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Editor’s Note: The views, recommendations and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Leisure Travel Vans.

The Unity Twin Bed is ready for whatever the day brings. Whether it’s a seamless transition from morning to night or even an indulgent afternoon nap, this is the ideal touring coach for those extended journeys.

This list is meant to provide you with inspiration from current Unity Twin Bed owners and leave you wondering why you don’t own a Leisure Travel Van. We hope you find inspiration and learn how this floorplan could best suit your life.

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Separate Living Spaces

Needed a Dedicated Sleeping Area

I spent days at the Hershey RV Show testing each Unity floorplan. When no one was in the RV, I would pretend to be cooking, using the microwave, making up the bed, or watching TV, and the Unity Twin Bed won out for ease of movement and best utilization of space. During this trial run, I decided I wanted a dedicated sleeping area.

As a solo, I often pull over at a rest stop to take a power nap, so I love the dedicated sleeping area. I also like the interior space without having a slide-out–it makes overnight stops at Cracker Barrel easy.

My favorite features are the dedicated sleeping area, overhead storage around the bedroom, no slide-out, the location of windows for awesome cross ventilation, great exterior storage, and the ability to seat four around the dining table.

–Mary Q.

Great for Different Sleep Times

We like the Unity Twin Bed because we have different sleep times–I’m an early sleeper, and my wife is later. The Unity Twin Bed allows us a separate sleep area and awake area to start and finish each day without disturbing each other, and it provides a space in the middle for our dog to sleep.

We appreciate that this floorplan maximizes storage capacity and provides separate sleep accommodations when grandchildren or other family members visit.

Our favorite features are the storage and the separate areas for sleeping and living.

–William M.

Living and Sleeping Spaces Need to Be Separate

My husband and I need our living and sleeping spaces separate. The Unity Twin Bed floorplan lets me sleep when he’s awake, and the shower door effectively blocks the noise and light–we absolutely love it!

I love that I don’t have to do anything to our beds to get moving. I do make them every morning, but I wouldn’t have to. Our dog crate sits on the table between the beds, totally out of the way.

There is so much storage in this floorplan. We spend months traveling, and we can bring everything we need, including my jewelry-making supplies and my husband’s bike riding gear. We also travel with two dogs and a cat and all their “stuff.”

–Christi T.

Our Own Cozy Bunk

We chose the Unity Twin Bed because we don’t have to crawl over one another when we get up at night to use the bathroom. Also, the rear can be closed off to make a separate bedroom suite when one person wants to sleep, and the other is awake in the front area.

This floorplan provides us with better sleep, and the dogs like to lie on the floor between the twin beds at night, where they also feel secure when the vehicle is in motion.

We love having our own little cozy bunk next to the exterior walls of the camper with the night light for reading, and we’re far apart not to disturb one another’s sleep but close enough to feel together.

–Layne K.

We chose the Unity Twin Bed for the separate bedroom that serves as an office. We also like the generous bathroom and separate table for four in the front.

Storing everything and living and working in separate areas has been practical. We also appreciate the space for the shower and dry bath, which allows us to ignore campground bathhouses altogether.

Our favorite features are the full shower and the length of the beds.

–Karin & Michael B.

Dedicated Beds in a Dedicated Bedroom

We chose this floorplan because it has two dedicated beds, which are comfortable in a dedicated bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The other area in the motorhome is our kitchen and living area. Sleeping comfortably at night is one of the most important things during our travels.

When on the road, we can always relax on the beds as they are always made up–we don’t have to bring something down or put something up to be able to lay on the bed. They are the right length, and we can get in and out of bed without disturbing our partner. One person can prepare breakfast while the other remains in bed for a little longer. Sitting in bed, reading a book, and looking out the window is good.

We love the twin beds as they are comfortable. The kitchen area is good for preparing meals and has everything a normal kitchen would have. There is also lots of storage in the kitchen and the rest of the motorhome inside and out.

–Walter S.

Flexibility in Sleeping Options

We chose the Unity Twin Bed because of its flexibility in sleeping options. We travel as a couple with our dog and two cats, so the king bed is huge and perfect for that, and we also sometimes travel with friends or family, so the twin bed option works great. I even slept on the convertible bed up front when my father-in-law traveled with us, and it was surprisingly comfortable, and the storage space in this floorplan…oh my!

We love that we can pull into a spot, and everything we need for cooking, relaxing, washing, and sleeping is at our fingertips without leaving the coach if we don’t want to. We also love all of that storage space, so we can bring along everything we need and want to “glamp” our way across North America without having to make sacrifices.

We love the flexibility of sleeping options in the Unity Twin Bed–the king bed is HUGE, and the twin beds are great for when one of us is traveling with our grown kids or friends. We also love having a dedicated sleeping area without having to make up or stow the bed in the morning and night. We love the abundance of storage space (I haven’t even come close to filling it up), and we didn’t want any slides, so we feel this was the perfect option for our needs and traveling style!

–Bridgette K.

Can Nap While Parked on a Busy Street

This floorplan is the most convenient for travelers to get in and out of bed without disturbing others. The Unity Twin Bed offers easy access to overhead and under-bed storage. We highly value the ability/opportunity to convert this to a king-size bed when that is a better arrangement.

When one of us wishes to go to bed early, and the other wants to watch TV or do something else, we can shut the (shower) door, and when that person decides to also go to bed, they can walk between the beds and climb in without disturbing their partner. I have frequently just shut the door and taken a nap or rested while parked on a busy street or ferry.

Our favorite features are the center aisle storage space, the dual-purpose shower door, the lighting, and the TV.

–Patrick L. 

The Floorplan That Made the Most Sense

It seemed the most practical for our needs. My husband likes to nap during the day while I take over driving, and this was the floorplan that made the most sense. The bedroom also closes off from the living area, which is a BIG plus.

We like the separate private areas; the beds act as lounge areas, and we always watch TV from our beds. It’s also great that one of us can sleep while the other cooks, reads, or drives, and that’s not available on many other models.

–Christy M.

Easy to Get out of Bed

We chose the Unity Twin Bed for two reasons–firstly since my wife has a movement disability, the twin bed makes it easier for me to help get her into the bed, and secondly, we wanted a separate sleeping area as she rests frequently and I can spend time in the front area of the house without bothering her.

The comfort of our Unity Twin Bed allows us to get out and see the beautiful countryside we have both here in Canada and in the United States. A fully contained and dependable home on wheels offers us more freedom and relaxation. The two living spaces accommodate us so well that she can sleep, and I can putter upfront or read.

Our favorite features are the two separate living spaces that we find spacious enough. The bedroom area is very private when you close the shower door to separate the spaces, and I find the kitchen layout works well.

–Cliff S.


Always Ready for an After-lunch Nap

We previously had another make with a floorplan that required manipulating furniture, remaking the bed at night, and for one of us climbing a ladder. That was too much effort, and the ladder wasn’t going to work anymore. We also really liked the back room privacy and spacious change area with the shower door open and the outside storage, which is the largest of any Unity floorplans.

Our Unity Twin Bed is always ready for an after-lunch nap at the roadside before continuing down the road, and our favorite feature is the ability to close off the back room for privacy.

–Craig E.

No Disturbing the Other Person

One of the reasons for choosing the Unity Twin Bed was that if one of us has to get up at night, we don’t disturb the other person. The separate washroom and shower are also a bonus. We also think that the overall use of space is great.

The living area is superb, and the large fridge means fewer stops. I like the natural light that comes in the van too.

–John M.

Every Section is Easily Usable

This is a comfortable, convenient RV, and every section is easily usable. We like the separate bedroom, bathroom/shower, galley, and lounge (swivel front seats and sofa seats) areas. We also appreciate the more than ample storage inside and outside.

Some of our favorite features are the lighting, the lithium batteries, using a microwave without a generator, the separate bathroom and shower, the roomy kitchen layout, and the convenience of leveling jacks.

–Rich Y.

A Better Sleep

For an older couple, the ease of accessibility of all storage cubicles is perfect. With no slide-out, it’s easy to stop and rest anywhere with the 4-point leveling jack system.

Trips are more leisurely made. We can rest, and healthy home-cooked meals are with you. The dry bathroom and separate shower are like having a home away from home!

The twin bed means better sleep, and the first one getting up gets to spoil their spouse.

–Bryan D.

Ability to Sleep Late

The Unity Twin Bed has the most versatility of all the floorplans. It can be used as two twin beds or an extra-large king bed.

The king bed doesn’t have to be put away before leaving for the day–it can remain set up for the whole journey.

My husband likes to get up early and drive, and I get to sleep late and can emerge from my sleeping quarters whenever I want. My dog also likes to sleep in.

–Elizabeth H.

Perfect for Different Sleeping Patterns

The Unity Twin Bed offers the most sleeping area per person. No crawling over, rolling into another person, or having to fold up a bed.

We like that we don’t have a slide-out to maintain or fiddle with and that there is so much storage both inside and outside.

Some of our favorite parts are the easy and quick set-up and disconnect. We also appreciate the two separate living areas–perfect for our two different sleeping patterns.

–Frederick H.


The Unity Twin Bed is great because of its simplicity—sleeping space in the rear, a bathroom in the middle, and a living area up front. Plus, there’s individual privacy while doing different things inside the LTV.

My favorite features are the Truma system, storage in and out, easy-to-drive, and interior height.

–Richard G.

I Can Sleep In

My husband usually rises a half hour to an hour earlier in the morning than I do. He can close off the bedroom with the shower door so I can sleep in, and he can enjoy his first cup of coffee peacefully.

We find the storage capacity in the Unity Twin Bed to be more than enough. We even bring two inflatable kayaks and all their equipment without problems.

Our favorite features are the storage capacity, given the length of the vehicle. We also love that we can go anywhere and find parking or campsites that are fine for the LTV and wouldn’t be for other RVs.

–Pam D.

Needed Two Workstation Areas

Our primary motivators for choosing the Unity Twin Bed were total bed size and permanency, and we weren’t certain we wanted a slide-out option. Since we work remotely, we also needed something that had two “workstation” areas.

We love having the bed(s) always available. We take naps, work in bed, and our cat has a place to curl up during drives. The lack of a slide-out makes staying in tight or stealthy spots easier and reduces maintenance complications.

We love how much overhead storage this floorplan has (and storage in general). The pass-through storage is fantastic. Separating the front and back of the couch using the shower door has been handy for when we are both on calls or one of us is taking a nap.

–Nic B.

Exactly What We Wanted

We first saw the Unity Twin Bed when Bill Harder of Triple E turned up at one of our Western Sunsetters Rallies in 2015. It was brand new, and I believe the first year they were available.

This was exactly what we wanted, and it was the first LTV with two beds in the back. My wife told Bill that he should call us whenever he was ready to sell it. Bill called in the summer of 2016, and a deal was made. We have loved it ever since and have yet to see a floorplan we would trade it for.

Our favorite features of this floorplan are how easy it is to access the bathroom–no need to wake up your partner to use the restroom at night. We also like that we can close the bedroom for a quiet place for a mid-afternoon nap or to allow your partner to sleep in.

–Norman L.

Space for Early Rises to Sleep

I love not having a slide and appreciate all of the storage. Also, when you close off the two living areas late at night, people can separate from the early risers. The central hallway is really great, and my favorite feature is that the center bed allows our four-legged family member to be close at night.

–Allan R.

No Sleep Disruption

The Unity Twin Bed has two separate living spaces, which you can “partition” off with the door to the shower space. We love that we can get up in the middle of the night to use the “facilities” and not disturb each other!

We love the storage spaces. There is a separate compartment for everything we want to take and then very easy to find. Plus, if you have to bring formal clothes, you can hang them up in “his” and “hers” closets.

–Doug R.

Familiarity Made Our Choice

We came from a twin-bed class B van that suited us well. We chose this floorplan from LTV for familiarity and lack of slide-out.

We can get in and out of bed without disturbing each other. Now we can close the bedroom door and have coffee or work while the other sleeps.

Our favorite features are the separate shower, plenty of storage, and the length of the beds.

–Paul A.

Two People Getting Ready Is Comfortable

We ordered the Unity Twin Bed floorplan as it can be two twins or can be made into a king-size bed – making for two sleeping options! This floorplan has great storage space as we like to hike, kayak, and golf. It was a genius idea to have storage under the bed. I can easily retrieve a bottle of wine or mineral water without leaving the unit!

We often get up at 4:00 am and get on the road by 5:00 am to complete a long drive or to get out hiking before the heat sets in. Being able to hop out of bed, grab a coffee, and get moving is a real plus for active campers.

I LOVE having a separate bathroom and dry shower, as two people can get ready simultaneously. Having a door to separate the bedroom area and the dining room is critical as I work on the road. I have a portable desk that I place over the twin beds and sit on the table with a soft pillow to my back. This frees up the front area for dining, TV watching, or relaxing.

–Victoria B.

One Can Sleep Late, and One Can Be Awake

I chose the Unity Twin Bed because the rear bedroom can be closed off so one person can sleep late while the other can be up–giving us two separate areas. The sleeping arrangement is also very comfortable!

Once at your campsite, the front seats can swivel around, and you can seat four, or you’re in a good position to view the TV.

–Michael T.

The Easiest Solution

We chose the Unity Twin Bed because we wanted the easiest solution for each of us to get up at night or early morning without disturbing the other. This floorplan has been perfect for us.

We appreciate that there’s no slide to deal with when boondocking and also the fact that the bed is always ready for a night or even a quick nap at a rest stop.

The door between the sleeping and living area is great for us as we keep different schedules. He watches TV, and I read, and we both love the extra storage inside.

–Jacqueline S.

Zero Disruptions

This floorplan has a bedroom/bathroom area separated from the living/dining room by a door. The overhead storage in the bedroom is fantastic, and the OCCC is very good.

We love that the beds are always available and one person can get out of bed without disturbing the other. In the morning, I can get up, close the door, and have breakfast without disturbing my wife.

–Robert C.

Our Lab Loves the View for Naps

We were first interested in the Unity Island Bed, but it wasn’t available. So, we opted for the Unity Twin Bed configuration for the quantity of storage, ease of reaching the storage areas, and the fact that it allows for two separate living areas that can be separated with the door that covers the shower.

Because of the two separate living areas, one person can take a nap, exercise, stretch out on the bed and relax, shower and dress, use the bathroom, etc., all in privacy while the other person is using a laptop, watching TV, cooking, eating, planning, etc. in the gallery/seating area. I would not enjoy having to set up a Murphy bed every night or any time one wanted to stretch out and relax.

Our favorite features are the two separate living areas, lots of interior storage, separate shower, and toilet areas, and beds that stay in place. Our lab loves these beds for napping and having windows to watch the outside world on both sides, like watching surround movies. Actually, we love all the windows and the view outside too, especially when we have a water-view campsite!

–Joanne T.

An Option to Travel With Others

We love that the twin beds are in a separate room and can stay made up all the time–perfect for afternoon naps or privacy while showering and dressing. The twin beds allow us to travel with someone other than our spouse, and a king alteration is also a great option.

Road-tripping and sightseeing often require a nap after lunch, and with beds made up all the time, we always have a place to nap. My husband is an early riser who can get up and make coffee with the bedroom door closed.

Our favorite features are the separation of the bedroom and living area and that I’m not constantly making and un-making beds.

–Linda C.

Necessary Space for a Night Owl and Early Riser

The Unity Twin Bed allows for nighttime bathroom visits without disturbing your mate. The solid door between the two spaces also provides the necessary space for a night owl and early rise to coexist.

My favorite feature is all of the storage space.

–Jackie H.

We Can Travel with Other Family Members Comfortably

We love the convenience of having a separate sleeping area to accommodate different sleep schedules. The twin beds also allow us to travel with other family members without sharing the same bed, and we never have to worry about putting out a slide!

I love the separate sleeping area. It fits our needs well, and having a separate shower and bath is very nice! The Unity Twin Bed also offers great storage!

You can’t go wrong with any of the floorplans–they each offer something unique. The choice we made for ourselves has been the perfect choice. We love the size of the LTV. We haven’t gone anywhere we couldn’t get to in the LTV!

–StefAnn W. 

The Perfect Arrangement

We wanted a model that didn’t require setting up and taking down the bed, and we didn’t want a slide. We liked having two living areas with a door separating the two areas since my wife and I occasionally go to bed and arise in the morning at different times. We also liked the kitchen and sitting area arrangements.

In brief, the Unity Twin Bed provided the perfect arrangement for both continual travel between overnights here and there (including boondocking without shore connections). It also had sufficient room inside for extended stays at a given campsite, whether boondocking or not.

Our favorite features are the two separate living areas separated by a door, seating for four, the openness provided by the various windows, and the extensive storage facilities both inside and outside the RV.

–David M.

The Eating Area is Always Available

We chose the Unity Twin Bed mainly because of the amount of storage and flexible bed area.

The fact that the van has dedicated beds means we don’t have to pull down a bed for a quick nap when we want to stop and rest. Also, the dedicated eating area is always available, not just when the bed is up.

Our favorite features are the storage and dedicated sleeping and eating areas.

–Delia S.

The Convenience of Different Living Areas

We love the convenience of the different living areas–separate bedroom, bathroom and shower, galley, and dining/lounge area (two front swivel seats and two sofa seats). We also appreciate the ample storage and capacity of holding and freshwater tanks. The Unity Twin Bed has become very accommodating for us and our dog.

The craftsmanship and quality of this Unity model are outstanding, and we love the flow of the unit from front to back.

–Rich & Karen Y.

Optimum Opportunity for a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s so nice to sleep without disturbing your partner and having an optimum opportunity for a good night’s sleep. Another great perk of the Unity Twin Bed is lots of storage inside and out.

–Paul C.

One in the Back, One in the Front

We love the Unity Twin Bed! What we love the most is the two separate rooms for showering and sleeping with closed doors. One can have the back, and the other can have the front. It’s also so nice to have a full king-sized bed at night for two or twin beds for daytime use.

–Maureen C.

There’s an Importance of Having Your Own Space

We chose the Unity Twin Bed floorplan because it offers the option to travel with another family member or friend where they can enjoy a separate bed and living space. We liked that the rear sleeping area is separate from the forward lounge/kitchen, and we can use the shower door to divide the areas for privacy.

Having been married for over 30 years, we understand the importance of having your own space, especially when living in close quarters! The Unity Twin Bed means we can each have our own preferred bedding–I like a cozy comforter, while my husband prefers to keep it cool with just a sheet. We knew the arrangement was the most comfortable and the correct choice for us on the first trip. Even our pup has a perfect sleeping spot on the floor space between the twin beds.

Each twin bed has its own window, so we can adjust the ventilation to suit during the night. If one of us wakes early or wants to work late, we can use the forward lounge area while the other sleeps. We love that the shower door can be used as a divider for privacy and extra space (while showering or dressing) and to keep the sleeping area darkened during the day. The convenient storage above each bed is ample, and we like having our own hanging wardrobe.

–Jennifer J.

Privacy When Needed

We liked being able to close off the bedroom with the shower door for privacy–it’s like having two separate rooms. During the day, one of us can nap at rest stops without being disturbed while the other has decided to stay up.

We love the garage space, swivel cab seats, and large fridge.

–Anthony G. 

Separate Bedroom from Living Quarters

I chose the Unity Twin Bed because it didn’t have a slide-out, and the bedroom could be separated from the rest of the living quarters.

It’s comfortable for me because there is a place for everything–to cook, eat, shower, and sleep. It’s also an easy drive and is very comfy.

–Tracy S.

Coffee Without Disruptions

We each arise at different times, so I can go to the front and have coffee without disturbing my husband–I love it!

We had a large class A and driving and parking became difficult. Our Unity is just a bit bigger than a minivan, so maneuvering is a joy.

Our favorite features are the twin beds and being able to close off the bedroom from the TV viewing area–I am a reader, and Hubs is a sports fan.

–Joanne S.

A Private Sleeping Area

We chose the Unity Twin Bed because of the private sleeping area versus the dining and living space in the front. Also, we liked the option of always having a bed available for naps. The options of a king bed, two twin beds, and the additional dinette sleeping area were part of our decision too.

We have used our LTV for 100+ nights per year, and it is very comfortable for travel, sleeping, and living on the road. We always use our own bathroom and shower in the LTV. Also, we do a lot of cooking in the LTV.

Our favorite features are the options for sleeping: twin beds, king, and the dinette. We also like all the inside and outside storage, the two TVs, and the kitchen.

–Kelly W.

Our Daughter and Granddaughter Can Join Us

We had a few requirements that generated our floorplan choice—the LTV must have seat belts and sleep four so we could take our daughter and granddaughter on vacations. We also liked the split bathroom so that more than one person could get ready at once. Having two separate living areas was also key in making us feel like we had more of a home, places each of us could be in inclement weather where we could each have our own “space” at times. We purchased a used twin bed model to test drive while waiting for our 2023 to be completed!

When we traveled for an extended period in our old Free Spirit, we discovered that it was somewhat claustrophobic when we were stuck inside for many rainy days. This slightly larger LTV with 2 “rooms” gave us the space and occasional separation we needed. We considered the Unity FX because it felt bigger inside, but it didn’t have seatbelts for four, and we like that this size RV can take us anywhere, making parking and exploring a breeze.

The bathroom is great. Having a shower my tall husband can stand in is perfect. Having two swivel front seats that create a dining/living room is also a nice feature, and we love all the interior/exterior storage that the Unity Twin Bed has.

–Susan G.


Twin Beds

A Good Night’s Sleep is Important

We liked the Unity Twin Bed because we don’t have to crawl over each other to get up for those nature calls at night, but still close enough to hold hands. Getting a good night’s sleep is important, and we also have plenty of space for our stuff and our two little girls (Yorkies).

We have owned several RVs, both trailers and motor homes, and we decided that the bed is one most important things in our opinion, so when we found the LTV brand and the high quality of the RV and when we tried the twin bed that was it we finally found a great RV, and we didn’t even have to buy a new mattress the beds are very comfortable,

Overall, our favorite features are the comfort of the bedroom and storage space.

–Robert S.

No Furniture Rearrangement Necessary

Simplicity–there is no need to rearrange furniture to sleep at night or enjoy the cabin during the day. Twin bed/king bed, plus inflatable bed options, makes RVing with different travelers easy.

I am more of an explorer, rarely sitting still in one location. I often travel into the evening, choosing to boondock, and have little interest in setup and takedown chores in an RV.

My favorite features are the bedroom, bathroom, galley, and sitting areas.

–Kent W.

50+ Thousand Miles and Going Strong!

Three main reasons we like the Unity Twin Bed:

  1. On long road trips, my wife or I can comfortably nap while the other drives.
  2. It’s nice not to have to crawl over someone when you get up in the middle of the night(we’re in our late 60s…you get it)
  3. When I go fishing with a buddy, we are not sharing a bed. I like their company, but not that much!

–Rick O.

Many Options–This Was the Best

We looked at the Unity Murphy Bed, Unity Corner Bed, and Unity Twin Bed and purchased the Twin Bed. We liked how we could make it into a king and didn’t have to learn how to use a slide-out since it was our first RV.

After traveling a few times, we decided to use the twin beds because reaching the back overhead cabinets and the two drawers between the beds was easier. The storage between the inside and out was a big plus.

Our favorite features are the layout of two separate living areas and the hideaway TV in the front.

–Patty T.

Beds Are Always Ready Without Manipulation

First, we didn’t want a slide-out. We loved that each bed had a side window. The space between the two beds also allows for better circulation and much more storage in the bedroom.

This floorplan is comfortable and convenient because the beds are always ready without manipulation. It also feels more like home because the rooms are separate for sleeping and eating.

Our favorite features are the space between beds and the storage space.

–Louise F.

Two Owners Who Don’t Share A Bed

We are two owners who don’t share a bed and travel with two fair-sized dogs.

The Unity Twin Bed handles well, fits in most places, is very comfortable to sleep in, good for sitting around, has reasonable fuel mileage, and has good storage.

Our favorite features are the full-time twin beds and the fact that we can close the back off and have a good private shower and dressing area.

–Debra I.

Just Pull Back the Blankets

We loved the size and the fact that the beds required no prep to crawl in other than pulling back the blankets. The split bath is wonderful, and we can still seat four around the table up front for a meal!

It’s also so easy to drive and operate. We love that we have heat and air conditioning, a shower, a toilet, a comfy bed, and a place to make a nice meal. This Unity Twin Bed is perfect for a couple.

The feature we love the most is the ability to close off the bathroom from the front of the rig. Makes for privacy. We also love the wood in our model–it’s beautiful.

–Monica S.

My Bed is Always Ready

I chose the Unity Twin Bed for the “always down” beds with an easy dressing area and access to overhead cupboards for clothes. The mid-coach door provides separate living areas, and not having a slide-out saves weight, reduces complexity, and provides a quieter ride.

I like that I can easily “stealth camp” and not have a slide-out speeds setup and teardown of the campsite.

The mid-bed table surface is perfect for morning coffee and breakfast plates. The shelves provide transient storage for phones, wallets, and other daily “stuff.”

–Andrew B.

The convenience of Always Having the Beds Made

We chose the Unity Twin Bed for the convenience of always having the beds made and ready to use. We also love all of the storage, both inside and out, and the bath door separating the front from the back and having no slide-out works well for us.

We both can also sit and lounge very comfortably on our beds in the back to read or watch tv.

–Debbie D.

The Twin Beds Were the Biggest Selling Point

Having separate beds and no slide makes it simple to park and camp either at a boondocking site or a luxury RV campground. There’s so much storage we tend to take more things than we would ever use.

It’s easy to cook and clean up because the table is there to set up. Parking is pretty easy; if there’s space for a pickup truck, you can park this RV.

The twin beds were the biggest selling point of this model for us. Not having a slide is another bonus. The macerator pump out has been easy to use, and sanitizing has been a snap. (We have never had to winterize yet, but it looks as simple as sanitizing.)

–Carol T.

Perfect for Those Who Toss and Turn

We are both folks who toss and turn at night, so the twin beds let us sleep peacefully, and the nightstand between is perfect for the cat’s bed.

The Unity Twin Bed has just enough space to carry what we need but not too much. I love to be able to get a drink or snack without stopping.

Our favorite features are the twin beds, the bathroom, and the shower.

–Bernadette G.

Great for Seniors

Some great things about the Unity Twin Bed are the nightstand between the beds, which is nice for placing a TV controller or a clock. As senior citizens, we have to get up at night, and with twin beds, we do not have to disturb each other.

Our favorite feature is the openness for getting from front to back.

–Thomas C.

Beds Made for a Quick Nap on the Road

We love the Unity Twin Bed! We wanted to have beds made up for quick naps on the road and did not want to crawl over anyone if a bathroom break was needed. We also did not want a slide-out so we could avoid problems.

It’s nice that trips to the washroom during the night do not disturb my sleeping wife, and getting in and out of bed is easy. We know the king bed option exists but don’t use it much.

–David J.

A Great Fit for a Tall Person

I am tall and sleep differently, so the Unity Twin Bed was a good option. We also did not want a slide-out and wanted an always-ready bed when waiting for ferries.

Our favorite feature is the beds!

–Tim M.

There’s Room for Everyone

I love that I don’t have to make the beds every night and can also use the beds while driving and that we can make it one big king-size bed in case the kids are traveling with us and we want to watch TV at night. I like that the toilet is big enough for my tall family to sit on and still be able to close the door.

One of us can nap while the other is driving; we can make a separate bedroom in case a guest sleeps in the front. We can roll into bed at night without worrying that we have a lot of work to do to make the beds.

–Antoinette G.

The Beds Are Perfect for Relaxing

We like reclining on the beds with pillows while reading or computer surfing–we can do it 24/7 without making up the bedroom space and inconveniencing each other like with other models—no need to move cushions about continually and no need to climb over one’s spouse when nature calls. Yes, we sacrifice interior floor space, but it’s worth it to us.

–Rory W.

Perfect for a Snoring Spouse

We chose the Unity Twin Bed because my husband snores, having twin beds allows me to put my fan between us on the nightstand, and I can drown him out! Jokes aside, we love having the beds in the back and out of the way and having the option to go from twins to king! It’s a fantastic floorplan, as Dean would say. We absolutely love it!

I feel the beds are kept cleaner and out of the busy front of the unit. We can make the twin beds in the morning, and when we get ready for bed at night, we walk to the back and jump in!

Our favorite features are the two twin beds that can convert to a king bed and having the option to quickly make another twin in the front or even a full/queen with the optional inflatable mattress! It’s so awesome to have that option. Also, I love all the storage!

–Angela P.

Don’t Have to Pull out a Bed Every Night

We love that we can each get in and out of bed without crawling over one another or squeezing through a narrow opening. We also didn’t want to pull out the bed every night, which meant we’d have to keep the same sleep schedules morning and night. The twin bed area is also like an extra lounging space where you can stretch out on the bed–just like our sofa at home.

It feels like living at home, even though it’s just 25 square feet. Our beds are there and ready for either of us when we’re ready; it’s perfect for an afternoon rest or watching TV in bed, and we both have our own side of the bed to hop in and out of. The kitchen has all the conveniences of home and is so easy to live in, and we each have our own lounging chairs that are so comfortable–all of the comforts of home!

Our favorite features are how bright and roomy the shower is, the twin beds, the awesome bedroom storage, and the number of cupboards.

–Laraine B. 

The Perfect Floorplan for Two People

We love the individual twin beds with the nightstand between them. With these beds, we don’t disturb each other when needing to use the bathroom at night.  Also, one can sleep, and the other watching TV without disturbing the other.

We love that the beds are always made and ready to go–no folding down of anything, they’re ready to go at all times. We also like that the bedroom is in the back, and the galley and dinette are in the front–the perfect floorplan for two people.

–Robert S.

Open Without a Slide-Out

We love how open the interior is without the need for a slide-out. It’s also great that the bed is always available without opening a slide or putting it down.

We have traveled for over 20 years in 35-45 foot diesel pushers–it’s very time-consuming getting ready to go, and we took too much stuff along. The Unity Twin Bed can move in 15 minutes or less. Also, it can be driven on surface roads and streets with ease.

–Steve W.

Nap Without Bother

We loved the idea of twin beds, as at our age, someone has to get up at night, and this way will not wake up the other. We love that we can pull over anywhere for a nap if needed, and no one will bother us because of our size. Also, don’t need a tow vehicle because the LTV is small enough to park just about anywhere.

Our favorite feature is the twin beds and the storage space.

–Ken S.


The Unity Twin Bed is wonderful because we have options–we have a huge bed when it’s all one piece, but we can have two separate beds when we want. Having two separate living spaces by simply opening the shower door is a game changer. We have privacy and quiet if we want to get up early or stay up late. Not having a slide-out also appealed to us.

Changing from two beds to a giant king is simple, and the bed is very comfortable. When the weather is bad outside, we can each have our own living space and even watch two movies if we like.

–Donna J.

The Beds Are Always Available

I love that the beds are always available without opening a slide-out or making a bed. Although slides add more space, you aren’t guaranteed to find a parking spot where you can open while taking a travel break. Plus, it’s one more thing that might go wrong. I also love the two separate areas by simply closing the shower door from the kitchen.

–Lisa P.

Storage Space

Ample Storage Space In and Out

I like all the storage inside and out, plus the compactness of no slide.

This floorplan on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis is a pleasure to drive, pulling our Chevy Equinox.

We like the placement of all the controls inside and outside too. Plus, all the standard features and accessories still work after two and a half years of use.

–Dan C.

Storage Room for Golf Clubs

The storage allows for chairs, a grill, a fire pit, a screen tent, and even golf clubs. The shower door divides the living and sleeping areas, so I may be up and active in the middle of the night while my partner sleeps. It’s also easy for both of us to drive, and is comfortable for all our needs.

Our favorite feature is how perfect the overhead storage is.

–Gail C.

Chose It for Storage Capacity

We chose the Unity Twin Bed because it had the most storage. It also allowed us to access the washroom at night without inconveniencing each other.

The beds are very comfortable, and the cabin is cozy when buttoned up because of the rain and blustery weather outside.

We love that the driver and passenger chairs turn so that we can entertain another couple for dinner.

–Mike H.

We Needed the Storage Space

We decided on the Unity Twin Bed for the storage inside and out, the ability to go off-grid, the nimble handling, and the ease of fitting everywhere. Having two living areas is also a bonus and another reason we chose this floorplan.

–Mitch K.

Room for Winter and Summer Clothes

The twin beds are easy to get in and out of with my replaced knee. Plus, we travel with winter and summer clothes there is plenty of storage for all our items.

I also love having my side for all my things, and my husband has his side for all his things!

–Mary B.

Storage Space Won

When choosing a floorplan, we were stuck between the Unity Twin Bed and Unity Island Bed. Ultimately, we picked the Twin Bed because of the storage.

This is our first RV, and we are very pleased. This RV is easy to drive and more comfortable to drive than a car–I have parallel-parked it. It’s also great that the beds are always made up.

We live in our LTV three months straight in the winter and another six weeks the rest of the year, and having the two distinct living areas makes our time on the road more comfortable.

–Lyn B.

Months on the Road Requires Lots of Storage

We chose the Unity Twin Bed for the amount of storage and the flexibility of the floorplan. There are two of us and two dogs, and we are often on the road for months at a time. Having as much storage as possible is a must, and having enough room for us to sleep comfortably is also a must. The Unity Twin Bed allows for these requirements.

We often keep the table up, giving more counter space for meal prep or a quick lunch on the road. We can have the table up, the beds made, and at night rotate the seats and kickback–very comfortable and convenient.

–Alissa O.

We Weren’t Looking, but Love It

At the time, we weren’t looking for an LTV, but because of the nature of the Unity Twin Bed, we decided to order one. The interior storage was suited to our needs. We were used to good overhead storage, and having it on both sides is great. It also has good storage outside for taking along items we enjoy. We can dry camp easily when we want to as well.

I like that it does not have a slide-out; that was one of our desires when we were ready to buy a new RV. If we have to so work on computers, the table makes a good workstation.

–Sandy S.

Lots of Kitchen Storage

We chose the Unity Twin Bed because there is lots of kitchen storage, front-to-back separation, and bedroom upper cabinets. I’m five feet tall, and I can reach everything.

At 150,000 miles, we still enjoy cooking 90% of meals because of kitchen storage and also love that we can stop anytime and rest in the twin beds.

–Deborah H.

The Most Interior and Exterior Storage

At the time of purchase, the Unity Twin Bed had the most storage inside and out. Going to dog shows and horse clinics, I needed the extra storage. I love my Unity!

This floorplan allows me to travel with a friend. The other bed is also handy when traveling by myself, as the dog has her own spot. I love that you can close the door too!

My favorite features are the space for clothes and other essentials. The galley is very nice, and again, lots of storage.

–Nan F.

Yields the Greatest Inside Storage

The Unity Twin Bed yields the greatest inside storage, and the beds are easy to make up.

We travel for 3-4 months every summer, mostly staying in state and local parks. The RV’s length and width without a slide give us more camping options.

Our favorite features are the twin beds and maximum storage.

–Kenneth H.

Enough Storage for Daily Needs

It’s perfect for me—a solo traveler who hopes to have a ‘sleepover’ friend occasionally.

It’s perfectly appointed with enough storage for what I need daily; the separate shower is super helpful for storing things when I’m underway and easy to put back where needed when I get parked. Overall, the size makes driving and parking a breeze.

My favorite parts of the Unity Twin Bed are the easy access to the water tank for drainage, the way the door to the shower snaps shut to create a clean-up/dressing area with privacy even when the windshield curtain isn’t on (because I forgot to put it on yet), and love that I can turn the twin beds into a king-sized bed.

–Phyllis H.

Better and Bigger Storage

The Unity Twin Bed provides an available bed to relax at all times. After a day of driving, we like to take a short respite to recline and read or take a short nap. This floorplan also provides for better and bigger storage. The pass-through storage at the rear is great for storing long items such as golf clubs, the driver-side under-bed storage is big enough to store a spare tire, and the shoe cabinets under the front of the bed are a real plus.

It is convenient since the bed does not have to be put down and made up each night. The front side seats are ideal for working and eating.

We like that the shower door can be opened, creating two separate living areas. One can crawl into bed early, and the other can sit up and work or read without disturbing the other. Conversely, one can get up early and work, read, or eat breakfast without disturbing the late riser.

–George R.


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