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It’s an exciting day here as we officially introduce the Leisure Explorers team – an inspiring group of travelers who adventure around North America in their LTVs, and bring us all along for the ride. Over the past three years, we’ve gathered a team of talented, creative, and adventurous individuals and couples who share their travel stories, tips and tricks for RV living, and more on the LTV Blog. The Leisure Explorers vary in everything from age and home base to travel styles and interests, but they all share an essential trait in common: a curiosity about the world around them, and an eagerness to take the road less traveled.

Photo by Claude Angers, “A Dream-Like Journey Through the Needles

To accompany this official launch, we teamed up with Leisure Explorer and videographer Jimmy Collins on Call of the Open Road, a beautiful and captivating video that celebrates this special approach to shared travel experiences.

As brand ambassadors, Leisure Explorers travel in a variety of LTV models, depending on their unique needs and preferences, and each passionately showcases exactly what our RVs are designed and built for as they document their ongoing adventures. Blog posts may share a journey down the Dempster Highway to experience a midnight sun one week, and the next week run through step-by-step tips on understanding the weight limits of your RV. Our online community has grown to expect content that is both inspiring and useful from the Explorers, and now we are so pleased to give you the opportunity to get to know the people behind these posts a little better.

The Leisure Explorers Team Page

You can now find photos and bios of each Explorer, links to their blog posts, social media accounts, and websites, and even the LTV model they travel in on the official Leisure Explorers page! By gathering this information in one location, we hope to showcase and celebrate the dedicated photographers, writers, videographers, and adventurers who share their stories and experiences here week in and week out. We hope that as you, our online community of RVing enthusiasts, will feel an even stronger connection to the people behind each post, bringing even more enjoyment to each new experience shared. We encourage you to connect with the Leisure Explorers on their social media platforms, and to share your own experiences, tips, and inspirations here in the blog comments or on our LTV social media platforms. We’re so glad you are part of our community!

Meet the Leisure Explorers
Leisure Travel Vans

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