Top Campgrounds & RV Parks in the Western United States

We are excited to introduce the very first Leisure List – The Top Campgrounds in the Western United States, submitted by our very own LTV owners. A special thanks for everyone who submitted these listings! Don’t miss our listings of the top campgrounds and RV parks in the Northeastern United StatesMidwestern United StatesSouthern United States, and Canada.

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Cover Photo: Dana Curtis

Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah

The Evergreen Leisures

The most unusual thing that happened to us is finding Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah. We were on I-70 on our way to Zion National Park. We stopped in to gas up. It was around 6:00 p.m. so I decided to check the Garmin for camping in the area. MYSTIC 2There was the listing, Monroe Mystic Hot Springs. I called to see if they had any sites available -they did. The owners described it as “funky, but functional”. Tom and I decided that we could do funky so off we went. Now if you want a luxurious resort, this is not it. However, the place has a quite a story. If you were ever a “Deadhead”, this place was made for you. We thought we had fallen into the middle of a commune — no kidding. There were a few sights with hook ups, but many sites were in disrepair. There was a line up of buses, “hippy” buses, like you would see in the 60’s and 70’s.

The owner, a “deadhead” himself, thought he would like to give people a chance at the hippie experience. He collects the buses and fixes them up so people can stay in them. He also collects old prairie homesteads. He has a field of them in various states of disrepair. However, he does have two that he has fixed up and rents out for the “pioneer” experi- ence. Mystic 3This place is very funky but worth a stop. The hot springs were lovely and Tom and I spent a wonderful evening soaking as we star gazed. Oh, by the way, it is not a commune and the rules about using the hot springs are very strict. If you dry camp, you will love this place and you may be lucky enough to have full hook ups.