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Reimagined and redesigned come together to bring the next-generation Unity and Wonder Murphy Bed Lounge models. In this floorplan, you’ll discover a completely reimagined layout based on LTV’s flagship Unity Murphy Bed model featuring an all-new patented Leisure Lounge system and a redesigned modern interior.

While this list may be small, it is mighty. Together with Murphy Bed Lounge owners, we were able to create this list filled with information as to why they chose this floorplan. We hope you feel inspired and learn how the Murphy Bed Lounge could best suit your lifestyle.

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All Over Amazing

More Space

We liked the space available when the Murphy bed is up and away. Also, the lounge is very comfortable at mealtime or just relaxing watching TV.

This floorplan gives us a lot of room if the weather turns bad while camping. We had a 2017 Unity Murphy Bed, so we decided to get a new one with a few more options.

Our favorite features are that the bed disappears while traveling or just relaxing in the camper.

–Raymond R.

It’s to Die For

We ordered a 2022 Unity Murphy Bed two years ago when the Murphy Bed Lounge did not exist. Last fall, we saw the 2023 MBL prototype video starring Dean and were intrigued by the changes, especially the redesigned lounge area. We were in the process of meeting with our dealer to roll our order over to the 2023 model. Our sales representative gave us the option to switch to the new floorplan. Of course, we took it.

We picked up our Unity just a month ago and already love him! We first camped in the driveway to get comfortable with how everything worked. On our first adventure to Pacific City, Oregon, about 50 miles from our home, it was windy, rainy, and sunny, it hailed and even snowed on the way home. Still, we were wonderfully comfortable in our MBL watching DVDs and even had friends over for wine one evening, using the lounge and the cockpit seats.

As for our favorite features, my husband would say the shower or maybe the outside TV, but what I like the most is the mattress in the Murphy bed! After years of a questionable mattress in our trailer, this mattress is heaven! We tried everything with our trailer, even a 3-inch memory foam pad didn’t work. I still had back pain the next morning, and if you’ve ever experienced back pain, you know it will ruin your whole day if not your whole trip. The mattress is a comfy box spring, with padding. I also enjoyed using the backrests to recline and read or watch tv before bed, while snuggling with our camping cat!

I should mention the bathroom and the shower. The bathroom has been redesigned to have an angled counter (like the kitchen) and the shower and toilet are on the other side from the Murphy Bed floorplan. We compared and we think there is just more storage with the MBL bathroom. Some might say, who needs the big bathroom/shower? How much time do you really spend there? Having come from a 25-foot trailer with a claustrophobic shower and bathroom, this bathroom is awesome! I don’t bump my knees on anything while using the ceramic toilet and the shower has a great European flare that is to die for!

–Sonya M.

Everything Bigger was Better

We chose the Unity Murphy Bed Lounge because of the larger kitchen, larger bathroom, and Murphy Bed.

The conveniences of this floorplan are the diesel generator, Mercedes 3500 Sprinter chassis, propane cooktop, convection/microwave oven, nice sized refrigerator and freezer, Truma water heater, and A/C system (allowing us to leave our two small Havanese puppies in comfort in the RV by themselves). We can also travel comfortably in our mobile residence, which lets us travel easily in the United States and Canada.

Our favorite features are the cross ventilation with rainproof screened windows, the great lighting, incredibly comfortable reclining dual lounge chairs, and impressively large and varying-size storage compartments inside and out. We also love the clean and crisp functional surfaces throughout, and the functional large Murphy Bed is usable even when the slide-out is in.

–John R.

Comfortable and Room to Move

It gives us comfortable seating, quiet air conditioning, big windows, natural light, a larger bathroom with a shower big enough to move around in, adequate storage inside and out, and a sense of space in a small motorhome.

We appreciate having a smaller unit because it’s easier to maneuver and makes travel easier. We also love the comfortable seating inside, allowing us to relax regardless of the weather. With the slide-out, there is enough floor space to allow the two of us to move around in the motorhome without feeling on top of one another.

Our favorite features are the slide-out, the recliners, the windows, the landscape window over the bed, the large bathroom, and the awning that is easy to open and close.

–Kathleen C.

Versatile and Designed Beautifully

We love the versatility of the lounge area, the window and airflow on top of the bed, the powered recliners, the backrest, and the ability to quickly change it from the dinette to the sleeping area. We also love the beautiful design with the ability to use the bed with slide in or out and the table that easily pushes up and down with the leg out of the way of your legs. Also, like the ducted air conditioning, the LED lighting, and the more energy-efficient Truma climate system and water heater.

–David S.

Stay tuned for more customer comments as we get more Murphy Bed Lounge models into customers’ hands.



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