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I’m 56 years old and still working, but looking to retire in 3 years time. I work for a company called Rio Tinto, in the aluminium division, acting as a RioExpert in power electrical systems, specifically for strategic development projects. I provide electrical advice to Rio Tinto businesses all around the world. I am proudly married to my wife of 36 years and father of two daughters, now 29 and 27 years old. One is living in Vienna, Austria (that has created a big travel opportunity!), and the other lives in Quebec City, Canada. I am active in sports such as biking, running, and kitesurfing to keep me in shape! I was recently selected to be a member of the LTV Navigators Council, something that fills me with pride. My goal is to make friends, meet people, share experiences, and have fun all around the world!

Our Journey to LTV Ownership

We started camping in 1999 with a fifth-wheel trailer and a pick-up truck. We travelled this way for many years when the kids were young, mainly along the east coast from New York City to Virginia Beach, enjoying the warmer temperatures. We stopped RVing for a couple of years as our daughters grew older, installing the trailer permanently on a campsite and selling the truck. But, we missed travel and so we acquired a cargo trailer for small trips close to home. At that time, we were not ready yet to buy a motorhome – too many years before retirement!

We started looking at different motorhome brands in 2017. Our goal was to buy without compromise, and get it right the first time. So, we visited many websites and different shows, analyzing characteristics, models, construction quality, floor plans, and so on. In July 2019, we place our order for a 2020 Wonder RTB, fully equipped, and took delivery in May 2020. We truly believe that LTV RVs are the best RV built in North America.

How RVing Continues to Impact Our Life

Living in small space for long periods of time has helped us to see material things differently. We consider what we need, what we love, what we want to bring with us. This impacts our actual home life, where we also get rid of things we don’t use.

As soon as we jump into our LTV, there is nothing more important than hitting the road. We love every style of travelling; it doesn’t matter how long or short the trip, it is always rewarding. However, if there is one style of RVing that we enjoy the most, it is boondocking.

An unexpected thing that we love about travelling with our LTV is that many people approach us to ask questions about our coach, commenting on how beautiful and well-built it appears. We love discovering new places and new people, living almost free. Looking ahead, we have a retirement plan to travel in our LTV for at least 5 years. We think we can achieve it if we are well-prepared and experienced before this time comes.

2019 Wonder Rear Twin Bed in Graphite 2019 model shown.
Daniel Gauthier’s


2020 Wonder RTB

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Daniel Gauthier

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