Fort Robinson Crawford NE

Spring Rally Sunday, June 2 – Friday, June 7th – Fort Robinson in Crawford, NE
Join us for the Midwest LTVer’s Spring Rally to NEBRASKA! We want to show you part of our state. The dates are Sunday, June 2 – Friday, June 7th (check out). We will be going to Fort Robinson State Park in Crawford, NE. This is well known for the place that Crazy Horse died.

This is in the upper west part of Nebraska. This park has trail rides, historic tours, stagecoach rides, bison viewing, restaurants, buffalo stew cookouts, train ride tour, jeep tours just to name a few.
It is also in driving distance to Agate Fossil Bed & Carhedge. I will work on places to go and things to do in the upcoming months.

I have booked our site already at It is the Soldier Creek Campsite. We are at site 019 SC. The site is $20 a night and we will be there 5 nights. There is an NE park permit fee of $30 for those of us who live in Nebraska, out of state is $45. It is good for the year, so if you stay at any other Nebraska State Parks you will be good with this permit.

If you register, please email me at [email protected] and let me know your site number so we know how many people are coming. Hope you can join us.

Fall in Door County

When I heard fall was a great time to go to Door County Wisconsin to see beautiful foliage, I knew I needed to plan a trip for our group, the Midwest LTVers. It did not disappoint!

What I didn’t anticipate was a little cooler weather then normal. But it’s ok, I thought, perfect campfire weather. But I forgot about with cooler weather we might need to winterize. So we just made sure everyone brought some RV antifreeze to winterize, just in case. Fortunately, we didn’t need to do that.

Our journey started as we headed up to Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin the 2nd week in October where we stayed at Potawatomi State Park and spent the next 7 days. The fall beauty was all around us and each day it becomes even more beautiful. Just like the advertisement said, it was fall in all its glory!

Our first night was spent around a campfire bundled up (it was pretty cold) getting to know everyone and sharing stories about our motorhomes and the amazing places they take us.

Over the next 7 days, the group went to Sister Bay for a craft show, a lighthouse tour on the Door County Trolley in Egg Harbor, a cave tour of the process on how they age cheese, a fish boil at Pelletier Restaurant in Fish Creek, wine tasting and tour at Lautenbach Orchards, hiking in the park and gathering for meals back at the campgrounds. Our days were filled with lots to do and great company.

If you have never been to a fish boil, you need to go to one. Now, I will say, I am not a fish lover, but they told me I could have ribs instead. Whew! Outside behind the restaurant is where they had the big fire pit with the large kettle filled with boiling water. The owner told us the history of fish boils and the process. Then he told us to take a few steps back as he grabbed a huge scoop of salt to put in the water and the fuel oil for the fire. He dumped it on the fire and it erupted like a volcano. Very impressive and entertaining. Now time to go inside and eat those ribs! 🙂

Cherries are a big crop here in Door County, so of course, they had cherry everything….from cherry mimosas, cherry chicken salad wraps, jellies, donuts, wine and salsas to name a few. And it all was great!

One of the many highlights was on our trolley lighthouse tour that took us to Cana Island Lighthouse. First, we had to take a tractor that was pulling a “hay ride” trailer across to the island. Normally you don’t have to do this, but since the water levels were so high, we had to get across to the island somehow. Once we arrived on the island, we saw the lighthouse. It was beautiful! Some of us took the spiral staircase up 97 stairs to the top of the lighthouse where you were able to look out over Lake Michigan. The view was absolutely amazing, but a little scary going up and down all those stairs. But once at the top, the views were well worth it.

A few of us even went to a working dairy farm where we saw the process of milking the cows. Line those cows up, hook them up and out comes the milk. Unhook them and move them out! It was pretty interesting. We then ventured out to the 20-acre corn maze. WOW! This was one HUGE corn maze! I thought it was going to be a little tiny maze, oh no! Miles and miles of corn rows. We were in the maze for almost 2 hours and only got to about 1/3 of it. We decided it was a little cold and windy, and they did have homemade ice cream back at the dairy farm, so we had to figure out how to get out of the maze. I looked up and there it was Franklin our Motorhome peeking over the corn. Now we knew how to get out! 🙂

On our last night, we gathered together and brought our favorite camping meal to share. One thing about going on rallies with fellow LTV owners, you never go hungry. We chatted about the week’s activities and said our goodbyes. We hope to meet up again soon…spring is not far away!

Door County Wisconsin

We will arrive Saturday, October 13 2018 at Potawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay in Door County Wisconsin. Check out on Saturday, October 20.  You can go earlier and/or stay later, but those are the dates we have.

We will stay at the Daisy Field South 2 campground.  Stacey & I are at site 77.  There is a loop that we can all get around and use the center area for a common area for us all to meet and party.  I looked at the week earlier…was a little concerned with the temperatures, but 1/2 of the loop was already booked.  The highs are 56 and lows 38 degrees for that time of year.  Nice bon fire weather.  There is a $38 annual fee to get in or $11 a day…we can pay that when we get there.
The campsite was $231 with a $9.65 registration fee for a grand total of $240.65.
It appears centrally located from a lot of stuff…hiking trails, wineries, orchards, light houses, galleries, etc etc etc.
So if you would like to go, please get out there and get registered as soon as possible.  ALSO, please let me know when you register and what site you selected.  I am hoping we can all get together.