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At Leisure Travel Vans, we are as proud of our people, reputation and history as we are of our recreational vehicles roaming the highways of North America. And while you may know your Leisure Travel Van inside and out, below are seven fun facts about our company that you might not know.

Dean Corrigal, Territory Sales Manager for Leisure Travel Vans has been in the RV business for over 20 years. You may have met him at one of the many RV shows he attends each year, or seen him in one of our many YouTube videos. We took some time to catch up with Dean to chat about some things you might not know about Leisure Travel Vans.

1. Our Culture, Traditions and Work Ethic are the Foundation of Leisure Travel Vans Quality

“The thing that surprises prospective customers the most about LTV products is our commitment to quality over the speed of production, and that is rooted in our small town, traditionally Mennonite-based work ethic. The craftsmanship really shows in our units”, Dean says. “It goes against the grain of manufacturers who believe in speed over quality. We by choice choose to build quality homes on wheels. We have a five-day work week with one eight hour shift and we don’t work on weekends (except for the sales department); we want all of our employees to have great lives with their families outside of work. Happy employees build great quality Leisure Travel Vans.”

2. The Annual LTV Rally in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada is a Hot Ticket!

“Our annual rally in September literally sells out in less than an hour from the time we post it on our website in spring.  I think that really speaks to how passionate LTV owners are about their Leisure Travel Vans. It’s not Las Vegas or Florida, but small town Winkler, Manitoba, nearly 2,000 miles from each coast, in the centre of Canada in the Great White North. People come from all over North America, because they want to see the people that built their Leisure Travel Van in person. They also get to meet other Leisure owners, attend RV seminars and take factory tours of our production facilities, tours around Winkler, eat some great traditional Mennonite foods and of course make new friends!”

3. Leisure Travel Vans’ Greatest Strength – Our People

“If our employees aren’t happy, the product isn’t going to be right. We aren’t just co-workers, we are a family. Our company started in 1965 building RVs and since then we have built nearly every kind of RV imaginable – travel trailers, fifth wheels, slide-in truck campers, Class As – diesel and gas, Class Cs and Class Bs, and of our course B-Plus models. So you have to have great employees generation after generation to build and have built such a diverse lineup of RVs. Our employee family is so very important to us, we went to school with each other, go to church together, and play on the same sports teams”, he explains. “Our employee and spouse Christmas banquet has just over 600 people attending every single year which includes many retired employees – it has become a great tradition in our company.  We also have our annual company family fair for employees, spouses and children that draws well over 1,500 people. Our company is family owned – everyone who works here is part of a larger family, and that shows in our product because our people genuinely care.”

4. LTV Owners Are Living the Dream

Photo by Ken Patterson.

Dean tells us that LTV owners have three things in common. “Many are retired or semi-retired and they are very active. An LTV owner isn’t into parking their motorhome in the Arizona desert and staying there for the entire winter,” he says. “They want to travel and explore all of North America – they are into golfing, biking, kayaking, hiking, you name it – they love to use their Leisure motorhome to do it. Our customers have worked hard all of their lives and want a great motorhome to keep up with the next chapter of their lives – a Leisure Travel Van gives them the versatility they are looking for.”

5. Going Green Is Important – to Us and the Customer

Photo by Dana & Laura Curtis.

“It’s an interesting time in the RV business,” Dean says. “The Traditionalists and some of the Baby Boomer generation loved RVing and often wanted the biggest RV they could buy. Today, however, our customer base is far more concerned about the environment and being as green as possible while RVing. They want to be small, versatile, fuel efficient and want to leave the smallest footprint on the environment when RVing. Whether it comes to using fossil fuels, water, or electricity usage, our customers want to travel further and see more on less, and that is a big reason people choose a Leisure Travel Van.” Dean adds, “We are constantly looking at new technology to make our RVs greener and more efficient to help protect our environment.”

6. All LTV Floorplans Are Loved by Customers – but One Stands out Above the Rest

“Our most popular model? All of our models sell really well but the Unity Murphy Bed is number one in sales for us. It’s the ultimate small motorhome with the most versatile use of space. What’s not to love? It’s 25’1″ in length with a nearly King-size Murphy Bed, large three-piece bathroom with a 6’7″ stand-up shower, 39″ pop-up TV, optional powered reclining chairs and large vertical exterior storage space – big enough for two sets of golf clubs or whatever you need to take with you!”

7. When You Own an LTV, You Become Part of Our Family

“The customer becomes part of the LTV family,” Dean explains proudly. “Many companies give this lip service, but we live it with all of our customers. We want to know our customers by name, we have customer surveys, owners’ rallies, mini rallies, owners’ clubs, photo contests, focus groups, factory tours – we attend around 60 RV shows each year with Leisure representatives on location. We love to talk, see and get to know all our Leisure owners and prospective owners in person.  A happy LTV owner is an ambassador to our company – in fact I’ve had couples who have come to say hi to us at an RV show and wound up staying all day and selling two or three Leisure Travel Vans! Their passion for the product is incredible. Once you buy a Leisure Travel Van,” Dean adds, “You are officially part of the family, and you make friends everywhere you go.”





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