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Two separate living areas, a Murphy Bed, and a completely redesigned modern interior make up the Unity Rear Lounge. Winning the RVX Spotlight award upon launching at RVX in 2019, the Rear Lounge is one of the most unique Class C motorhomes on the road today.

With the help of Leisure Travel Van owners, we have created a list filled with reasons they each chose the Unity Rear Lounge. With this list, we hope you discover why this floorplan is best suited for your life and leave feeling inspired to take on the open road.

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Two Living Spaces

We Can Maintain Our Habits

We chose the Unity Rear Lounge because we have different sleep schedules. I’m an early riser and like to get and make coffee while my husband sleeps later.

We like this floorplan because it allows us to maintain our habits the same as at home.

Our favorite feature of the Unity Rear Lounge is essentially having a two-room motorhome which means our own space when we need it, like in the morning.

–Sally W.

We Can Relax in Two Separate Areas

We selected this floorplan because of the two separate living areas, and we also wanted four seatbelts.

What makes this floorplan comfortable for us is that we are able to relax in two separate areas. We also like to close off the rear lounge area when showering. It’s also great that we are able to switch locations while driving and still have a choice of four locations with a seatbelt.

–Kathryn M.

Great for Watching Netflix

We chose the Unity Rear Lounge because of the two living spaces. We have also had another couple over to visit, and all four of us could sit in the back.

We can prepare food in the kitchen to eat our meals upfront or to eat outside. The rear lounge is great for watching Netflix at night after exploring all day, and then it easily converts into our bedroom for the night.

Our favorite features are the rear lounge, the TV, and the handy wine rack.

–Tim H.

Room for Yoga

We both work from the road, so having one of us work in the dining space and the other in the lounge space works particularly well. We also like the double windows that let a lot of light in. Finally, we like how the bed can be stored away during the day to utilize the space more fully.

The ability to store the bed away in the morning allows us to comfortably enjoy the lounge space without being cramped in the front end of our LTV. Additionally, the door separating the front and the back allows us to have a more private workspace in a smaller footprint.

I love how the kitchen counter can be expanded when needed. Additionally, the lounge space is large enough to lay a yoga mat down at an angle and work out from the smart TV.

–Lisa K.

Many More Options to Live In

We love having two different living areas, and there’s an easy setup of tables to use in two places.

The Unity Rear Lounge gives us so many more options to live in. It’s nice not to put the bed away to eat and relax in the front area and galley; there’s plenty of space to relax when the bed is up.

Our favorite features are the separate living areas which give us plenty of space. We love all of the cabinets and the separate shower and bathroom. Thanks to the many windows, there is a lot of light, and we love that.

–Eric B.

Room for Family Members

We were very impressed with the features and the layout of the Unity Rear Lounge. It can accommodate several family members if everyone needs a place to gather after a long hike.

We like having two separate living areas. One of us likes to get up early, and the other prefers to sleep in– this layout allows for that.

When the Murphy Bed is down, it feels like it is out of the way and not taking up key space around the kitchen and eating area. Not having a slide-out is also nice for quick set-ups, take-downs, and fewer issues.

–Kim M.

Appreciate the Additional Floor Space

We didn’t want a slide-out, so we appreciated the additional floor space. We like separating the front and rear areas when the shower door is opened.

Our favorite features are all of the windows and light.

–Andrew C.

Room for the Grandkids

My spouse still works, so having a separate area for him is essential, plus he can close it off with the shower door to keep the dogs out when needed. It also offers an additional sleeping area for grandkids.

We travel with two dogs, and the shower makes a great dog crate when we need to corral them. We use the expanding rods that keep items from falling out of the refrigerator across the door space–this way, we don’t have to travel and store a dog crate.

We love the reclining seats in the back and that we have room for more than just the two of us–specifically our grandchildren. The windows in the rear lounge open up the floorplan and are wonderful for the dogs to see out. They keep the unit from feeling small and closed in. I love that they are on both sides as we try to avoid crowded campgrounds to enjoy nature.

–Susan V.

The Unity Rear Lounge Chose Us

I didn’t choose the Unity Rear Lounge; it became available, so I jumped on it. Having said that, we think it’s a great floorplan for us. It’s nice to separate the two living areas, especially when we don’t often get out of bed at the same time. We might even consider twin beds in the future.

The Unity is really easy to maneuver and so comfortable to drive. Campground setups are quick and stress-free. It’s also easy to park at grocery stores and shopping malls.

–Donn W.

Versatility for Different Habits

We love the dual living areas and versatility in allowing for different habits in sleep times or TV preferences. Having a Unity Rear Lounge gives the opportunity of being together to share socially.

The design allows leaving the bed down for short trips and continuous use. Putting the bed up for longer stays allows enjoying the lounge.

We also like the two televisions and a larger galley meal preparation area. Finally, we like the separate dry bath and bathroom.

–Paul A.

Living Spaces for Personal and Professional Purposes

We loved the idea of having two distinct living spaces. This was needed for personal and professional purposes. The Unity Rear Lounge floorplan is perfect for us.

We travel with three cats, so we have removed a few drawers for a litter box compartment and still have plenty of interior storage. The lounge is a great nap area (hubby is six feet) during quick stops on long travel days.

I love that it is three living spaces rather than two (bedroom, lounge, and kitchen). What has surprised me is how much time we spend upfront and in the galley area–it is all very comfortable! My husband also appreciates that he can get away from me when I am working remotely.

–Katie M.

Made for a Night Owl and Early Riser

Can a night owl and an early riser peacefully coexist in a small, albeit beautifully appointed, RV? How about a TV watcher and a writer? If the RV is a Unity Rear Lounge, the answer to both questions is an enthusiastic YES.

Traveling for seven months in a small RV, you learn to separate your wants from your needs. The design, features, and performance of the Unity Rear L0unge offer everything we need. Any unmet want is nothing we need or even remember that we wanted.

We love the amount of daylight in the coach, the location, and the Murphy bed size; the shower dimensions are perfect. The bathroom design has just enough space–curved door, corner cubbies, swing mirror, perfect-size of cupboard, and shelves. In the galley, the drop-down countertop is a selling point for me. I also love the slot for the galley sink cover. I appreciate that LTV included a custom-fitted mattress pad cover for the odd-sized mattress–a regular queen mattress pad would be too bulky. As for interior lighting, the color, temperature, quantity, locations, and ability to dim are all amazing.

–Sandy W.

We Can Work

My wife and I work from home, so the Unity Rear Lounge allows us both to have workspaces–one in front using the passenger seat and one in the rear. I bought extra Lagun hardware, made a small front desk, and used the LTV table in the back. This is the only floorplan in this class that lets us do this easily.

We are comfortable with this floorplan because we can work without being on top of each other.

Our favorite features are the two workspaces with the shower door that can further separate us.

–Barry H.

One Can Work, One Can Relax

We like the two separate living zones because I can work up front while my wife relaxes in the back. It’s also very easy to convert the rear lounge from day to night use. We also really appreciate the separate shower area.

–Chris H.

We Can Stay on the Road for Months

My husband and I work from the road, and the Unity Rear Lounge is the only plan that gave us separate workspaces with a door that closes between us.

We also like that we can stay on the road for months since I can set up a full office workspace. The sectional seating is also excellent, and the swivel table is perfect.

Our favorite features have got to be the lounge area. It’s Functional, comfortable, and spacious.

–Jane S.

A Great Floorplan for Claustrophobia

We chose the Unity Rear Lounge for two reasons–I am claustrophobic, and a large amount of floor space makes the RV feel open and spacious. Also, we have two rooms where the shower door closes off the back lounge from the galley. I can take the dog for a walk without disturbing my husband, who likes to get up later in the morning.

We can also have our own space. My husband can watch TV, and I can read. When cooking, I have a U-shaped galley when the counter extension is in place.

Our favorite feature is the windows! My dog loves to lie in the rear lounge, and I love all the natural light streaming in.

–Nancy C.

More Room for a Solo Traveler

I love the idea of two living spaces. Even though I travel alone, I move from one to the other and feel like there is more space, and when the Murphy bed goes up, it provides a whole new space.

–Lindley R.

Allows for Togetherness and Privacy

I love sleeping longer in the comfortable Murphy bed in the “bedroom” while my husband goes to the front “living room,” makes his coffee, reads the paper, and has breakfast. I don’t know if there is any other rig this size where you can do that.

The Unity Rear Lounge allows for togetherness but also privacy. My husband can relax with the dogs in the lounge after a long day of exploring while I can prepare our meal without anyone being underfoot. Keeps the peace on those 10,000-mile journeys!

–Mary G.

A Full-Time Bedroom is an Option

We chose the Unity Rear Lounge, which fully enables two separate living spaces. Additionally, you can leave the Murphy bed in the “down position” so your bed can always be ready and accessible from both sides and make it private as a true bedroom via the unique and dual-purpose door for the shower space.

Our favorite feature is the ability to convert the rear lounge from a lounge to a bedroom or, our favorite, left as a full-time bedroom. The unique door system also enables two private sleeping quarters should we have guests.

–James N.

No Disruption of Sleep

We enjoy the two living spaces. The lounge is comfortable, and the double windows allow great natural light. We also love the separate shower, too.

The hubby gets up earlier than I do, so he can make his coffee and sit outside or in the front area without disturbing my sleep. The privacy in the lounge/bedroom area is wonderful. It’s so easy to pull down the Murphy bed with the sheets on it and then pull it back up.

Our favorite features are the full Murphy bed, the separate shower, the amount of storage, and the fact it doesn’t have a slide-out.

–Kim B.

Meets my Variable Travel Needs

I could say it in one word! Versatile! I frequently travel solo with my two Portuguese Water Dogs, and they love it, too. There is room for all of us to have our own space. When my husband joins in, he likes to sleep in. Voila! Two separate living spaces! Lastly, my grown sons occasionally join me, and we can have two separate beds. The Unity Rear Lounge meets my variable travel needs. If I get a new one, it will be another Unity Rear Lounge.

My favorite feature is the ability to close the front from the back.

–Lydia J.

Separate Areas for Separate Needs

I chose the Unity Rear Lounge for the two separate living areas and the bright, open rear lounge. I also liked the separate shower and bath.

My partner can sleep in, and I can sit up front, have a cup of coffee, and watch the news. The openness of the rear lounge makes up for not having a slide.

Some of my favorite features are the rear lounge itself, the separate shower and bath, and the two separate living areas.

–Sherry H.

Two Words–The Lounge

Two words–the lounge! We wanted a separate space that would be comfortable to relax in, hang out with our dog, and both work in during the day and sleep in at night. The Unity Rear Lounge ticks all of those boxes!

Since we both work from the road, having a “front office” and a “back office” makes for a great set-up, and having a space to hang out in while one of us cooks dinner or catches up with a friend on the phone or via FaceTime is nice too!

Our favorite features are the lounge configuration, the Murphy bed, the giant lounge windows, and the shoe nook!


The Ability to Create Two Separate Spaces

It provides two separate living spaces in a compact RV. We have not seen such a layout from any other manufacturer. It also provides a spacious relaxing, working, or eating area, and the sectional sofa is a real advantage. Also, we didn’t like the idea of wasting space for a bed during waking hours.

The Unity Rear Lounge provides so much versatility when we’re on the road–it’s a great place for the dog to stretch out and relax, and we’re not always tripping over each other. We can use the rear lounge as an office space (my wife works remotely) to travel as we work. It provides a separate bedroom so the other person can still stay up to watch TV/read, and you can eat in an area separate from the galley if you wish.

What we love the most is the ability to create two separate spaces, the sectional sofa and the solarium-style windows, which provide a lot of natural light.

–Kurt S.

Inviting and Relaxing

We loved the two separate “living” spaces. My husband still works in his consulting business, so when we’re on the road, we need a space he can work in while traveling–the Unity Rear Lounge provides that space.

The time it takes to go from the living space to the bedroom is very convenient. When the bed is stowed, the rear lounge is spacious, comfortable, and filled with lots of natural light from the large windows. This all makes for a very inviting and relaxing space.

The dry bath was a must for us. The reclining seats are a nice feature that adds to the “living room” feel of the space.

–Marion G.

My Wife Sleeps in, and I Make Coffee

We love having two separate living areas, and a bonus is that my wife sleeps in while I get up and make coffee, and there’s a door separating us. The internal lighting is outstanding, and the multiple touchpads make controlling functions throughout the coach very convenient.

Our favorite features are the large lounge area in the rear with many windows, the unique ceiling lights, the front and rear TVs, and the extra fold-down countertop is a tremendous help in creating more space in the galley.

–Leo M.

Great for Working on the Road

We chose this floorplan because we still work and can do it from the road. The Unity Rear Lounge allows us to have separate workspaces–one in front and one in back. We close the shower door to separate the space if we are both on calls or in meetings and use the TVs as our second monitor.

Having the flexibility of the rear lounge with two separate seating spaces allows for more versatility day or night. We don’t have to sit on beds to get comfortable and use the rear lounge with reclining seats to relax. If you are experiencing bad weather or bugs, you can spread out easily and have your own space to stay sane!

We love all the interior storage in the Unity Rear Lounge. It provides just enough space for food, clothes, and equipment, with everything in its place to keep us organized. The lounge in the back is versatile and open–making the space large and comfortable. Although I never would have thought to ask for it, the wine storage is a great use of space for anything you can fit.

–Tamara A.

Perfect for Sleepyheads

We enjoy the two separate living spaces because one of us tends to sleep more than the other. We can shut the door between the kitchen and bedroom areas and allow the sleepyhead to get the much-needed rest so we can both enjoy our trip!

We love having the reclining sofa chairs in the rear lounge for a roomy area to enjoy daytime space. The Murphy bed behind the sofa takes up such little space leaving so much useful space to enjoy!

The door that closes between the kitchen and bedroom is a great feature! When our grandchild spends the night with us, we can close it to have privacy as we change clothes. It also allows us to easily have privacy from others seeing into the rear of the RV during the day if we need to change clothes.

–Wendy W.

I Can Work in my Own Area

We like the two separate living spaces. This lets me work in my own area while still having living space available. The Murphy bed allows for useful space during the day by having the bed out of the way.

The two living areas make for a very comfortable life on the road. One can cook while the other relaxes on the couch watching TV. The galley area is plenty large for cooking, and the drop-down extra counter space is very useful!

The Murphy bed coming down from the back wall allows a very comfortable living room during the day. The drop-down kitchen counter gives amazing extra space while cooking. The ability to close the door between the two living areas gives privacy to work or to relax and have some alone time (away from the dogs or spouse–haha).

–Chris D.

Flexibility for Work and Lounge Time

We chose the Unity Rear Lounge for its flexibility to make both a great indoor office and lounge space and the ability to sleep up to four people. We also liked the large picture windows in the lounge that gave the area a bright, open feel and made the space seem much larger.

The Unity Rear Lounge has allowed us to have two separate living spaces while on the road. The lounge has been used as an office, TV/reading room, and a separate bedroom. With the separate living areas, we have the flexibility for one of us to either rise early or go to bed earlier than the other with minimal disturbance.

Our favorite features include having a large, bright, open living and sleeping space in the rear lounge. We can use the space to work, play games, entertain guests, watch TV /read, and sleep, and with the large picture windows, we are frequently treated to some very scenic views.

–Cathy Y.

Keeps Harmony in the Marriage

We loved the living room couch in the back with the automatic footrests. We also liked that the bedroom can be shut off from the front of the van using the shower door. We did not want a slide-out, so the Unity Rear Lounge met all our needs.

Set up and shut down in the Unity Rear Lounge is quick and minimal. The storage has been adequate for our needs, and when the bed is put away the living area in the back is very roomy and comfortable.

The large window in the back is a feature our two cats enjoy very much. We like that there is no slide-out–it’s one less thing to worry about. The bedroom separated from the front of the coach is a must for us because we wake at different times. This feature keeps harmony in the marriage.

–Becky S.

We Have an En Suite

We chose this floorplan for several reasons. The first reason was the two living areas and being able to close off the back for an en suite. We also chose the Unity Rear Lounge for the wraparound counter when you have the extender down and the table at the counter height. Our final reason was for the separate shower and bathroom.

It is great to be able to either leave the Murphy bed down or put it up, depending on our circumstances that day. There is also efficient storage space, and the four solar panels make us energy independent.

–Jan L.

A Spacious Floorplan

More Usable Daytime Space

We chose the Unity Rear Lounge for the spacious feel–it gives us more useable daytime space so that everything is not confined to the front/kitchen area of the motorhome. All this is done without comprising the size of the bed. The inside living area is much larger by having a Murphy bed in the rear of the RV. Another reason for choosing this floorplan is no slide out.

The ease with which the Murphy bed is lowered and raised and the electric footrests make the rear lounge very useable when traveling when you want to make quick stops for lunch or to relax at a beautiful overlook and take in the scenery. Sitting on a bed is not comfortable.

Our favorite features are the front and rear table placement and the closet door you can close to separate the front and rear living areas.

–Thomas S.


Spacious and Open

Not what we would have ordered, but it was what was available, so we bought it, and we LOVE IT! But now we wouldn’t want any other floorplan–the Unity Rear Lounge is spacious and open.

We love the front table, which we always leave up and push to a side while driving. We also love the spacious windows in the back, the ability to close off the back area with the shower door and turn it into a large master bath, and the slots for cups over the kitchen. It’s also great that we have a couch and recliners during travel breaks or watching movies. One of us can also take a quick nap while the other shops.

–Steve H.

Room for Our 80-pound Dog

The Unity Rear Lounge is spacious, even without a slide—plenty of room to walk around our 80-pound dog in the lounge. The built-in wine rack was a plus!

It’s super quick to pull down the Murphy bed! I love the privacy and room to shower/dress by closing off the rear half with a solid door.

My favorite features are the spacious reclining lounge, Murphy bed, private sections, wine rack, and huge kitchen sink.

–Chris W.

Our Own Private Luxury Train Car

The Unity Rear Lounge is amazingly open and airy without needing a slide-out. It gives us two areas for us each to relax or work and feels much bigger inside than it looks from the outside.

The front dinette with the swivel captain’s chairs and table makes for an ergonomic office during the day, while the rear lounge is ideal for relaxing, reading a book, or as a second workspace. The lack of a slide room saves time when making/breaking camp or just stopping somewhere midway on a travel day.

The rear lounge is the star feature. We’ve even used it to entertain for a movie night with up to four people. With the Murphy bed down, it’s great to have a bedroom separated from the galley area. Likewise, the front dinette area comfortably seats four for dinner.

Also, having lots of natural light and clean lines makes the interior feel more spacious than the exterior implies. The Unity Rear Lounge feels like having our own private luxury train car!

–Geoff S.

The Rear Lounge

Didn’t Choose It, but Love It

When the dealer called me and said a Unity Rear Lounge was in stock after a cancellation, I took it. While I didn’t choose this floorplan, I have come to love it, and my favorite features are the rear lounge and the Murphy bed.

–Nelson L.

Everyone Who Walks in Talks about How Great It Is

We loved the rear lounge area–the openness, windows, and space are all amazing. We also love having four belted passengers in the coach, a huge plus when having our daughter travel with us.

The size is perfect, and we can pull into almost any location. We can park it anywhere to shop at a grocery store or get something to eat. It also handles great when driving. Finally, the build quality is fantastic. Road noise is so low my wife and I can converse when driving!

Our favorite feature is the rear lounge area; it’s a game-changer once you have it—everyone who walks in talks about how great it is.

–Ajai N.

A Living Room to Relax

There is something great about the convenience of having a living room-type area to relax and watch TV. That’s something for us and our golden retriever service dog; that has been great.

On a rainy day, you’re not sitting in a dinette booth or some other uncomfortable chair to try and watch television or read or work on the computer.

Our favorite features are the sectional sofa that reclines and can serve as a daybed and the big TV in the back.

–Chuck S.

Our Escape

This floorplan offered flexibility and comfort. We like that you can seat belt and sleep four people. We also like that the toilet and shower are separate. We like how the rear lounge is a comfortable living room environment with recliner chairs, yet can quickly change into a bed. Finally, we like all the upgrades–Satellite, WiFi, lithium batteries, stabilizing jacks, solar panels, 3.6 Onan generator, safe, and inflatable mattress.

It has all the conveniences we need in a very efficient floor plan. We also like to lounge in the back to escape, yet changing into a bed is so easy. We like the two-way refrigerator door opening capability too.

Our favorite features are the rear lounge, the separate toilet and shower, and two additional seat belts and sleeping capacity.

–Michael M.


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