“Lets Wine A Bit” Paso Robles, CA Rally

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The rally at Wine Country Resort was simply an amazing experience.

It was a dream rally. The countryside and natural surroundings, the weather, the participants and the RV Resort amenities were exceptional. This resort may become one of our Club’s “regularly scheduled” RV rallies. We all converged around the same time on Monday, May 16th. Watching everyone park their units went so smoothly that it appeared to be coordinated in advance. Fourteen units lined up precisely in a single row much like airplanes at an airport. This pack of LTVs seemed to dwarf the behemoth-sized Class A units across the way. Some of the Class A owners were so impressed that they stopped by to say hello.

As each LTV completed their set up, a greeting happened that was so natural. It was as if we were all at a family gathering even though most of us had not met before. It was apparent that the RV spirit was at a tremendous high, not surprising as we’ve experienced it may times before with LTV owners. It seems that LTV owners are naturally high-spirited individuals, especially when gathering at these rallies.


Later that afternoon we converged at Dennis & Darleen’s Unity (D&Ds) for happy hour followed by a pot luck dinner. The rally spirit strengthened with conversations about our RV experiences.

Over the next two days we arranged for a group tour of three local wineries: Opolo, Justin, and J. Lohr. The next day we visited to the town of Paso Robles. A few took the short drive out to visit Hearst Castle. All these arrangements were made possible thanks to the efforts of a few people who took the lead organizing and communicating the events. They provided an enjoyable sampling of the Paso Robles experience.


A highlight of the rally, was a camp fire chat at George and Aileen’s site. We had the opportunity to meet an LTV owner that was not originally part of this rally. They just happened to be visiting the resort and were parked near us. It was also an opportunity for George Ormsby and me to share with the group about the Southwest Roadrunners and the LTV owners fall rally. Our last evening together ended with a second pot luck dinner at Jeannice Middaugh’s camp site. We enjoyed the finest dishes prepared by some very talented culinary experts.

We once read that RV travel is rewarding beyond expectations. The freshness of the experience and the opportunities for learning and personal growth abound, but some of the greatest benefits come about from its challenges. Hardly a routine is established before it is modified. We all shared our personal experiences throughout this rally and the topics seemed endless. It was evident that this regular state of flux seems to enliven even the most mundane everyday experiences. Regular travel also requires considerable energy and focus, which can be exhausting but is frequently offset by inspiration. LTV owners seem to naturally stir up the senses and push their personal boundaries and beliefs. For Darleen & me, now nearly three years on the road, our RV adventures have served marvellously as a rejuvenating period of growth and experience.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said it well:

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with friendship.”

The Adventure Lives On!


Dennis & Darleen Thorig are retired, free and on the road 1-2 months at a time and travel in a 2014 Unity MB. We’ve driven over 30,000 miles visiting national parks, family and friends. Destinations include Maine, North Caroline, Florida Keys and Canada.



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