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Luxury and nature meet and become one in the Wonder Rear Lounge. This floorplan features an innovative layout with two unique multi-purpose living spaces, creating a coach that easily adapts to your lifestyle and needs.

In tandem with Wonder Rear Lounge owners, we bring you a list where you’ll learn about the benefits and unique features that make this floorplan for you.

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Two Spaces

Two Spaces Are Better than One

We love that we have the ability to have two living spaces–the bedroom and the lounge. We live in our Wonder Rear Lounge full-time, so as a couple, it’s nice to have our own spaces throughout the day.

Our favorite feature is the Murphy bed.

–Hubert R.

It Just Works

For two people, it provides space for one to sit up front while the other gets to lounge in the back. Similarly, after a shower, you have privacy in the rear while one reads or prepares breakfast up front–it just works!

You can also leave the bed down on a travel day but still have seating up front. When the bed is away, you don’t feel the bedroom occupying a lot of the van’s space.

–Diane S.

Our First Choice

The Wonder Rear Lounge was our first choice by a long shot. We love the diversity of truly having two living spaces. Plus, we love the flexibility of having two sleeping areas since we have grandchildren on the way. Another selling point for us was the dual windows on the camp side of the RV–we love it!

We love having our own bed/bath that no one else has access to. That is a big plus for us with RVing. Hotels are simply not clean enough for us. We go at our own pace and set our own schedule.

Our favorite feature is the versatility of the Wonder Rear Lounge. We love the two living areas, the Murphy bed, the dual windows on the camp side, and the dry bath.

–Mark E.

The Privacy is Appreciated

We loved the privacy that someone in the rear lounge could have while the early riser could be in the front working or preparing breakfast.

We’ve found that we can have two different schedules during our trips with one remaining in bed longer while the other person doesn’t have to worry about lights shining on the one in bed while in the front. Or someone can be outside longer and not worry about turning on the lights for the person that is already in bed.

Having the shower door close off the rear lounge creates a larger area to get dressed while others may be sitting in the front galley area. Also, having two televisions and being able to finish a movie in bed instead of having to watch it in the front of the RV.

–Bradley O.

The Convenience of Having a Bedroom

I chose the Wonder Rear Lounge for the convenience of having a bedroom setup along with the diner area, plus the door separating the two specific spaces. The living room and dining area in pair are also a nice advantage in bad weather.

One can continue to sleep a little more while the other gets active for breakfast. Also, having the bedroom at the rear leaves all the rest of the space available. The large space at the rear enables the presence of large windows.

As said earlier, my favorite features are the bed at the rear of the RV, but also the separate shower from the toilet area is a great feature of convenience.

–Leo L.

Everything Needed in a Small Footprint

I chose the Wonder Rear Lounge because the comfortable rear lounge area is separate from the kitchen area and because the Murphy bed is an easy way to have a bed that is easy to set up at night but out of the way during the day.

This floorplan has everything I need in a small footprint and fits a ton of day guests when necessary.

–Todd M.


We chose this floorplan for the flexibility it provided by offering two different rooms in the back with either the lounge or bed option. We also liked the two separate rooms as I get up much earlier than my wife and it allows me to relax in the front while she continues to sleep.

To us this makes the RV seem so much bigger by having a place to lounge and relax during a travel day and sleep at night.

Besides the rear lounge/Murphy bed, we really like the additional counter space provided by the fold-down counter.

–Mark W.

More Living Space

The reason we chose the Wonder Rear Lounge was for more living space by having two separate areas.

There are two great reasons we love this floorplan:

  1. My wife works remotely and having two separate living areas provide privacy while she is working and a comfortable space for me.
  2. Separate the cooking/dining room from the living room to read or watch TV–great view out the window too!

Our favorite feature is the shower door which can be opened to provide complete privacy.

–Tom B.

For the One Late to Bed and Up with the Sun

My wife sleeps very little, so she’s late to bed and up with the sun. I can’t seem to stay asleep so I need many hours in bed just to get a good 8 hours of sleep. So we chose the Wonder Rear lounge–to get two separate living areas to accommodate our different schedules.

While I’m sleeping (or trying to sleep), my wife can do what she wants in the living room and kitchen, with a closed door between us.

Our favorite features are the separate rooms, the absence of a bed always in the way, a room dedicated to relaxing during the day and dedicated to sleeping at night, and the ability for one person to shower while the other person is using the toilet or vanity.

–Jim R.

Great for Roadtrips With Friends

I chose the Wonder Rear Lounge for the two living areas and the two sleeping areas. Also, I can transport four people with seatbelts. I like to sit in the rear lounge and look out the large windows at the beautiful surroundings.

The two separate areas allow me to get up early in the morning and not disturb the other half. Also if I take a friend on a trip there are two separate sleeping areas.

–Kirk R.

Great for Separate Schedules

The reason for choosing the rear lounge model is the possibility of obtaining a dual use of space and enjoying a completely independent room.

When a couple lives together in a small vehicle, they do not always have the same schedule or sleep routine, the Wonder Rear Lounge allows us to obtain a little independence like having a two-room apartment!

It also allows the couple to obtain a quiet rest area in the rear lounge to read or watch TV or simply enjoy a superb view outside with the double window. Everything is ingeniously thought out!

–Robert L.

Multiple Living and Sleeping Spaces

We absolutely love the ability for multiple living and sleeping spaces–so incredibly flexible.

Being able to have the bed available for one of us to sleep comfortably while the other is driving on long trips is awesome! The flexibility to have sleeping and living spaces depending on where we are or what we are doing is unparalleled. Plus, the huge window is a hit with our dogs—they get to enjoy the trip as much as we do!

Our favorite feature is the Murphy bed—use it when we need it, but extra living space when we don’t. We also love that there is lots of light with all the windows!

–Sue R.

Space for Drawing or Knitting

We liked the extra seating and the two sections of living space.

We enjoy being able to have our separate spaces for computer work or drawing, or knitting, and we like the big windows in the back.

The rear lounge is so versatile–we put the bed up each morning in less than 20 seconds, so no bother.

–Craig T.

We Can Enjoy Our Own TV Shows

We chose the Wonder Rear Lounge specifically for the two separate living areas, each with its own TV.

I like to sleep in, and my husband is an early riser. In the morning, he goes to the kitchen, has his coffee, reads, and doesn’t disturb me at all. In the evening, he likes to watch documentaries and sports, and I watch my own shows in the lounge. When the bed is up the lounge, it’s a lovely place to relax.

Our favorite features are the rear lounge to relax and watch tv and enjoy the view through the large windows.

–Karen B.

The Rear Lounge

Unobstructed Views

We love the unobstructed views that we get through the rear lounge windows. In addition, it’s awesome to be able to have our meal in the rear lounge and catch the ball game in our entertainment center. Finally, the spacious storage underneath the Rear Lounge seats allows us to stow away tools, a step stool, and cleaning supplies.

The Murphy bed folds down into a very comfortable bed for us both. We added a topper to make it even more comfortable. This space also doubles as a living room where we can entertain guests.

In addition to having the rear lounge double as a living room and bedroom, our floorplan provides us with a spacious shower, separate bathroom, and a kitchen that allows room to maneuver and create a fabulous dining experience for ourselves and our guests.

–David T.

Blown Away

When I first watched the video for the Wonder Rear Lounge on YouTube with Dean, I was blown away by the beauty of the materials and light coming into the living space. I could picture myself laying in that large Murphy bed, looking out the massive side window at the ocean or forest. Plus, having a comfortable space to work during the day and still being able to look out at nature sold this for me.

There are two completely separate spaces in the unit when you close the center door, so if I need to work while my partner is in the unit, we can have our own space. Small touches like the Dometic refrigerator that opens in both directions make things a little easier. The bed was larger and more comfortable than we expected. The window covers also do an excellent job of blocking all the light out, so we have found that we sleep very well at night.

The rear lounge area is my favorite place to relax during the day. If we have bad weather while camping, we can still open all the windows and enjoy the scenery and sounds while we are warm and comfortable inside. I even like to leave a youtube video of a crackling fireplace in the back while I work for extra ambiance–it’s especially nice when the rain is coming down.

–Jessica C.

Love at First Sight

I right away fell in love with the large windows in the lounge that look into our camp spot. Traveling with two Poodles underfoot and staying mainly in Canada, even through the winter, meant needing indoor space to enjoy. The Wonder Rear Lounge gives you room to work, relax, and get everyone out of your kitchen when you cook.

Being able to get up earlier than my husband and take the dogs out, make coffee, and work on my laptop is a plus with having the two zones by closing the shower door. Plus, the pantry also pulls out to become an impromptu dog gate!

Our favorite features are the large windows in the rear lounge, being able to quickly close the bed up, and having a spacious couch/ recliner. We also like that the bed is not right by the door, being able to close the shower door, open the bathroom door and have a changing room that is private.

–Joanne P. 


Light and Bright

We loved how light and bright the Wonder Rear Lounge was inside, with the large window facing our campground. We loved the lounge area with a TV positioned nicely for comfortable viewing. We liked that it ran on gas, not diesel and that it didn’t have a slide, yet it felt very roomy. We liked the wider wardrobe and drawers in the Wonder versus the Unity.

We love that there is no slide because it allows us to sleep without opening a slide and provides a faster setup/take-down at sites. The kitchen area is very practical and provides plenty of room for meal preparation with the drop-down countertop extension. The lounge area and the Murphy bed are both quite comfortable.

Our favorite features are the ability to use the shower for additional storage–a wonderful surprise. The solid shower door keeps extra storage out of sight, but when open it provides a lot of privacy in the lounge area. I love the many triangle storage places installed all over the coach–they are so handy for so many items helping to keep the coach tidy. Loading the RV is easy because heavy loads can be slowly stepped into the RV: first put at the top of the steps, then move to a chair, then to the countertop.

–Margaret H.

More Room to Have Our Own Space

Our reason for deciding to go with the Wonder Rear Lounge was because there was more room. It’s comfy and beautiful! We like that we can either be in front or back and can have our own space. The bed is also super comfortable. Most of all, we just love how big this floorplan feels.

–Eileen V.



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