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Lisa O'Maley
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Many of us have dreamt of selling our stuff and taking to the road in a home on wheels. My husband Ed and I spent 3 months in India in 2014 and came home to Northern, CA, sold our home of 23 years along with most of our belongings and lots of worldly possessions, and purchased a 2015 Serenity with upgrades. After watching Dean from Leisure Travel Vans, how could we resist his enthusiasm and great delivery? Not only had we never tried RVing or even been in an RV, but we were sold on Leisure Travel Vans and our research has proved pitch perfect. Our virgin trip to Point Reyes National Sea Shore was new in every way, we really didn’t know how to do anything but with the help of so many wonderful “RVers” we were humming with a full hookup in minutes. We believe Leisure Travel Vans is made for people like us, “RVing for Dummies”. We have only looked forward and the magic is an everyday gift. We named our luxury coach, Surya Serenity, after the Sun-deity of India. A reminder of the light of life, the magic of following your dreams and the presence (presents) of the moments on the road! We look forward to meeting you there.

Lisa O'Maley

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