Enjoying the Sights Along the White Line

Laurie Carlson
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We have been RVing and trailering for over 45 years. My wife and I—79 and 81 years old, respectively—decided to ‘hang up the keys’ and give up chasing the white line.

Like many, we started with a tent, progressed into trailers, then to a 25′ Class C motorhome,
 a 37′ Class A, our first diesel
, a 39′ Class A,
 a 40′ Class A,
 a 43′ Class A
, and finally to a 45′ Class A with 4
 slides and 600hp. We had traveled the length and breadth of both Canada and the US and met so many wonderful RVers and made a lot of friends wherever we traveled. RVing is certainly a way of life that we have enjoyed for many years. It’s not that we got tired of traveling and its lifestyle, it was simply that age caught up with us. Making the decision to sell our home away from home was not easy. We thought about what it would be like to not continue traveling, and we pondered and procrastinated and changed our minds several times.

After selling our RV two years ago we continued to visit RV shows. It was at the Pomona, CA, RV show where we saw something that really caught our eye: The Leisure Travel Vans Unity MB. We fell in love with the exterior design, its colour, the diesel engine, and its interior design and finishes. We left the show and couldn’t get the Unity out of our minds. We contacted the factory and found they had a dealer in our area, in Langley, BC, and upon meeting with the sales personnel we didn’t really have to be sold. We placed a factory order for delivery May, 2014.


In May we flew to Winnipeg and were met by a representative of Leisure Travel Vans who took us to the factory in Winkler, Manitoba. The staff were very gracious and helpful. They introduced our Unity to us, pointing out all the features with which we needed to be familiar. (Of course we thought we knew everything having had a number of motorhomes in the past.) We were so impressed with the ease of handling, setting up, fuel economy, performance and overall comfort. We fit right in and we had absolutely everything we needed.

We immediately found going from 45’ to 24’ was no loss in our minds. We took our time getting home – about 10 days visiting relatives on the way in Saskatchewan and Alberta. We found almost everywhere we went we were approached by someone wanting to find out about the Unity and take a look inside. Having no bed was an eye opener to many when we showed them how easy the queen size Murphy Bed is prepared and retracted into the slide. We showed them how impressed we have been with the space and openness of the interior when the bed is retracted. Having a spacious full bathroom and shower is very convenient. We are convinced that we will get a lot of pleasure traveling with our Unity.


Since delivery we have made several trips including twice to Red Deer, Alberta. We have had the pleasure of being at our son’s place on Lake Okanagan in Kelowna, and we also had a trip to another son’s lakeside home on Green Lake at 70 Mile House, BC. Gerry and I love to see the wonderful scenery of the Rocky Mountains, the lakes of BC and have the opportunity to visit our daughters in Oregon. We plan to make a trip back to see some of the Midwest that we have enjoyed over the years. We are thankful for reasonably good health and with Gerry the competent co-pilot that keeps me on my side of the white line we will keep on RVing for as long as the Good Lord gives us the opportunity.

Laurie Carlson

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