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About Us

For the past 26 years, Janet and I have made our home and business endeavors in Dallas, TX. We love Dallas for its down-home feel while still being a metropolis with amazing culture, food, and people. We also live within 15 minutes of DFW Airport, giving us an outlet to the rest of the world.

One of our main hobbies is keeping our bodies as fit as possible so that we can enjoy traveling, doing outdoor activities, and keeping up with our two dogs, Roxie and Gracie.

After getting into the RV world with my Leisure Travel Van, I quickly found a few products I had wished existed. While creating a new job for myself was not the goal, I started an RV accessory business – Pagosa Supply Co.

Land, Air, and Sea – Why We Chose Land Travels

Traveling has always been our passion and we are fortunate our business has come to a point where it doesn’t need us daily any longer, affording us the time to hit the road.

Pre-pandemic, we enjoyed going overseas, seeing our friends in the UK, and visiting all of the histories of Europe. However, while we love traveling via air, we made the realization that we were robbing ourselves of amazing adventures by flying over most of what the world has to offer.

One of our most memorable experiences was renting a cruising boat (basically a two-bedroom RV on water) and navigating the River Thames from Windsor to Oxford. ( Cruising along the Thames with magnificent views of the English Countryside and estates is absolutely magical. Operating the many lochs and tying off on a bank in a village to eat dinner in a pub is an experience never forgotten. It’s a must-do for anyone going to the UK and this really got our RV fever started.

No One Gets Left Behind, Not Even The Dogs

When it comes to our style of RVing, we love to mix it up. Boondocking at a Harvest Host or BLM land is one of our favorites, but we also love to be in a nice RV park that has things like a dog park and full hookups.

Having our Leisure Travel van has allowed us to travel with our dogs, who are ecstatic about their RV life. Traveling before the LTV encompassed having dog sitters at our home to take care of the pups. Now they get to go with us and give us even more reason to hike trails, walk the small town sidewalks, and enjoy the experience even more.

How Our LTV Has Impacted Our Lives

Being able to take off at a moment’s notice, not having to worry about booking flights, or hotels is very freeing. It’s really empowered s to travel more, whether just a day trip or multi-week trek across the country. I’ve also learned so much about the different systems of the RV, like electrical, plumbing, and even generator maintenance. But the best thing RV life has given us is seeing things we never would have seen and meeting people we would have never met.

Favorite Travel Destinations

Creede, Colorado

A 2020 Unity FX in a camp spot

Creede is set in the San Juan National Forest and is surrounded by beauty. Fly fishing, hiking, and sightseeing are abundant.

Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is packed with things to do, places to see, and quaint German towns to visit. Our favorite is Fredericksburg where the charm and people will make you visit time and time again.

Brandon and Janet Hensley’s

2020 Unity FX

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Brandon & Janet Hensley

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