RV-Friendly Destinations for Stargazing and Space Education in the US and Canada

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Humans have long been captivated by the night sky, and these days the beauty and wonder of a star-filled vista is perhaps more breathtaking than ever, thanks to how rare the sight is for most of us. When we are lucky enough to properly glimpse just a small portion of the vast universe above us, we can’t help but imagine what lies beyond, and the pull of that unknown has been drawing humans to space for decades now.

Around the US and Canada, there are dozens if not hundreds of incredible destinations ready to indulge and expand our love of stargazing and space exploration. From NASA Visitor Centers to dark sky parks and preserves, once you start to look for them, there are opportunities all around. So prep your RV and your red-light flashlight, and get ready to learn about and appreciate the night sky and the expanse beyond it in a whole new way. Scroll through for a few of the top spots we found for stargazing and space education across the US and Canada, complete with tips for RVers visiting the area.

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