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In just over 25 feet, the Unity Corner Bed is the epitome of compact luxury. You’ll find an abundance of comforts and features typically found in much larger motorhomes. With a spacious galley, high-end finishes, and a cozy full-time bed in the rear, the Unity Corner Bed ensures you’ll always find a welcoming retreat no matter where your travels take you.

We asked, and Unity Corner Bed owners delivered. With their excitement about their floorplan we created this list, and we hope you find inspiration from other owners and learn how the Unity Corner Bed could best suit your life.

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Full-Time Corner Bed

Easier Days with Less Configuring

The permanent bed allows for easier days with less reconfiguring. The U-shaped dinette allows for adequate lounging. This decision was made due to availability and a comparison to our use of our previous camper.

This is perfect for life on the road because we can comfortably rest away from the casual living side.

My favorite features are the bed because it’s always available for use and the seating area.

–Kevin T.

Perfect for a Family of Three

We are a family of three, and we love that the Unity Corner Bed has a U-shaped couch/bed because it works for both a table area, couch area, and sleeping area. It is also nice to have a separate bed for us, which is always more comfortable than a multi-purpose bed area.

Sleeping on a corner bed is much more comfortable than sleeping on a jack-knife sofa in our last camper.

Our favorite features are the U-shaped couch which is great for a family, the corner bed with the TV, the nice sized bathroom, and the kitchen, which is a great size.

–Joylyn T.

Room for Our Granddaughters

We chose the Unity Corner Bed floorplan for two basic reasons. First, we wanted a fixed double bed. Second, we wanted to sleep four people, and the Corner Bed best accommodated these desires.

The Corner Bed has a slide-out dinette that easily converts to a bed. These features made it quite convenient when our granddaughters accompanied us on trips.

The bed is fixed and at the rear of the coach. The slide-out provides extra room, which is especially nice when more than two of us are on the trip. The extra bed is also very handy.

–Robert C.

Tired of Setting up a Bed Each Night

We were tired of setting up a bed each night and liked the idea of a permanent bed. We were shopping used, so we only had three choices but preferred this over anything with lounge chairs or a Murphy bed.

We like the slideout dining area and the ability to swivel the front seats. We have the kind of room we need.

Our favorite feature is the permanent bed. There is no need to rearrange bedding; the dining area slideout also gives us plenty of room.

–Ross & Allison C.

The Convenience of a Fixed Bed

I liked the convenience of a fixed bed, and to go along with the fixed bed, the TV arrangement is pretty great. I also chose the U-shape dinette, which looks cooler than the standard one.

What makes the Unity Corner Bed perfect for life on the road is that the bed is always down for a quick nap or a good night’s sleep.

My favorite features are the corner bed and the U-shaped dinette.

–Barry S.

Our Bed is Always Available

We love the space and the fact that our bed is always available. The U-Shaped dinette adds a bonus sleeping area, and you can still have lots of space even with the slide-out in. You have plenty of room for dancing when you extend the slide out!

The fact that you can keep the slide-out in and still have plenty of space inside makes the Corner Bed the best choice for us. When it is time for bed, you crawl in. No, pulling down a bed or reconfiguring a table; it’s always ready. The big outside storage on the door side is great for all the items you need when you want to enjoy the outdoors!

Our favorite features are the always available bed, the fact that we have space with the slide in or out, and the convenient outside storage areas.

–Jim H.

A Permanent Bed is Important

For me and my health, a permanent bed is important to rest when needed.

Everything is included for a comfortable life on the road: a real bed, a real table, a real shower, and a complete kitchen, all in a good-looking package.

My favorite features are the bed and the table.

–Louis C.

The Bed is Always Made and Ready

I love the Unity Corner Bed because the bed is always made and ready, and there is more sitting room around the table with the U-Lounge dinette.

Life on the road is more comfortable because of all the room I have in my Unity Corner Bed. The storage has also been great. I carry a small e-bike in the outside compartment, and it doesn’t get dirty, and no worry of it being stolen.

–Barry S.

Perfect for Our Own Space

We love the Unity Corner Bed. It’s cozy for my husband and me to sleep as he’s only 5’7″, and I am 4’11” tall. It was also the only one we could find for sale within 2 hours of where we live when purchasing.

Having the Unity Corner Bed works out great in the evenings because I usually sleep earlier or want to watch a different TV program, so I can close the curtain and have privacy and my own TV at night as we have two flat screens.

Our favorite feature is having the bed already set up in the back.

–Debi R.

No Need to Pull Down a Bed

I am an 82-year-old woman, and what attracted me to the Unity Corner Bed was the interior colors and layout and the large visual navigator display.

What makes this floorplan so comfortable for me is the ease of making brief rest stops along the way–I don’t need to pull down a bed or set up a table.

My favorite features are the slide-out and U-shaped dinette. I also like that once the passenger and driver chairs are turned around, it creates space for a couple of people to sit and visit.


Dogs Can Stay in Bed

The Corner Bed is so nice, and the dogs can stay in bed while I get up and cook. I love the U-shaped dinette as well.

Life on the road is comfortable and convenient because I can travel with my own bathroom, kitchen, and fridge!

My favorite features would be the dinette and the extra room I have with the slide.

–Heather F.

The Perfect Bed

I chose the Unity Corner Bed for the single bed for me and my dog, the stable dining table for the workspace, and the amount of room when the slide is out.

In my opinion, the Unity Corner Bed floorplan has the maximum storage possible in the interior compartments. Exterior storage is excellent as well, and windows on both sides at all times.

My favorite feature is the U-Lounge Dinette, which provides a large workspace, even when traveling and when the slide is in. Also, the table rotates to give a large amount of room, for some of us larger in girth folks to sit at.

–Tommie L.

Living Space

We Love the Dance Floor

We love the larger living space or what Dean called the dance floor. We also did not want to deal with making a bed as with the Murphy bed.

We have different sleeping habits, so we can have separate spaces with the Unity Corner Bed, allowing me to wake up early.

Our favorite feature is the slide-out.

–Linda E.

The Living Space was Important

We agonized over which floorplan to pick, but at the end of the day, we realized that the Unity Corner Bed offered the most living space at the time, and while the bed is a standard full size (not queen), it’s just for sleeping. The living space was more important. When the slide is out, it’s huge, but everything is usable when the slide is in as well.

The Unity Corner Bed has made life more comfortable on the road because it gives us more living space! We recently spent five weeks traveling with friends (they towed a 22′ trailer), but our space was the go-to space when the four of us wanted to dine in.

Our favorite features are the space and versatility, as mentioned above. The corner bed is cozy, the curtain separates the space if one person wants to sleep, and the bath/shower is adequate.

–Cynthia M.

A Space for Us and Guests

We choose this floorplan for the U-lounge and open space in the main area. We also considered where we and guests would hang out when the weather was unfavorable outside.

The Corner Bed layout has made being on the road comfortable and convenient even when we can’t put the slide out. We still feel that we have a very livable space without feeling overcrowded.

Our favorite features are the U-Lounge and the bed, which is always available.

–Kurt P.

A Large Living Space with Lots of Room

We choose the Unity Corner Bed for the living space and don’t need to open the slide to get that. When we received our LTV, we had our friend over for dinner and had lots of room.

When you open the door, you are impressed by the size of this RV. It’s easy and functional to access everything you want. We also have separate rooms, which is nice so one can sleep and the other can be awake.

–Denis C.

Two Spaces for Different Sleeping Schedules

We chose the Unity Corner Bed because of the two separate living areas, permanent bedroom setup, the slide-out for more living space, and because there were a lot of windows for light and cross ventilation.

My wife and I have different sleeping schedules. She goes to bed early to read while I stay up and watch TV. I also get up early to read the e-paper and have a coffee while she sleeps–two separate spaces work perfectly.

What we love the most about our LTV is the permanent bed setup and slide-out for more space.

–David W.

Extra Space to Move Around Freely and Comfortably

We love the U-shaped dinette and slide-out as this opens the main living area creating way more space for two people to move about the coach freely and comfortably. The dinette quickly converts to a very comfortable full-size bed. Cooking is also much easier with extra space.

Our favorite features are the extra space the slide-out makes. We also like the swivel cab seats that easily turn around and become part of the main living area–I love the driver’s seat for watching tv and reading. Another feature we love is the perfect closet under the TV, which handles many items we need on the road.

–Kathie B.

Our Leisure Suite

We like to call our Unity Corner Bed our Leisure Suite! It’s perfect for traveling with an open feeling, lots of natural light, and a spacious floorplan. Having four terriers makes traveling fun, and as Mercedes says in their commercials, “It’s the best or nothing!”

Everything is ergonomically set up. The quality of the interior makes it awesome. A family can live in this comfortable and beautiful home-on-wheels anywhere. We also love how easy this RV is to drive, and we can park it at the mall!

The slide-out with the dinette allows us to enjoy ourselves with ease. We love the lighting–it’s awesome, comfortable, and airy.

–Charlie M.

A Great View While Dining or Cooking

I love all the light, but more importantly, I love having the kitchen facing my patio area. I like the slide with the dining table and all the areas to put my computer on.

My favorite features are how easy it is to get meals together and that I can enjoy the view of the area while dining.

–Tim C.

It Suits My Traveling Needs with Room for Guests

I chose the Unity Corner Bed because the floorplan would suit my traveling needs and also have room for entertaining guests. It works perfectly for what I feel would suit my needs best, and I love it.

I am very comfortable with my decision to purchase an LTV, especially a Unity. To this day, this has been one of my smartest decisions.

The Unity Corner Bed is better than perfect, and I can’t think of anything I would want to change or improve.

–Vincent N.

We Switched, and Here’s Why

We originally ordered the Unity FX for its two living spaces, but we switched to the Unity Corner Bed for multiple reasons:

  1. Additional seat belts.
  2. The window above the dinette.
  3. Extra storage above the dinette and under the bench seats.

We also wanted the ability to bring a third or fourth traveler with us, and the additional seat belts convinced us that the Corner Bed was the better choice, even given the smaller bed.

The opportunity to bring one or two additional travel companions has enabled us to share our gorgeous Unity and the associated memories with others. We have enough room for more guests, so why not share?

Our favorite features are seatbelts for four travelers and the windows on both sides of the coach for visibility and cross-ventilation.

–Jim G.


Every Area is Accessible

I love the larger amount of storage both outside and under the bed. The U-shaped lounge is comfortable and can seat four. A big advantage of the Unity Corner Bed is being able to access the full-time bed all day conveniently.

The U-shaped lounge is always accessible, even when the slide is in. The slide makes the unit more spacious, but it is never essential to have it deployed.

The bathroom and shower are perfect and maximize the use of space, and the slide-out pantry adds cooking convenience.

–David B.

Storage was Primary

The Unity Corner Bed offers the perfect solution as my dog and I travel without another human on board. The huge amount of storage in the overheads, the great workspace of the U-Lounge dinette, and lots of floor space seem ideal for us.

I do a lot of photography and carry several cameras and equipment stored under the seat of the U-Lounge dinette. A simple modification allows me access to this storage inside the RV, making it a perfect solution.

I think the storage is primary. Also, the 30 gallons of fresh water (36.5 gallons on new models) with the corner bed allows me about seven days of boondocking showering each night. If I am in a situation where the slide-out must stay in, there is still adequate room to move around.

–Tommie L.


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