Making New Friends the LTV Way

Shari Froemming
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When my husband & I purchased our Leisure Travel Van Unity IB in April of 2016, we knew we were in for may adventures. What we didn’t know was how many new friends we would make from all over the US & Canada.

We wanted to join a chapter in the LTV family. There wasn’t any in Nebraska where we live. We attended the Annual Rally in Winkler, Manitoba Canada last September. Not only did we meet so many new friends, but we were invited to join a chapter. Shortly after joining I became the chapter head.

Now I am in charge of the Midwest LTVers chapter, a 6 state area of fellow LTV owners. So I was excited to plan our first event. I wanted to make it as central as possible so we could have as many members attend. I decided on the Lewis & Clark Recreational Area in Yankton, South Dakota. WOW! This was the perfect weekend. The weather was great. I couldn’t have picked a better weekend! We arrived Thursday and there was no one there but our chapter!

Midwest LTVers First Rally

We had 9 coaches in attendance. We got a lot of looks from the people that would drive by. Even the park ranger stopped to talk to us. When you see all the same coach, you know something fun is going on! And we had a LOT of fun!

After we all arrived on Thursday, we gathered by the fire and got to know each other. We shared where we were from, questions about our coaches and then had designer S’mores. Our recipe is regular s’mores added maraschino cherries, our mint s’mores were replacing the regular chocolate with an Andes mint…YUM! I also had questions that we passed around… things like, “what is your favorite place you traveled in your LTV, what is your best organizational tip, what is your favorite food to take on trips” etc. So much fun!

Sharing tips and tricks

Friday and Saturday we spent chatting, bike riding, taking walks, seeing the local sights and even eating rattle snake. EEK! Yes, someone actually brought rattle snake for us to share. We also had fire oven waffles one morning. We enjoyed meals together and always had a nightly fire with great conversations and more S’mores!

We also had “rig tour” where we all went coach to coach seeing how they outfitted it (inside and out) and what cool things they did to organize and outfit their coach. We had 2 Murphy Beds, 3 Island Beds, 1 Twin Bed, a Serenity, a Free Spirit and a Flex. It was great to see the different floor plans and what we all have done with them. The “boys” even got a lesson on how to get bugs off your paint from my husband Stacey.

Everyone was so good about helping each other and giving great tips. We all started out as 18 strangers and left as 18 new friends! This was an amazing rally and I can’t wait for our next one!



Shari Froemming

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