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Editor’s Note: The views, recommendations and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Leisure Travel Vans.

The power is in your hands with the Unity FX. Thanks to the innovative Leisure Lounge System, you can customize your living spaces effortlessly. With multiple configurations for dining, relaxing, and sleeping, along with an additional rear lounge featuring a residential-style sectional sofa, this motorhome offers abundant space for living, working, and entertainment.

This list was made in collaboration with Unity FX owners, and together with those owners, we hope you find inspiration from current Unity FX owners and discover how this floorplan is perfect for your travels.

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Two Living Spaces

Chose It for the Two Separate Living Areas

We chose the Unity FX for the two separate living areas as we both work and, at times, enjoy personal downtime space. The walkaround bed sealed the deal, as having a bed that could “stay made” was a must-have.

The FX allows each of us to take care of our work responsibilities with the freedom to be on separate personal schedules when we feel like it. We use our outdoor space under the huge awning for most of our time together.

Our favorite features are having a large bed that always stays made and the convertible lounge area in the back.

–Christie J.


We chose the Unity FX for the flexibility of having two living areas with a slide-out to provide extra space. It also allows one person to sleep while the other can relax in the back. Setting up the front area as a dining area, nap area, and lounger maximizes the options.

Traveling with two Australian Shepherds means we need a little more room, and the slide-out allows enough space for us to walk around vice stepping over our fur kids. Also, having both of us sleep without lowering the Murphy bed is a great convenience for those quick stopovers.

–Anna L.

Our Own Workspaces

The FX is ideal for us. We can both work virtually; the FX is the only floor plan we found that provides two workspaces.

Not only can we each have our own workplaces, but we also have a nearly king-sized bed and a shower. The best of both working and living environments

–Doug S.

A Cozy Place to Relax

We chose this floorplan because it gave us two living areas that can be used at the same time. It will allow me to work at completing my future second degree while my partner can either work at his semi-retirement job or relax. We can snuggle together and stream our favorite Britbox mystery at the rear lounge or watch separate shows at the front and rear lounge.

We both wanted more living space where we could stand up at the same time without asking permission from each other. The extra floor space from the Murphy bed allows us to prepare meals together and move about more easily.

My favorite feature of the Unity FX is the rear lounge. As long-time RVers, we have experienced many days of poor weather on the road. Having a cozy place to relax, read a book and sip my honey chamomile tea in the comfy rear lounge while listening to the rain tapping on my roof is very appealing.

–Bev S.

Like Being at Home

We love the flexibility of the spaces in our Unity FX. The lounge area is used in the evening for watching TV, and the sofa upfront can be used for reading before bedtime. In the morning, the rear lounge area becomes used with the bathroom to get washed up, dressed, and ‘look our best’ for the exciting day ahead.

We enjoy the ease of driving and parking our FX. When we arrive at our campsite, it only takes a few minutes to get it leveled, put the stabilizer jacks down, the slide out, and the power hooked up. The extra space inside with the slide makes one feel at ease and comfortable, like being at home. The storage is spacious inside and outside, allowing us to carry the items we use daily.

–Michael P.

The Flexibility We Need When Traveling

We liked having a second living area in the back so that each person could lie down on a second couch during the day if needed. We also liked that the Murphy bed folded up and out of the way when we weren’t using it instead of dedicated floor space for just the bed. The flexibility of the Unity FX floorplan has been the perfect fit for us.

On our trip to Alaska in 2018, MaryAnn was sick for two days and spent that time on the couch in the back, and I was relegated to the front living area. The FX worked perfectly for us because we had a second living space. Over the past five years and 90,000 miles of traveling in our FX, we have appreciated the flexibility of this floorplan.

The Murphy bed and the second living area are the two features of the FX we enjoy the most. They give us the flexibility we need when traveling.

–Terry B.

Plenty of Room for Both of Us

The reason we chose the Unity FX was for the flexibility, of course. We liked having two useable spaces during the day and the bed folded up out of the way. We also wanted the extra space of a slide-out.

We have plenty of room for both of us. The back room is flexible and has served from a dressing room to an office, to sleeping quarters, to a storage area.

Our favorite features are the Murphy bed and the back seating area.

–Robert C.

Two Areas to Hang Out

We love the two areas to hang out, especially if we are working or doing something on the computer–we can have our own space, and that’s great!

The extra space makes us feel like we are apart and together on a long trip. I love the Unity FX front seating/dinette area layout–we can lie down or sit with extended legs.

–Jessica M.

Perfect for Watching Movies with Friends

The biggest reason we chose the Unity FX floorplan is because of the second living area.

In the morning, my wife likes to sleep in later than I do, so it works great as a spot to set up a laptop, have a coffee, and relax without disturbing her. The second living area also creates much internal space, making the interior feel large for such a small motorhome. We switched from a larger Class C motorhome and have not missed the extra space it provided because of how big the FX floorplan feels inside.

On the road, the second living area doubles as the spot our Oru kayaks go. It’s much easier than storing them externally or piling them on our other gear. Also, when we have company, the second living area has worked great for watching a movie by using the HDMI switcher and watching the same on both TVs, making it comfortable for more than four people to watch a movie inside the small LTV.

The flexibility of the space is the best feature. Being able to change the front lounge area into a dinette and then a massive bed, as well as having the rear living space for extra room and that wonderful, versatile ottoman doubling as a table. We use these features on every single trip we go out on, and the effort required to change the space is minimal, making it quick and easy.

–Jeffrey G.

Appreciate the Two Living Areas

The Unity FX floorplan works well for us. We appreciate the two living areas and that the Murphy bed makes the space much larger. We also love that we can put the bed up with it being made.

–Bob M.

Accommodates Working on the Road

The Unity FX was our immediate first choice. We wanted two separate living areas to accommodate working on the road. The slide creates extra floor space when camped, while the Murphy bed allows us to move around comfortably while “turtled up” during travel days.

My husband and I get up at different times, making the rear lounge area perfect. We also enjoy sitting together or in separate areas of the unit as we engage in different daily activities. The additional space created by stowing away the bed during the day is a major plus!

Our favorite feature is the pantry–so much space compactly stowed in a very accessible way!

–Nancy H.


An Area for Morning Coffee

We love the Unity FX because we have a wonderful back area for morning coffee and the paper while the spouse still sleeps. We also adore the amount of floor space. While owning a Unity FX, we learned that the rear lounge is also a great spot for a doggie bed at night.

Our favorite features would be the size of the dinette table, the pull-out footrests, and the Murphy bed.

–Lynne C.


Alternate Space for an Early Riser

About a year ago, we took advantage of a short-term trade-in from an out-of-state buyer who decided they wanted a Class B instead of a B+. This Unity FX only had 1200 miles on it and was virtually new. We previously owned a Unity Murphy bed and loved it, but it was seven years old, and the FX gave us the option of an alternate space for an early riser or for a third guest.

It has been perfect for us in the extra space it has provided if we take others and for us to have our separate relaxing/workspace but it does not sacrifice the Murphy bed.

We are only campers (one-month maximum) and do not live in our LTV full-time, but we appreciate the versatility of the dinette and Murphy bed combo.

Our favorite features are the two living spaces and separate hanging closets.

–Todd U.

Alone Time Makes Together Time Better

The extra living space of the Unity FX truly makes the coach ” livable” for two people! After 43 years married, we love having our own space to read and watch TV or be on our laptops separately. Alone time makes together time better!

The ability to keep one person in bed to sleep late and the other person can get up and relax at the rear table with coffee is awesome in this floorplan. The “back room” also gives some degree of privacy and separation.

–Michael P.

A Separate Space for Each of Us

In the fall of 2018, we wanted to downsize from a full diesel pusher to something smaller, and we had the opportunity to explore down-sized RVs at an RV show. Many makes and models were available for review, but we were impressed when we stepped into the Unity FX. We have been at many RV shows and Rallies in the past, but the fit and function of the Unity FX were immediately apparent. The bathroom was small but adequate, but what sold us was the two separate living spaces, and with the slide-out, there was plenty of room to move around without colliding with each other.

While we would love a little bit of a bigger bathroom, having separate space for each of us throughout the day and evening was worth the smaller bathroom. Even with the Murphy bed set up, there is room to move around it.

–David M.

The Perfect Layout for Us

The dual living areas of the Unity FX offer the feeling of a larger RV with the convenience of its smaller footprint, and the Murphy bed, with walk-around access, is ideal.

We travel coast to coast, originally with two cats, now just one. We removed the roll-out hassock/desk in the rear as it is ideal for the Kitty litter bin! The FX allows me to watch TV upfront (with blue tooth headphones) while my wife and the cat lounge and read in the rear. The Unity FX is the perfect layout for us!

–Warren M.

The Ability to Work While Camping

This floorplan gives us the ability to work while camping. The couch in the back allows me or my spouse to work while the dinette allows me to work. Not many RVs of this size allow for this ability.

–Bryan R.

Can Travel Comfortably with My Dog

I chose the Unity FX over any other Leisure Travel Van because of the separate living areas and the slide-out. I like that when you want, you can sleep in either lounge (front or rear) and that I can travel comfortably with my 90-pound dog.

My favorite features are the two TVs, the size of the bathroom, and the large amount of floor space when the slide is out.

–Kurt M.

We Appreciate the Space

The Unity FX has two couch areas and two clothing storage areas we quickly learned to appreciate. While space is limited in any RV, the FX gives each a place to rest and get dressed without getting in each other’s space.

What we love the most would be the modular area up front. We can eat at the table, sit on a couch or chair, and have many other options, including sleep.

–James S.

We Love All of the Things We Thought We Would

We chose this floorplan because we liked having two different living spaces–one for dining and the area in the back for lounging. We wanted a slide-out; it really makes a lot of difference in our space. Lastly we wanted the Murphy bed because we didn’t want to make a bed every night. We also thought the interior storage space in this unit was the most flexible of all the units.

All the things we thought we would love, we do. The slide-out and two living spaces make the RV seem spacious inside. The Murphy Bed is a snap to set up and take down. The kitchen is more functional than I expected. There’s space for everything I need to cook anything I make at home. I put herbs, spices, and knives on the wall to the right of the sink. That little pull-out pantry holds an amazing amount of stuff. I can get a large trash can under the sink! We use the cooktop and convection oven all the time. The one concern we had was bathroom storage. To the side of the toilet, there is an open wall, and I was able to install organization units for everything we need there. Lastly, there is loads of storage for clothing–we can take anything we want.

The overall quality and size of our LTV is our favorite part. The fit and finish inside are superb. It’s clear a lot of thought went into organizing the interior…there are so many thoughtful features there’s no space to name them all. We can drive it anywhere one can take a car. It’s so easy to set up and take down we often find ourselves driving to a great view spot for dinner, setting up, cooking dinner, enjoying the sunset and then going back to our camping spot for the evening. We added every optional feature available, and we use them all.

–Linda H.


A Location for Everything

In real estate, it’s location, location, location. The Unity FX has a location for everything you need on the road. Not a square inch is wasted. We have been able to load and carry everything we need while traveling, and we enjoy that we both have an area where we can pursue our hobbies without disturbing the other.

–Richard P.

Clever and Flexible Design Elements

I’m a designer, and I appreciate the clever and flexible design elements in the Unity FX, particularly how the front living space can move from a table to a sofa to a king-sized bed in scant minutes. There are phone plugs, task lights, bench extensions, and cushions within easy reach.

My husband and I love having two separate sofas to stretch out for a nap while still in the same overall space. He takes the back lounge, and I take the front for an afternoon power nap after a day of hiking–and there’s still room for the dogs.

I like having the galley face the campsite area so I can communicate with my husband while he’s grilling and I’m cooking. The pop-up desk in the back lounge makes it possible for one of us to work on a laptop even as the other works on the table up front. I have even brought a travel-sized sewing machine to use on the table.

–Jan P.

Provides Flexibility

We all have regrets about past decisions we’ve made. Choosing the Unity FX floorplan is, hands down, the best floorplan for our lifestyle. With nearly a king-sized Murphy bed, our sleep is as sound as being home in our bed. It may take a few more minutes to set up than a stationary bed, but it becomes second nature after the routine has been performed dozens of times. Once the Murphy bed is put up, that area converts to our lounge/dining area; so versatile.

Once our day begins, it suddenly has the most floor space of any coach in its class to move about and plenty of room for guests to visit. We’ve also become very good LTV tour guides when fellow campers show interest.

Our favorite features are the two lounges to have space to hang out on those rainy days, pick up that book you haven’t finished, enjoy a movie night with two TVs, and walk around space during snack time during the drive. The optional (removable) front table almost gets daily use when setting up at the campsite. Whether used for a bowl of popcorn, toaster, or coffee maker, it provides ‘flexibility.’

–George and Dawn W.

There’s Always Somewhere to Sit

We liked the two separate seating areas and the Murphy bed. We love that no matter which configuration we have the front lounge set up in, we always have a seating area somewhere in our LTV.

Our favorite features are the pantry system and the Murphy bed. Overall, this floorplan is flexible and works well for our life.

–Anthony J.

So Many Ways to be Flexible

What makes the Unity FX so flexible? The Murphy bed is out of the way for daily living activities; we have two separate living areas, and the kitchen is located near the entry door with a nice window to see outside activities and away from the bathroom.

There is also adequate storage for two people, and the bathroom is functional for two people, with a flexible door opening for dressing or a shower.

Overall, the FX is a comfortable living space for all our time on the road, and we have been on the road for 73,000 miles since we picked it up in 2017.

–Bonnie Lou P.

Flexible Bed Storage

We chose the Unity FX for the flexibility of storing the bed to make room for the dining table or a sofa.

This floorplan makes us feel comfortable on the road because we can enjoy two independent rooms for rest without disturbing each other.

Our favorite feature is the slide-out–it gives us more room when needed.

–Marc T.

Everything is Flexible

We wanted a bed that was easy to set up and store, so we were after something with a Murphy bed. We also wanted a slide-out for the extra interior space. We learned that the FX could be set up with a dining area up front and a lounge in the back, and this was a very appealing feature. The interior storage and layout were the best of the Unity models with a slide-out, and lastly, the FX felt more spacious inside, and there was more room to seat guests with all the configuration options.

After using it for two years, we love our Unity FX. The Murphy bed is easy to make and store and comfortable for sleeping and movie-watching. We have used every configuration of the sofa/dining area–depending on the activity and the size of the crowd we feed. We use the lounge area all the time, whether it’s to read a book, take a nap, or dress. The storage above the lounge works perfectly for our clothing, extra food storage, etc. The extra space the slide-out provides is essential, and the self-leveling jacks make set up and take down such a breeze we can’t imagine a unit without them.

These are our favorite features in order:

  1. Slide out and Murphy bed.
  2. Self-Leveling Jacks (essential).
  3. Lithium Batteries and 400W of solar on the roof–we can stay anywhere in comfort, which is a plus these days when it’s so hard to find a place to stay.
  4. The flexibility of the front sofa/dining area.
  5. Back Lounge area. This, combined with the sofa in the front, gives us two places to nap without setting up the bed.
  6. Interior Storage. We have a hanging space in the back for clothes and space in the front for coats. The bins over the lounge offer much more flexible storage for clothing, food, or anything else.
  7. The kitchen also has really good storage. I have a lot of dishes and ample cookware and utensil storage. Best of all, a place for a full-size garbage can under the sink!
  8. Pull-out pantry. This great feature makes all the difference for food storage.
  9. FENIX on the upper cabinet fronts. I love this so much that I put it in the house I built.
  10. Lighting. LTV, you do the best job with the lighting, and the fact that it’s all dimmable is just the best!!
  11. The overall design of the interior of the unit. It’s clean and modern.

–Linda H.

Room for Our 96-year-old Mom and Two dogs

We chose this floorplan for its flexibility! More open living space during the day allows room for our two larger dogs. We have hung a shower rod from the microwave beside the rear cabinet with a curtain for an instant change room and privacy/draft control for a sleeper in the back.

Having an LTV has been a game-changer for us. Pack once, and I can take everything with me! So wonderful to never worry about where we can stay with dogs and park virtually anywhere we want in a city or nearby places where hotels aren’t. Having our own bed, bathroom, and kitchen goes without saying!

We love the versatile seating within the Murphy bed. So often, we leave it as a sofa and use a wood cutting board as a table for drinks. I also seldom use the cushions for the footstool, so I removed them and found the storage areas under them make perfect for his and her shoe storage. I use felt storage bins to make access easy. I also love the fact I can convert the rear lounge into a bed so my 96-year-old mom can travel with us. We drive an extra vehicle for safety, as the Unity FX only has two seatbelts.

–Vanessa O.

The Murphy Bed

Sleeping Is Way More Comfortable

It’s nice that the Murphy bed is large because it makes sleeping way more comfortable. We also love the two separate living areas, and the slide-out feature makes the Unity FX roomier.

Our traveling mode is more of the road trip style rather than spending two or three weeks in the same location. So the size of the motorhome is perfect for us–we used to have class A.

Our favorite features are the Murphy bed, the Mercedes chassis, the ease of driving, and the solar panels.

–Pierre M.

The Murphy Bed Is Number One

We like having the space when the slide is out. The Murphy bed is one of the main reasons we love our Unity FX.

I biked across the country while my wife drove the Unity from town to the campground, and we loved that we could drive and park it around town fairly easily.

Some of our other favorite features are the slide-out and the dining area.

–Steve D.

The Murphy Bed Is Easy to Use

We were blessed that someone walked away from their coach at the time of delivery, and we walked in an hour later and bought it. I don’t think even if we had a chance at a different floorplan we would change. We love the versatility of the rear couch with the TV and the extra room we have with the slide-out.

We’ve only made one short trip so far but loved the room the slide-out gives us. The Murphy bed is easy to use and makes it seem roomier.

–Stacy F.

Chose the Unity FX for the Murphy Bed

The Unity FX has the most comfortable and biggest floor space when the slide is out. The walk-around Murphy bed is also a great feature and one reason I chose this floorplan. There is also great storage inside that is easy to get to.

When the slide is out, there is plenty of space for two people to move around and still have enough space to get things done comfortably without bumping into each other. Two people can sleep comfortably at night without knowing another person is getting up and going to the bathroom.

–Arne M.


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