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Editor’s Note: The views, recommendations and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Leisure Travel Vans.

The claim to fame and the star of the show is the Unity Murphy Bed and one look at its spacious interior makes it easy to see why. From a customizable living space to storage for every item you may need for life on the road, the Unity Murphy Bed offers unique features and advantages unlike any motorhome.

Together with current Unity Murphy Bed owners, we compiled a list that we hope you use to find inspiration and learn how the Unity Murphy Bed could be the floorplan for you.

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The Murphy Bed

Perfect for Long-Haul Trips

We chose the Unity Murphy Bed for several reasons. For two people, this is an ideal floorplan for the ability to walk around the bed at night, the large full-sized bathroom, and the amazing lounge chairs–we call it the Transformer!

We are two adults traveling with a 50-plus-pound dog so this floorplan works perfectly for our long-haul trips cross-country from Arizona to Ontario, Canada, and we love transforming it into whatever we need at a moment’s notice.

Some of our feature features are the Murphy Bed, the panels behind the bed, and the window.

Charlene S.

Perfect Floorplan for a Quick Snooze

We fell in love with the Unity Murphy Bed. Being able to enjoy a nice and large living area throughout the day with the bed stored and while on the road helped with our decision to go with this floorplan. Dropping the bed takes no time at all and can be done with the slide in or out. We often leave it in if we stop for a quick snooze while traveling. We have learned that more floor space while traveling is amazing, and we have a great entertainment area when the bed is stored.

–Patrick B.

No One Has to Climb Over

We love the Unity Murphy Bed because of the walk-around bed. No one has to climb over the other to get out of bed. The extra floor place during the day is also appreciated.

We love that it is easy to park when shopping and in campgrounds. Pulling off to a parking area for highway traffic to have lunch without worrying about a restraint or fast food outlet is also very convenient.

By far, the best part of owning this Leisure Travel Van is the convince of having everything you need with you at all times.

–Cornelia H.

Out of the Way During the Day

This floorplan chose us. When we were in the buying process, a Unity Murphy Bed became available, and at that point, it was more important to us to have an LTV than to be picky with what floorplan we chose. Having said that, we would choose the Unity Murphy Bed again in a newer year as we love the ability to have the bed down at night and totally out of the way during day hours.

It’s also not just the floorplan that matters to us. We have fallen in love with the size and length of our LTV–it’s perfect for us, and we both enjoy driving it. The comfortable captain’s seats and wide front and side windows make it so we don’t miss seeing anything. The front cab has comfortable seats and wide front and side windows. We have also found that on our long trips, it’s convenient and easy to find parking to enjoy some shopping and local attractions.

Some favorite features are the large private dressing/bathroom area and the kitchen. We also love the walk around Murphy Bed, and when the Murphy bed is down, my husband likes to sit in a turned captain chair and prop his feet up on the bed to read a night. I like to sit on the bed and read. In such a small RV, we have choices!

–Judy Y.

Murphy Bed Sets up in Seconds

For myself, my wife, and our two pets, the Unity Murphy Bed was the perfect choice. We use the van to travel (not necessarily “camp”), so the reclining chairs for relaxing in the evening and the large shower to get us going in the morning fit how we use the motorhome. The Murphy Bed is easy to get ready at bedtime and put away for breakfast.

As indicated, we make kilometers almost daily, somewhere between 300 and 550. The unit is easy to set up for a happy hour and dinner. If the bugs are bad, relaxing in the reclining chair and watching some programming on TV is a great way to end the day.

How can you not love the big shower and the Truma instant hot water heater? The reclining chairs are so comfortable, and the Murphy Bed sets up in seconds when it is time to call it a day.

–Robb P.

We Love Putting the Bed Away

We wanted something compact yet comfortable for just two people and our dog. The Unity Murphy Bed sold us from the beginning, and our 2016 Unity Murphy Bed will verify if we want to order the all-new Murphy Bed Lounge in the future.

The convenience aspect of this is using the bed, whether the slide is in or out. What makes it comfortable is how easy it is to drive and maneuver.

Our favorite feature is the Murphy Bed and the hidden TV–both can be put away when unused!

–Peggy L.

Naps Are Allowed Wherever We Are

As we are just the two of us, we did not see the point of hauling around a sleeping area in the back of the unit. We love the flexibility of pulling over anywhere, dropping the walk-around bed, and having a nap as needed. We also love the separate full bath, which is larger than in some apartments I have seen. We love our Unity Murphy Bed.

What makes this floorplan our favorite is the ability to use the bed without having to extend the slide and the full-size bathroom.

–Al H.

No Feelings of Claustrophobia

We chose this floorplan because when the slide is out and the bed is stowed, we can relax in our recliners without feeling closed in. This is important because I suffer from claustrophobia and am uncomfortable whenever I feel constrained. After traveling 40,000 plus miles, I have never experienced this feeling in our Unity Murphy Bed.

The electric recliners are very comfortable, and even more importantly, our queen-size bed is a joy at the end of the day. I love how I can make my way to the back of the coach in the middle of the night without having to climb over my wife or otherwise disturb her sleep. We began looking at Leisure Travel Vans about five years before I retired, and we finally made our purchase and, without a doubt, knew this would be the best floorplan for our wants and needs.

Our main selling point was the spaciousness we experienced in our coach because our bed can be stowed upright in the slide-out. The bathroom with a separate toilet and corner shower is another huge plus. Although I suffer from claustrophobia, I have always been comfortable using the toilet area, and I find that the corner shower is roomy enough for my needs.

–Thomas Z.

No Bed in the Way

We love the Murphy Bed! It allows us to have a very large bathroom and more space because there isn’t always a bed in the way, and that’s made being in our LTV so convenient. The living room seats are also very comfortable, and we appreciate that more space means a bigger bathroom.

–Josee D.

Big Bed–Big Priority

We wanted a big bathroom and a big bed–those were our priorities. We quickly fell in love with the large amount of floor space, walk-around bed, and comfy lounge chairs in the Unity Murphy Bed. The big lounge area for daytime and big bedroom at night only made sense to us because why would you dedicate permanent floor space to a big bed area during the day or a big lounge area when sleeping?

Some features that have become a favorite for us would be the big lounge and dining area during the day, the big bed at night, and the huge bathroom and dressing area we use all the time.

–Josh G.

Convenient Bathroom

We choose this floorplan for many reasons. The first is the convenient size of the bathroom with the larger corner shower. We also really enjoyed the adequate living size with the Murphy Bed in the upright position and the bed itself. The amount of comfort that is in 24 feet continues to amaze us. Parking is easy, and the fuel economy is also better than anticipated.

Our favorite features include the large living space when the bed is put away and the reclining lounge chairs.

–William B.

Easily Accessible Bathroom

The Unity Murphy Bed came to us used, so there wasn’t too much involved with making a floorplan choice. However, after comparing it to others we have seen at Rallies, we are very happy with this floorplan.

We travel with a 90-pound Golden Retriever, so having room for him to walk around without us stopping is nice. When we do stop, having the kitchen and bathroom so accessible provides comfort and convenience.

The first feature we love is the large bathroom and shower. Second, the Murphy Bed, which fits our lifestyle. We love that we can stow it out of the way while traveling or entertaining; that works well for us.

–David D.

Best RV Bathroom

The bathroom was the biggest selling point, along with the Murphy Bed, which a person can walk around on either side. We also love the storage around the unit, and even when we have the slide out, we can still get to the compartments.

When thinking about comfort and convenience, it became important to us to have the ease of doing things within a smaller space that we are not used to.

Our favorite feature in the Unity Murphy Bed is the bigger, more convenient bathroom, which you will never see in an RV that size within the industry.

–Bob B.

A Sizable Bathroom is Best For Us

Knowing our travel style was focused on long, active road trips, we wanted a floorplan with a comfortable, practical (for occasional work) living space. When we saw the Unity Murphy Bed, its living area, and the sizable bathroom, we knew it was best for us.

After a tiring day of hiking in one of our glorious National Parks (U.S. and Canada), we relax in the recliners and watch our beloved San Diego Padres on TV. We’re so grateful and fortunate to enjoy this lifestyle.

Although many people avoid units with a slideout, we love having the extra space in our Leisure Lounge to relax at the end of a busy day on the trails.

–Mark R.

A Shower That Fits Our Tall Statures

We are both tall and having a shower and a bed that fits our tall statures drew us to the Unity Murphy Bed floorplan.

Even with the slide-out, we have plenty of room for a quick roadside meal while traveling. Once we are at our location and put the slide out, we feel like we are “home” and spending quality time together.

The shower is great compared to most RV showers. The pop-up TV means it can be movie night every night on the road, and the closet and drawers in the bathroom are perfect for two people.

–John H.

Had to Have One For Ourselves

While our previous motorhome was comfortable and met most of our needs, the bathroom was too small. My brother and sister-in-law ordered a 2020 Unity Murphy Bed, and after seeing it, we decided to order one for ourselves.

I think the Unity Murphy Bed handles better on the highway than our previous motorhome, and the upgraded features of the Mercedes chassis are very comfortable. The automatic leveling system has been a real bonus, and as mentioned above, the bathroom has made all the difference to our camping experience.

It’s hard to choose just a few favorite features when absolutely every part of this floorplan is our favorite. Still, if we had to choose, some favorite features are the bathroom, the automatic leveling system, upgraded chassis safety features, and driver passenger compartment.

–Paul L.

A Complete Bathroom and a Regular Toilet

The Unity Murphy Bed makes the best use of space. We love that when we want to use the bed, we fold it down, and at the end of the night, we fold it right back up. A full-sized shower was also very important to my wife, and this floorplan has precisely that. We also love the ample storage we have.

What’s comfortable and convenient about the Unity Murphy Bed is how extremely comfortable it is both for driving and when stopped. Plus, we find comfort when pulling the bed down and going to bed.

Some favorite features include the Murphy bed, full-sized shower, complete bathroom, and a regular toilet. We also can’t forget to mention the extremely well-put-together kitchen.

–Barry F.

Ultimate Bathroom

What makes the Unity Murphy Bed great is the large bathroom and seating area for 4 for dinner or cards. Plus, it’s easy to set up, pick up, and drive, and there is plenty of storage for everything you own.

The best features would be the large bathroom, lots of storage, and room for four adults in the evening. I also love the space on each side of the bed for glasses, phones, and water.

–Bob F.

Chose it for the Large Bathroom

We chose the Unity Murphy Bed for a larger living space and the large bathroom/dressing area. We also travel with golf clubs, and the large outdoor storage closet fits two sets of clubs. The flexibility of the lounge chairs, dinette, and Murphy Bed appealed to us because it efficiently uses space.

We live in our LTV for 3-4 months every winter. We can stay in everything from RV parks to State and National parks, Harvest Hosts, driveways, and boondocking. We do not need to tow another vehicle because the size of our van allows us to go everywhere. We move often, and the set-up and take-down are quick and simple.

We love the large storage for golf clubs, large living space, large bathroom/dressing area, and not looking at the bed all day.

–Eva A.

I Love the Large Bathroom

What I love most about my Unity Murphy Bed is the large bathroom and bed. It is also very easy to set up and get everything out of storage. My Unity is easy to drive, which is a big bonus!

–Carol O.

Spacious Shower Comparable to Large Motorhomes

We love the comfortable recliners in front of the large TV, especially the large bathroom/dressing room and spacious shower comparable to much larger motorhomes. Also, when the driver and passenger seat are turned around, four people can sit comfortably, or if the Murphy Bed is down and one person gets up early, they can still sit and eat breakfast in one of the front chairs with the table in-between.

The fuel efficiency is amazing compared to larger motorhomes, and both of us are comfortable driving it. We can quickly fill up with diesel at convenience stores. It is large enough not to feel too cramped but small enough to fit almost everywhere.

The best thing is the size of the bathroom for a small motorhome. It also has comfortable seating for dining and watching TV. The Murphy Bed makes the coach feel much larger since the bed doesn’t have to be down all the time.

–Heidi M.

A Huge Shower and a Great Bathroom

Our Unity Murphy Bed is built with high quality, and the extra room we have because of the slide is excellent. We love the comfort of the Leisure Lounge Plus chairs, and the huge shower/dressing area provides privacy like in your own home.

Everything about this floorplan was very well thought out, and we appreciate the ease of plugging in and out. Our favorite features are the huge shower and the great bathroom!

–Cathy M.

No More Hitting My Elbows

We chose the Unity Murphy Bed floorplan for the transitional dinette/lounge/bed area and the larger bathroom. We also wanted the extra outside storage.

I like using the lounge when I want a lounge, and the dinette when I want to eat, talk face to face, or play games. I like to put the bed away when I don’t need it; no wasted space there. There is room to walk anywhere without doing the side shuffle with my spouse.

Every aspect of this floorplan is my favorite! I especially like having a nice big bed, and I love having a shower that allows me to wash my long hair without hitting my elbows!

–Karen I.

A Spacious Vanity

I selected the Unity Murphy Bed because it gave more overall space, and I also like the spacious vanity and shower with a privacy door.

What has made my LTV more comfortable and convenient for life on the road is the fact that I have more space to relax and move around.

My favorite features are the TV, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

–Roger S.

Downsizing but Keeping the Large Bathroom

In our opinion, the Unity Murphy Bed floorplan allowed for the most living area (seating comfort, eating, and sleeping) of the floorplans in 2016. The large bathroom was a major selling feature for us as we were downsizing from a 36-foot class A.

We are on the move every day or, at the most, within a week when on the road. We can function and move around without being in each other’s way (including the dog). Everything we need while traveling on the road is in our Unity.

Our favorite features are the large bathroom and the bedroom setup. We can walk around the bed, and when we’re done with it, it goes back up, and we can set up for the day.

–Albert M.

A Luxury Bathroom Unlike Any Other

We love the convenience of the Unity Murphy Bed. The bed is out of sight, yet already made up and ready to use with a few simple changes. This floorplan also provides a large, spacious, comfortable, private bathroom.

Setting up camp and being comfortable in rustic and urban settings is so easy. We love the size, luxurious look, and feel of the bathroom.

Our favorite features are the large rear bathroom and wardrobe. Also love how easily we can convert from dining table seating to a large bedroom.

–Mary Ann C.

We Can Share the Bathroom

The Unity Murphy Bed is the most open floor plan, and we love the large bed and bathroom, also the comfy recliners which convert to a spacious dining area. This floorplan also has the most outdoor storage.

Because of the open floor plan, the Unity Murphy Bed feels very spacious, making it more comfortable in the coach–we can both be in the bathroom at the same time! The recliners make it very comfortable when we want to relax.

Our favorite features are the large bed, bathroom, recliners, and large comfy dining area.

–Mary S.

Perfect Shower

I’m tall (6 feet, 5 inches), and my two most important features were the large bed and the shower. While I like some other floorplans, the small showers were almost impossible to move around in, but the corner shower with the skylight makes this the best option for me.

We recently took our first 10-day trip and stayed exclusively in our Unity Murphy Bed. It was perfect, and we did not feel confined or crowded!

We have the Lounge Plus seats, and they are very comfortable. Our favorite features include the Murphy bed, the shower, and the toilet!

–Mark J.

Love the Residential-Size Shower the Most

Our very first Leisure Travel Van was a 2014 Unity Twin Bed, and we very much enjoyed this model but found the beds a little bit narrow and the shower very small. So, we traded for the Unity Murphy Bed, which offered a bigger bed, more room, and a residential-size shower. What a game-changer. We would purchase the same model again.

We love the residential-size shower the most, and the ability to put the bed up and have more room to move around is something we love too!

–John T.

Cozy Bathroom

Quite simply, we were originally planning to buy a new Unity FX a few years back, but when my husband was in the showroom putting all our wishes into the system, a used 2015 Unity Murphy Bed rolled in, and my husband inquired about it and found that it was a trade-in. He put some money down, I came in to look at it, and the rest is history. We sometimes look at the newer models with a bit of longing, but we have NEVER regretted our choice because even an older LTV is still a rig worth having. We are in love with our “ARVY.”

The weather has not been great this past winter, and getting away to the sun has been an adventure. But when we found it a bit too cold in Moab, UT, we took 15 minutes to unhook and get on the road, and a few hours later, we were in Phoenix. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility!

Not sure if anyone would put this on their list of favorites, but my particular favorite thing about my rig is that when it is cold outside and the heat is on, I go back to the wonderful bathroom in my Unity Murphy Bed, close the door, and because there is a heating vent there, I can be cozy while I am dressing or undressing for the day. OK…if you insist, I also like how much storage there is inside. I have never filled every cabinet…EVER!

–Pat A.

The Bathroom is Number One

The number one thing we love the most about the Unity Murphy Bed is the size and layout of the bathroom.

We also like that the slideout with the Murphy Bed is easy to handle. After a day of exploring and driving, we love that we can relax in our lounge chairs.

–Kay L.

Flexible Space

We chose the Unity Murphy Bed with the Leisure Lounge Plus because it allowed us to have flexible space up front and a full-sized bathroom in the back. The full-size shower is wonderful, and the Murphy Bed works well. Our Siberian Husky sleeps under the bed’s overhang, which we call “Sasha’s Cave.”

This floorplan makes traveling easy because the space and amenities are very flexible, and it’s easy to change when it’s time for bed or ready to start the day.

Hands down, our favorite features are the full-size shower and Murphy Bed.

–Ken P.

An Abundance of Space and Storage

Storage Was the Big Decision Point

Inside and outside storage was the big decision point, but the large bed and the bath were the other reasons for choosing the Unity Murphy Bed. The design has made life on the road very comfortable and is well-suited for two on extended trips. While we do not have any specific features to separate from the floorplan, it has been well thought out, and all options are blended into a complete package.

–Ronald S.

The Largest Outdoor Storage Room

What made us choose the Unity Murphy Bed was that it had the largest shower and outdoor storage room. We also really liked the swiveling and reclining lounge chairs, and the fact that it was built on the Mercedes-Benz chassis was the icing on the cake.

We love the large Murphy Bed, and it is easy to use. The lounge chairs are very comfortable, and we can stretch all the way out. My wife likes the spacious shower and easy-to-use controls, plus the Truma hot water heater is a wonderful space-saving addition to RVs.

Our favorite features would be the pop-up TV, large shower, water heater, slide-out with the Murphy bed, and large outside storage compartments.

–Owen K.

Enough Space Was Important

As Unity Murphy Bed owners, we quickly fell in love with the spaciousness of the bathroom, the reclining lounge chairs with footrests, and the size of the bed when down for sleeping.

We like to go on trips of one to three months, so having enough space was important, and between the bed and bathroom, we have all of that space. Along with the space, we also enjoy the comfort of the recliners allowing us seniors a bit of comfort akin to our home.

Our favorite features are the bathroom, recliners, the Murphy Bed, and the instant water heater.

–Alfred S.

Wide-Open Living Space

The large bed and shower were significant selling points of the Unity Murphy Bed for me. This LTV is super easy to drive, and it’s so easy to pick up and go, which makes traveling more fun.

The Murphy Bed is my favorite feature because it gives me a wide-open living space and the high ceilings make it feel roomy.

–Sandra R.

We Finally Have the Space

We had a 2017 Unity Twin Bed for a year, but it felt too cramped, and the small shower was a minus in our daily camping. I am a large guy, and I could not use the shower, so we sold our Twin Bed, and by chance, a week later, we found a Unity Murphy Bed in pristine condition.

We have the regular seating, but we love the space, and now I can take showers. We love the storage space and the amenities the Unity Murphy Bed provides, and we can’t wait to get our brand-new Unity Murphy Bed Lounge in the future.

–Jacky L.

This Has Made Life on the Road so Much Better

We wanted the extra space the Unity Murphy Bed creates for recliner lounging, a nice shower, and a dry bathroom. It also had an amazing amount of storage inside for a smaller RV.

This has made life on the road so much better because this floorplan has every amenity our previous class A had, but now we have an even bigger shower! We discovered we had plenty of space for everything we needed and even had a few storage cabinets we didn’t use.

Our favorite features include the Murphy Bed, the recliners aligned with the TV, the swivel cockpit seats creating comfortable seating for four, the pantry (or combo wine bar), and the shower and bathroom.

–John P.

Lots of Storage and Comfort

When looking for our LTV, we sought a balance of storage space, interior comfort, and availability. That’s when the Unity Murphy Bed came along.

The Unity Murphy Bed has a bed we love, and the shower is amazing.

Our favorite features are the large amount of storage and the large shower.

–Gary S.

It Made Such a Difference

Our first RV was well designed, except for the wet bath and bed access, and the Unity Murphy Bed solved those issues for us. The main reasons we chose this floorplan were the size of the bathroom and the configuration and the Murphy Bed. It made such a difference that we could get in and out from either side and walk around the entire bed.

Some favorite features include the well-thought-out storage, the bathroom, the slide-out, and the large Murphy Bed. On the exterior, we love the adequate storage and that the storage under the slide-out is always accessible, even if the slide is extended.

–Gregg M.


Small Enough to Park Anywhere

The Unity Murphy Bed gives a lot of daytime space and can seat up to four at the table offered. It also has a window out the back and excellent interior and exterior storage.

It is comfortable to drive and small enough to park anywhere when visiting a town or other location, which I love the most.

–Martin H.

Something Small, but No Small Bathroom or Shower

We came from a 44-foot motorhome with four slides. Our kids are now out of the house, and we were looking for something my wife would be comfortable driving. She wanted something small but said no to all the small bathrooms and showers. The Unity Murphy Bed was the perfect fit for us. It’s easy to drive and park, small enough to leave the toad at home, yet has a full bathroom and a shower that rivals other motorhomes!

The ease of traveling in the Unity Murphy Bed blows me away. We have already gone places we would not have considered in our former motorhome. I was worried about the hassle of changing the living room between lounge chairs, table, and bed, but it’s just as quick and easy as Dean says in LTV’s videos. The design is very unique and well-planned.

We love the large shower, room to get ready in the restroom, the Murphy Bed with a large TV right at your feet, and all of the nice features of the Mercedes-Benz chassis—Carplay, safety features, etc.

–Brad S.

Easy to Park

We chose the Unity Murphy Bed because of the walk-around bed that no one has to climb over to get out of bed. We also love the extra floor space during the day.

It is also very easy to park when shopping and in campgrounds. It is very convenient to pull off to a parking area, for highway traffic, and to have lunch without having to worry about a restraint or fast food outlet.

–Cornelia H.

Easy to Maneuver

The Unity Murphy bed allows us to have a more open living space, and when it’s bedtime, it’s very simple to pull down, and wa-la, the bedroom is there!

The convenience of the storage space makes traveling with everything we need so much easier. We also love how compact the LTV is and that walking around inside is easy.

Our favorite features would have to be how easy it is to maneuver, the pop-up television, and that it’s very easy to hook up when arriving at a campsite.

–Vonie D.


Exceeded Our Expectations

The things we were looking for in an RV included a large bed, a good-sized shower, a washroom area, comfortable chairs to use during the day, and a good amount of storage. The Unity Murphy Bed fits that perfectly. Previously we have rented several Class C RVs up to 32 feet long. The Unity Murphy Bed, while only 25 feet in length, feels roomier than all of these. The equipment (water heater, fridge, inverter, solar panels, leveler jacks, etc.) is very good quality and relatively easy to use. The outside storage is generous and allows us to bring two folding electric bikes without a carrier.

We enjoy the TV and the soundbar+sub more than we thought we would; it is used daily in the RV. Also, the quality of the fixtures (kitchen, washroom, shower) exceeded our expectations.

–Russ S.

Central Location for Controls

Having had four previous motor homes, we were aware of our preferences. We latched on to the Murphy Bed floorplan as it fit our wandering lifestyle to a “T.” We also get a good night’s sleep on the Murphy Bed, which has made being on the road very comfortable.

We love the central location of the motor home’s critical controls, and the pantry and the little out-of-the-way storage nooks are pretty cool. We also think the lighting is incredible, and the refrigerator is very handy from anywhere in the rig.

–Richard P.

Efficient Design for Watching TV

We were looking for a floorplan with reclining seating opposite the TV for comfortable viewing. The efficient design and versatility of the swiveling recliners in our 2019 model gave us more than we ever expected to find in a 25-foot RV. We also loved the spacious rear bathroom and the retractable TV that gives both side window views and additional counter space when hidden.

Although it’s easy to fold the bed up or down quickly, it’s nice to have the option to leave it down and still have walk-through access–even if the slide isn’t out (fold over the foot end of the mattress, and you’re good to go). The floorplan is ideal for two people! You can seat a couple of guests in the swiveling driver and passenger seats without having to worry about them spending the night.

Our favorite features are the multifunctional recliners and the large bathroom.

–Barry C.

The Clear Winner

I am very tall (6 feet, 5 inches), so we checked all of the LTV floorplans in person at the Hershey RV Show for my fit and comfort on the bed and in the shower. The Unity Murphy Bed model was the clear winner for us!

The Unity Murphy Bed with the Leisure Lounge Plus provides a very comfortable living space during the day, and it is very easily convertible to a nice sleeping area at bedtime. The galley is nicely sized for meal preparation with a good-sized pantry cabinet. The “televator” TV and sound system also make for great movie enjoyment.

The best features of the Unity Murphy Bed floorplan are the bathroom size and the Leisure Lounge Plus option.

–Glenn F.

The Galley

Just Like at Home

There are many reasons to choose the Unity Murphy Bed. For us, it was the two comfy chairs–like at home, the walk-around bed, which is so easy to get into, and a bathroom my husband loves.

We love the comfortable bed because it means we’re rested and ready to have fun daily! An easy-to-use galley means I can cook on the road or bring frozen meals to warm when I wish, which is very convenient.

Our favorite features are the comfortable living area, which makes it seem homey, and the walk-around bed with a real mattress! We also love the shower that you can turn around inside or pick up your soap, and finally, there is a closet we can share–and that’s great.

–Nancy F.

I Chose It for Its Functionality

I chose the Unity Murphy Bed for the big bathroom and the ability to walk around the Murphy Bed when it’s down. You can also have the bed down with the slide pulled in. I love the Leisure Lounge recliners, and the galley is functional, with everything being easy to reach.

I feel comfortable in this RV because it’s easy to drive, park, and maneuver. My favorite feature would be the floor space in front of the recliners when the slide is out. There is so much room, and it doesn’t feel cramped.

–William F.

Largest Usable Space

This was the floorplan available for the used LTV we found. We like how roomy it is; by our reckoning, it has the largest usable space.

The Murphy Bed is extremely convenient, and our unit features windows at head height when down, a definite design positive.

Our favorite features are the large living space when the bed is up, walking around the bed when it’s down, the large table for meals and work, and the table can seat four people comfortably.

–Bill S.

How Does So Much Fit into 25 Feet?

We’ve had three long trips ranging from 3 – 5 months in our Unity Murphy Bed in addition to many shorter trips, and it is our home away from home. The convenience it provides for life’s essentials, like a bathroom and kitchen wherever you are, makes traveling a pleasure.

What’s more, the Murphy bed combination with the Leisure Lounge is easy to use, very comfortable, and flexible, and it has quickly become our favorite feature. It’s also really convenient that the Leisure Lounge seats can swivel to accommodate multiple layouts with the drop-down table and 39-inch TV. We also love the spacious bathroom and can’t believe all of this fit into a 25-foot motorhome.

–David R.

Best Floorplan for Two

The Unity Murphy Bed is the best and largest layout for just two for sleeping, and we also think the size of the shower is perfect.

The Murphy Bed works well for us, and when it’s time to hit the road, we appreciate that you can put the lounge seats down for the dogs. The large bathroom is great, and we like the storage for clothes and other items.

–Karl S.

Perfect Breakfast and Lunch Area

I love the Leisure Lounge Plus chairs right as you come into the Unity Murphy Bed coach. Once the slide is out, you’ll have a great living area to lounge and watch the 40-inch TV like in no other coach. With the ability to swivel the two front seats and add the table, you also have a fantastic spot to entertain your friends.

Because of the Murphy bed, that same main area becomes the bedroom in just a few minutes, and in the morning, you raise the bed, and the Leisure Lounge Plus chairs can be rotated and the table put up. This function creates a perfect breakfast and lunch area in the same large living space. This area has three uses, and you can have it all in a 25-foot rig and feel like you didn’t give anything up from your home.

I am saving the best for last, which is the full-size bathroom, the incredible shower with LED lighting, and the sunroof over the shower. With the wardrobe off to the left, a drawer for each of us, and another cabinet for our towels, we never have to leave the bathroom while getting ready. The sliding door protects you, and the great lighting is perfect for getting ready.

–William R.

Comfortable and Relaxing Living Area

The Unity Murphy Bed provides a comfortable, relaxing living area and a very comfortable bed. The lounge chairs are also very comfortable, and having the ability to turn the two bucket seats around is great!

My favorite feature would have to be the large bathroom.

–Betsy P.

Provides Privacy for a Solo Traveler

The Unity Murphy Bed did three things that made it stand out from the other floor plans–it made me feel safe, happy, and hugged. The slide transforms the space into a studio apartment, offering open site lines and a cozy feeling, especially when it rains outside. The bathroom space sealed the deal, allowing me to change privately. I love using my shower and feel like I am in a hotel rather than an RV.

When you spend as much time in your RV as I do, comfort and ingenious use of space make living in a Unity Murphy Bed a pleasant experience. The lounge recliners let me relax and unwind after a hard day exploring, and I never dread hopping in the shower. To move freely without obstacles in your way or needing to squeeze into tight spaces is such a joy. This floorplan also offers generous storage space inside and out, allowing you to bring the comforts that transform your space into a home.

The bathroom and the slide are my two favorite features of the Unity Murphy Bed. The angled shower allows anyone to bathe without hitting their elbows or head, and having an open change space at the rear of the coach provides privacy for a solo traveler. The slide transforms my space from compact to spacious, allowing me to move freely through my space and providing an area to do yoga in inclement weather.

–Lori R.

Maintaining Spaciousness

As a single traveler, I wanted to maximize my comfort while maintaining as much spaciousness as possible. The Murphy bed with the Leisure Lounge did just that. Add the bathroom layout makes the overall layout almost perfect for my needs.

This layout in a small motorhome allows easy driving while on the road and getting out of campgrounds. Set up is easy, and relaxing on the Leisure Lounge during the day and on the Murphy Bed at night makes it well worth it.

My favorite features are the spacious bathroom, Murphy Bed, and Leisure Lounge.

–Robert B.

Convenience and Spaciousness

We loved the convenience of the recliners and the spaciousness of the bathroom.

The slide-out and the convenience of the recliners give us adequate space for the two of us to relax and enjoy ourselves while we are at the campground or resort.

Our favorite feature is the large bathroom and the Leisure Lounge recliners.

–Patrick R.


We love the flexibility of a living room and the Unity Murphy Bed’s large bathroom/changing area. The bed only takes a minute to set up, and you’re good to go. You can walk around the bed, and the TV is in a perfect spot to use while sitting in the recliners or when in bed.

This is the second Unity Murphy Bed we bought new because we love the floorplan that much. It makes for a perfect layout for boondocking or staying in a luxury RV resort.

Our favorite features are the large Murphy Bed, recliners and table format, the bathroom, and the large entertainment center.

–Darryl M.


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