails with canyons and hearty rivers. The long road awaits but so much of wonder rests not too far down the road. 2021 was our rookie venture into the RV experience. We are so glad we jumped in with our Leisure Wonder.”

Robin N.

“RVing is twice the fun when you share it. We had the opportunity to travel with Jim’s brother and wife this autumn and visited many places. The one that stands out is viewing Niagara Falls – up close! All of us got drenched while riding on the Maid of the Mist boat. It was so much fun to share that experience with them!”

Norm & Cathy H.

“We stayed in Rapid City on Independence Day. Our campsite was on a bluff overlooking the city and when the sun set, the entire valley below began celebrating with fireworks! We could see them for miles. We were reminded of how wonderful this country is.”

Marilyn F.

“We travelled through Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario in the peak colour season and camped just outside Ottawa. With our e-bikes we much enjoyed the many paved bike trails in and around the city, and along the Ottawa River. We also rode across the bridge into Hull, QC again loving the designated bike lanes and pathways.”

Bill and Denise S.

“This year we visited Florida in the winter and toured Michigan beach towns along Lake Michigan in the summer.”

William M.

“Guadalupe Mountains National Park, West Texas. Includes mountain trails and canyon trails. Great fun but challenging. Perfect weather and friendly people in Van Horn RV Park. Antelope included.”

Paul S.

“We made our Maiden Voyage in our new to us 2013 Unity MB we call “Bentley”. We traveled locally to Seward AK and stayed at the KOA there. It was an awesome weekend!”

Karen P.

“Washington State has amazing State Parks. Our goal has been to stay at all 72 that have camping. So far we’ve been to 67! It’s embarrassing to say I’ve lived in Washington my entire life and discovered so many parts of the state we’d never seen. And discovered parks we’d never heard of.”

Bonnie B.

“Our highlight this year was in the Northern part Ontario this past Fall with our 2017 Island Bed. Exploring one Provincial Park to another a total of 7, 5 of these we had not been too. Algonquin, Killarney, Killbear to mention a few, and one boon dock stop in Spanish. Each visit offered its own beauty of nature. We hiked and biked and did I mention the colours were beautiful.”

Jerry S.

“We started or trip from eastern Washington State to Arizona on November 8th. Besides the enjoyment of traveling in our Unity Van for the first time our highlights have been the beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the Oregon and California coasts.”

Deborah G.

“My year began with losing my husband of 39 years. I decided that since we loved traveling and I missed traveling so much, that the safest way was in an RV with my lovely Golden Retriever, Lexi. I found my new to me 2018 Wonder FTB in Upstate, NY. My son checked it out, loved it and I bought it sight unseen. I drove it home to NC during Hurricane Ida, not realizing that the brunt of the storm was going through PA while I was traveling. I learned a lot during that trip (2 tornado warnings and a few flash flood warnings) and have since enjoyed 2 short trips to get familiar with “Vinny VanGo”. I am looking forward to 4 months of travel next spring and early summer, so I’m sure next year highlights will be more interesting and exciting.”

Kevin H.

“Spending about 2 months traveling from Ohio to Texas for a month stay then working back up east coast and back to Ohio.”

Gail & Mark C.

“We traveled 6,400 miles this summer in our Unity TB with 2 cats. Headed from South Florida up through Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa and South Dakota (Custer State Park was the biggest highlight there). On to Devils Tower, Glacier National Park, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, down through Texas and home. Too many wonderful places to mention here. But… our favorite place of all continues to be Glacier National Park. Two years ago we hiked 32 miles there. This time we did about 45 in a week. The terrain has such variety, beauty, interest there; from tropical forest to glaciers. We will return there again. Even though parks are crowded these days it is not too difficult to find remote wilderness here! Our first summer in our LTV was perfect, it is the best rig.”

Franklin B.

“For 2021, we drove our 2019 Wonder RTB from London, Ontario to Tofino on Vancouver Island. It was a fantastic experience and our Wonderwheels performed perfectly.”

Betty B.

“The vast beauty of Lakes Superior and Michigan, & Door County, Wisconsin, & kayaking on many lakes in the Upper Midwest comprised our best travels this year. So very grateful for dreams come true!”

Lani M.

“Springtime trip to Sisters/Bend Oregon for the LTV Roadrunners Rally via Lassen Volcanic National Park and Crater Lake National Park. We were lucky to see Lassen before the fires that burned through most of the summer there. Of course there were lots of volcanoes to see near Bend as well.”

Henry M.

“My wife and I ordered a Unity RL earlier this year, having never stepped in a LTV of any floor plan… but only reading about them and watching Dean’s famous YouTube videos. When we found out our order would be almost two years before delivery we decided we couldn’t wait that long to have a “LTV experience “! We found a company in California ( Bliss RV) that rented LTVs exclusively so we made a cross country trek and spent 5 days in a Wonder FTB and fell absolutely in love! Now we can’t wait for delivery…hopefully by February 2022 and then we will be in the LTV Owners community.”

Joel S.

“We had one major trip this year and that was to travel from Ontario to Winnipeg to visit family and return. We’ve done this trip many times but we did take a side trip to Hecla Island which was very special.”

Kelvin H.

“We did a ton of traveling in Canada this year! When I say a ton close to 18,000 km from May to September. We live in Northern Manitoba so putting kms on is easy, 750 km north of Winnipeg in Thompson MB. Our May Long was the first trip out we left the city and 15 minutes out we hit snow! Still camped at Paintlake Provincial Park as the rest of the weekend after the snow was excellent! From that point on we spent time in Eastern and Southern MB then coming back up the opposite side of the province through The Pas. Our second trip out was for 7 weeks in July and August going through Northern Ontario all the way to Quebec City and back through Southern Ontario to Thompson. As for highlights each and every time we seen another Leisure Van it was like 2 kids waving out to the others. Can’t wait for our trip this coming summer!”

Richard F.

“2 months, 11 states, 15 National Parks, and 10,384 miles. I was a heck of a trip in our 2017 Unity FX “Waldo.”

Alan M.

“One full month on the road; from our home in Utah to Maine and back. 29 states, 7,135 miles, and 49 friends/family visited. All incident-free and in complete comfort!”

Jerry N.

“Our 2021 travel highlight was an overnight stop at the KOA Campground at the base of the Devil’s Tower in the Northeast corner of Wyoming. Devils Tower National Monument, named a “top 10 eco-tourism destination,” is America’s first National Monument. The movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was filmed on-site in 1976, and it is shown nightly at the campground. How enjoyable to watch this classic movie on an outdoor big screen TV with the actual tower looming over you!”

Brandon H.

“Enjoying the fall colors of Colorado in September.”

Fred O.

“I just purchased my 2020 Wonder on November 16th from Van City in St. Louis and my highlight after driving the LTV to my home in Georgetown, Texas was a maiden camping trip with my wife to Port Aransas, Texas and RockPort Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. We had a wonderful experience on the beach and visiting the Aransas Wildlife Refuge. The Pioneer RV park at Port Aransas proved to be a class park. We found a pair of Whooping Cranes at the Refuge, a rare find. Tallest bird in North America: 5 feet tall and 7 foot wingspan. Looking forward to our next trip.”

Art P.

“The biggest travel highlight for my husband and I is finally realizing our dream of hitting the open road in our 2020 Unity TB. After picking up our rig in September 2020, COVID-19 had other plans but it gave us some time to outfit and test our Unity for long term travel. We were eventually able to enter the US in November 2021 and we are truly enjoying our full-time RV adventure. Can’t wait to see where the new year takes us!”

Tommy B.

“Our maiden voyage at Myakka River State Park in Sarasota County, Florida in our 2022 Wonder MB was one we will never forget. Thanks to Leisure Travel Vans, our whole world has just opened up!”

Enid K.

“We traveled from our home in WA state to our son’s June wedding in Vail, CO in our 2017 Unity IB then helped them move from Denver to Columbus, OH by driving in a caravan with them, in the comfort of our hotel-on-wheels. We “moochdocked” in the driveway of their new home while helping out with new homeowner projects and enjoyed plenty of sightseeing through the Midwest on the way back home. It was a wonderful way to spend time together without imposing ;)”

Andre F.

“Gaspé Peninsula and South Ontario summer of 2021, we travelled 10,000 kms around the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, and wanted to grasp the spirit of Southern Ontario. We were not disappointed! It was a fun and memorable experience, especially with our brand new URL 2021. Thank you LTV for a great product and your excellent support.”


“Our 2021 travel highlight would be picking up our 2022 Unity TB before the end of this year 😎 at Van City Vegas and spending our first two nights at the Oasis (courtesy of Van City).”

Tom & Diane C.

“For two weeks we toured the state of Kentucky, visiting coal mines, Corvette museum, horse farms, state Capitol, and many other interesting items within the state, and found the fork-in-the-road!”

Tim W.

“The Evergreen Leisures 2021 Fall Rally in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with an added bonus of a wooden boat show at the Coeur d’Alene Resort Marina. A time to meet old friends and make new ones. 40+ Vans. Always a good time.”

Rebecca T.

“In October I was in Sedona, AZ in my favorite RV park of all, Rancho Sedona RV Park for my annual sculpture show at Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art. I have a 2020 Wonder RTB, and over the week that I was there I stopped and visited with several LTV Unity owners when I walked my Springer Spaniel in the park. And then, the last night I was there, all of a sudden the park was filled with Leisure Travel Vans. I saw a Unity come in at supper time to drop off a couple to another Unity parked across from me, and dashed out to find out what was going on. It turns out it was an LTV group from Arizona gathering in Sedona. It was so exciting! I was crushed that I had to leave the next day, but to be surrounded by so many other LTV owners who have fallen in love with this RV brand was pretty spectacular!”

Julie D.

“This summer, we drove the 1,800 km from Ottawa, Ontario to beautifully Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We did some camping in unserviced sites in beautiful provincial campgrounds. Had the opportunity to accompany our son to Newfoundland. After an almost 7 hour ferry ride, we commenced a trip through Newfoundland from tip to tip and back again. So, another 1,800 km thru that province, boy what an adventure. No sooner had we returned to Sidney that it was time to go home. There is nothing better than having your small home on wheels to do all the traveling, stopping where you please, with or without services because in our Unity IB we can be as independent as we want. Regardless if we were sleeping at a Walmart, tourist welcome centres, provincial or federal campground we did so in comfort and with ease. We are small enough to go park in most parking spots, big enough to prepare and serve a meal for four. Our vacation was too short; we are already looking forward to next year!”

Wherever you find yourself, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Happy New Year!

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