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Editor’s Note: The views, recommendations and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Leisure Travel Vans.

The Wonder Rear Twin Bed was designed for adventure and completely reimagines what’s possible in a sub-25-foot floorplan. This floorplan offers a separate bedroom at the rear with convertible twin beds that can be joined to create one large bed. To add to the adventure, you’ll find a pass-through garage that’s loved by many owners and could be the cherry on top for you.

Wonder Rear Twin Bed owners are passionate about their spaces and together with them, we bring you a list that can become an inspiration to you and may help guide your decision on a floorplan.

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Abundant Storage

Room for All Our Gear

We chose the Wonder Rear Twin Bed for the rear storage space and to be able to close the bedroom from the dining area so the spouse can sleep longer.

We like that we can take all our gear along like a portable fridge, BBQ, lawn chairs, and much more.

–James C.

Smart Storage for Bikes

The presence of the garage was a very important element for placing our foldable electric bikes inside. Also, lots of storage under the mattresses. This has the effect of contributing to better driving since the gravity threshold is lower. In addition, we did not want to increase the length of the RV by adding bikes to the trailer hitch of another model.

Divided space for sleeping and the front of the vehicle allows flexibility in activities inside the RV. Allows to use the two seating areas in the kitchen to easily add an extra place to sleep. The presence of a total of four seat belts is very, very important when choosing the configuration of the RV.

My favorite feature is the much larger garage space with a sliding drawer.

–Michel V.

Secure Space for Possessions

I chose this floorplan because of the rear garage. The garage holds all my camping equipment and my e-bike. The space under the beds for clothing and other storage is exceptional and I really like the hanging closet. I like being able to close off the bedroom as well to have separate living and sleeping spaces.

The convenience of having all my possessions safely secured in locked compartments has been reassuring and made for confidence on the road when driving and camping.

I love the two beds and how they both lift for underneath storage. I also like how they easily combine to become a queen size bed. I really like the slide-out in the garage to access the things I need for daily use.

–Sharon V.

The Bike Garage Stole Our Hearts

Our reason for choosing the Wonder Rear Twin Bed was for the bicycle garage! Once the two bikes are in, there is still abundant room for chairs, a Blackstone griddle, outdoor shelter, tools, a compressor, camp tables, and more. Additionally, the under-bed storage is vast and the Ford Transit chassis is great.

Our favorite features are the bike garage and under-bed storage.

–Peter K.

The Storage Garage is the Main Feature

The storage garage is the main feature of this floorplan. We like the separate bedroom with permanent beds.

With the garage, I can take everything I need and something that I don’t need. The separate bedroom allows one person to go to bed or get up before the other.

With the beds being next to the windows, it provides great ventilation while sleeping.

–Jack R.

Better Golf Club Storage

We chose the Wonder Rear Twin Bed because, in our last trailer, our golf clubs had to live in the shower. Not so here! We also really like the “dressing room” that can be made by opening the shower door.

When we travel it’s about what we can bring with us and how easy meal times can be. The under-the-bed closets are surprisingly large and convenient, and the kitchen counter extension makes food preparation easy.

Our favorite feature in this unit is the amazing outdoor storage! Two sets of golf clubs and bikes can join us on our travels. We also love that the unit is very small, but has two living areas. Hubby can nap or watch TV on the bed while I knit or read in one of the chairs.

–Chris C.

Room for the “Toys”

We chose the Wonder Rear Twin Bed because of the large pass-through storage area in the rear of the coach. I can store all of my “toys” in the large exterior compartment and do not need to store them inside the coach. The “toys” are easily accessible and can be secured via lockable doors on both sides of the coach.

My favorite features are the large pass-through storage area in the rear of the coach, the slide-out tray in the pass-through storage area, the fold-down extension to the kitchen counter, the deep kitchen sink, the amount of USB charge ports, the shoe storage area in the entranceway, and the corner storage shelves in the bathroom.

–Dale J.

Safe E-Bike Storage

The Wonder Rear Twin Bed was the best decision because of the rear garage! While we also like the two separate areas for eating and sleeping, it was the garage that sold us. We travel with two expensive e-bikes that are safe from prying eyes and never pick up the road grime that happens even with protective covers.

Our favorite feature is again, the garage to store bikes but also things like a grill, a Blackstone, and various tools all of which are out of the way but easily accessible.

–Bill M.

Clean and Locked up Bike Storage

We chose the Wonder Rear Twin Bed because of the bike garage and because we didn’t have to make a bed every night.

It’s really nice that our bikes are with us, clean and locked up, and the beds are made all the time and ready to go.

One of our favorite features is the door that blocks the bedroom and living space.

–Michele S.

The Only Floorplan With Storage Like This

This is the only floorplan with a rear garage for bikes. We also believe the rear bedroom area is best for us, I get up much earlier than my wife. To add to all of that, the under-bed storage is quite generous!

Having bikes secured in a garage is a huge peace of mind. The rear bedroom is great, not only when I get up early in the morning, but also in the evening when sometimes we each want our own space (e.g. one person wants to read and the other wants to watch TV or Facetime with friends).

Our favorite features of the Wonder Rear Twin Bed are the pass-through garage, rear bedroom, and under-bed storage.

–Michael G.

Optimum Storage

Our purchase was based on the introductory video given by Dean and the team. We felt that this floorplan provided optimum storage and ease of access for every part of the onboard facilities. Having our beds set up all the time is a huge convenience. I still think it’s the perfect layout to date.

Having twin beds in the rear separated by the shower door creates space for living and sleeping, the twin beds avoid late-night interruptions between sleepers, and the extra garage storage is a huge plus as we tend to pack in a lot of stuff!

The under-the-bed storage space is outstanding as well as the pass-through garage space storage. Allowing for the option to extend the bed space from twin to queen is a plus, though we have never deemed it necessary.

–Franklin B.

Plenty of Cargo Capacity

We chose this floorplan because of its inherent spaciousness and added storage capacity. The dry bath and separate shower are exceptionally handy and comfortable. The galley with its enhanced storage and comfortable sitting area up front was also a selling point.

We appreciate not having to convert the sleeping area (twin beds) to something else, ie: a Murphy bed or lounge seating. Much more convenient not having to do that, and we don’t have the added mechanical complexity of a slide-out floorplan with a potential failure point.

Both inside and exterior storage spaces make extended trips and outings a lot more convenient and possible. The garage storage compartment is extraordinary, and we have plenty of cargo capacity to handle it effectively.

–Thomas C.

Room for Anything

The Wonder Rear Twin Bed was the way to go for us because of the separate living areas and outside storage. The outside storage allows room for anything we need, including a grill, chairs, and bikes.

–Gerald M.

The Garage Was Our Attraction

The garage was our big attraction, plus the twin beds. We love the fact that we can leave our bikes in a secure dry location when traveling.

The Wonder Ford Transit is a dream to drive, which adds even more fun to the trip. The freedom we have with solar panels and generator are endless.

Our favorite features are the garage, twin beds, pantry, and extra pull-down counter space.

–Catherine I.

Room for All of the Essentials

Love the rear garage with the slide-out bike tray–we take our two Magnum e-bikes on almost every trip. The rest of the garage holds the BBQ, gas fire bowl, leveling blocks, and other camping equipment.

The twin beds in the back make it easy to get up late to use the bathroom without disrupting my partner’s sleep, and the under-bed storage holds all our clothing and camera gear, a small Viair compressor, and walking poles.

Our favorite features are the rear garage, good mileage, good handling, and more options on the road for service.

–Lee S.

A Secure Spot

Since we do a lot of biking while traveling, I wanted a “garage” for our two bikes. The Wonder Rear Twin Bed offers a closed, secured space for it. I feel very secure knowing that my bikes are inside, well protected when I am on the road or when I stop for a visit to a city or a tourist site.

–Andre G.

Easy to Store and Find Anything You Need

We chose this floorplan primarily for the “garage” storage. The second reason was the ability to split the front of the house from the back of the house with the shower door. The third was the rear twin bed area with all of its storage underneath. Finally, the shower is separate from the toilet and vanity.

This floorplan has been comfortable, firstly because the mattress is very comfortable, and our two Miniature Australian Shepherds would agree. Second, the storage in the Wonder Rear Twin Bed makes it easy to store and find anything you need after initially organizing everything. There is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Our favorite features are the pull-out garage, the twin bed/queen bed alternative, and the under-bed storage. We also really like being able to separate the front from the back by opening the shower door. Another feature we really enjoy is the drop-down countertop.

–Paul M.

Separate Living Spaces

Secure and Relaxing

My wife passed eight years ago, so I travel solo quite a bit. However, I do invite my brother and son on some trips and wanted them each to have their own comfortable bed. I wanted permanent beds and not fold-out beds for that.

I love how you can close the shower door and make two rooms of comparable size in such a small RV. When closed, the bedroom feels quite secure and relaxing, especially with the rear TV set.

My favorite features are the separation of bedroom and living space, the sufficiently large enough space for a bathroom and shower, I love being able to play videos on front and rear TVs, and I really like the color schemes both outside and inside. You also can’t forget how amazing the large garage is.

–Fred H.

Perfect for Traveling with a Partner

I love the separate bedroom in the rear. It means when traveling with a partner, one can retire early, or get up early, close the door, and your partner can go on about their day upfront. The garage is also fabulous–so much storage!

–David D.

Sleep and Dine Separately

Love the two separate areas–the bed and kitchen area can be separated by the shower door. I also love the awesome outside storage area for our foldable electric bikes!

–Mike K.

Feels Like A Small Cabin

I wanted the bedroom to be separate from the living space. Loved the extra garage space associated with this floorplan. I needed two separate beds for when I have a guest on the trip. I also love the second TV that can be watched while sitting or lying in bed.

Closing the bathroom door at night makes this space feel really like a small cabin, less like a road vehicle. Keeping the living space dedicated to living and not a mixed theme makes being on the road very comfortable. I also wanted to keep the beds available all the time and have to decide between having the bed out or a kitchen table.

My favorite features are the refined appearance of the living space, which does not look like a cheap RV. I also really like the extra counter space when the board is lowered into place, the huge garage space, the Ford Transit chassis with its attendance extra power, lower maintenance costs, and the ready availability of Ford service centers.

–Fred H.

We Can Shut off One Side

We liked the Wonder Rear Twin Bed for the separate twin bed area and the separate shower and bath arrangements. The additional fold-down countertop extension is great for food prep and as a space to dry dishes. Also love the pull-out pantry.

Having the rear twin beds with the ability to shut off the front of the van is great for providing two separate living spaces. Nice that the lagoon table can be located in the front or back as needed. Love being able to pull over anytime to sleep or prepare lunch, have the windows open and the skylight open for fresh air anywhere a scenic area comes along.

The Wonder has been a wonderful getaway home on wheels for short or long trips and for making additional space for guests who visit at our sticks and bricks home or for us to camp at our children’s homes without disrupting their lives. Lots of storage inside and out also means we always have our necessities on hand.

–Sue B.

Perfect for Working and Napping at the Same Time

The big draw for us with the Wonder Rear Twin Bed was putting our folding e-bikes in the garage (along with a great deal of other stuff). We haven’t found any other RV of this size or even bigger where you can store bikes out of sight yet easily accessible.

The Rear Twin Bed floorplan provides two living spaces, allowing one person to work in the front while the other naps or works in the rear, and you don’t have to make up the bed to head out on the road.

Clearly, the garage is our favorite feature. E-bikes, golf clubs, and more are all out of sight.

–Drew M.

Rear Twin Beds

Some of the Best Night Sleeps

We decided to go with the Wonder Rear Twin Bed because of the separate beds with the toilet separate from the shower, we also didn’t want a slide-out. This floorplan has been some of the best night sleeps we’ve ever had in an RV!

Our favorite features are the two beds, split toilet and shower, and the large outside garage storage.

–Lisa H.

Beautifully Designed

The Wonder Rear Twin Bed is for us because the beds are always available and made up, they can be converted into a larger bed and can be “isolated” from the rest of the RV.

All the basics are beautifully designed and manufactured into everything you need to travel and see the sights. While it’s still a large vehicle, you can get to most places in this size of RV.

Our favorite features are obviously the rear twin beds, separate toilet and shower, ventilation, appearance, ability to close off the bedroom from the rest of the RV, and a large amount of storage.

–Richard S. 

Everything at Our Fingertips

We loved the idea of twin beds that could be placed together if wanted. It’s also nice having privacy in our bedroom area. The garage area is also perfect for us–we love the pull-out tray, so convenient.

Everything is literally at our fingertips. Our twin beds are extremely comfortable. We are completely self-contained. We are able to scoot into regular parking lots along with scenic overlooks.

Our favorite features are the twin beds and bedroom privacy.

–Allana J.

No Day to Night Change Over

Several reasons drove us to this floorplan:

  1. No slide-out makes it easy to park along a street or in a simple parking lot incognito.
  2. Garage for sports toys and glamping items.
  3. Large cargo capacity.
  4. Two separate, permanent beds to not disturb the partner during the night when using the washroom.

We find this floorplan comfortable and convenient because we don’t have to switch over from daytime to nighttime with permanent beds. There is also more than enough room in the kitchen for cooking.

Overall, our favorite feature is the twin beds.

–Daniel G.

Ease of Entry and Exit

We chose the Wonder Rear Twin Bed for the rear garage at first, but the main reason is, being elderly and my wife somewhat disabled, we required the twin bed to ease entry and exit. Considering we are an elderly couple, it’s also great to always have our bathroom with us on the road.

Our favorite features of this floorplan are the dry bath and separate living and sleeping areas.

–Ron M.


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