Owning both a Serenity & Unity

Our experience going from a Serenity to a Unity

My husband and I joyfully owned our first Small motorhome – a 2011 Serenity corner bed model for 4 years. But after several wonderful adventures allowing us to assess our travel styles and habits we decided to sell it and purchase a 2015 Unity with a Murphy bed. I thought it could be helpful to explain our decision to those here who are evaluating their own purchase decisions.

For the longer trips we began to take (4-6 weeks) the Serentiy corner bed became too constricting, as did the corner bathroom. We are not large people but my propensity to get up for nightly treks to the bathroom became annoying. Sure – moving my rear end from bed to potty a mere 2 feet away was kind of convenient for me, but it was disturbing to my husband. Then there was the HOT factor, as in, my husband is a human heater all on his own and snuggling so close in a double bed wasn’t as fun as it was when we were in our 20’s.

I began longing for the Unity with that King sized Murphy bed and a bathroom big enough to bend over and change my clothes. Soon my longing became rather obsessive as we both starting watching those tempting Leisure travel Videos! Uh oh…

Last year our Serenity was rapidly sold to some very happy campers and we soon became the proud owners of the Unity.


We just returned from a 4 week trip through Canada and here are the pros and cons of our new digs:


  1. The larger bed was heaven! More comfort and less disturbing to each other for inevitable nighttime fidgets and trips to the loo. I have to say, we slept as well as we do at home.
  2. The larger bathroom was a definite bonus too! Nice and private and large enough to shower and change in. Since we use the bathroom almost exclusively (over public facilities) this works for us.

3. While TV isn’t a frequent activity for us while on the road, the larger one in the Unity was a nice feature when we were watching our beloved Warriors loose the championship! 🙁

And the Cons:

  1. We really missed having windows on both sides of the rig. The Murphy bed makes this impossible when the bed is up and the table is in use. To help compensate, we installed a big mirror there to make it feel less closed in.
  2. We also missed having that big wrap around dining area that was in the Serenity, as this Unity has a much smaller dinette, but it was workable.
  3. Finally, having that couch in the back of the Serenity for the occasional afternoon nap was a bonus we no longer have. Yes, there is a convertible couch in the Unity but you have to choose between the couch and the dinette.
    The Unity requires more overall readjusting for bed, couch and dinette. Naps now? We take those in our outdoor zero gravity chairs.


Are we happy with our move from the Serenity to the Unity? Yes, we most definitely are. No regrets. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep and feeling like you are in a “normal” bathroom. But the truth is, when you choose to roam in a smaller RV, there are pluses and minuses to each model and so you have to assess your most important individual desires, wants and needs. I was once told that the most frequent reason people trade in their RV’s is bed comfort. I believe it! It happened to us.

Introducing the 2016 Unity U24MB Leisure Lounge Plus

We at Leisure Travel Vans are thrilled to announce the launch of a redesigned interior seating plan to the 2016 Unity U24MB.

The all-new patent pending Leisure Lounge Plus, designed by Italian designer Angelo Natuzzi, combines functionality with true residential comfort and quality.

The Unity U24MB Leisure Lounge Plus boasts dual oversized Ultraleather™ swivel chairs with power recliners for multiple seating configurations. Integrated head and footrests, and pop-up armrests allow additional customization, creating a comfortable area for relaxing, lounging and dining. The Leisure Lounge Plus also features a 68” x 74” residential-size murphy bed, an innovative drop-down dining room table, integrated USB plugs, and an impressive 39” pop up LED TV with secondary drop-down glass viewing area.

Our focus remains on quality and innovation, where we seek to bring an increased level of comfort and functionality to our products. “We are excited about the launch of this next generation Unity Murphy Bed. We spent a great deal of time refining the design for extreme comfort and ease of use,” said Ryan Elias, General Manager of Triple E RV.

Also new for 2016 is the optional Matte Glamour interior décor package. The new interior package features Italian-designed, Matte finish upper cabinet doors with soft close technology. Its scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial surface combines clever design with functionality. The white Corian® countertops, indirect LED lighting and a choice of three solid-wood cabinet options, brings European style and modern luxury to the open road.


The redesigned 2016 Unity is available in three exterior colours—Euro Sport, White Suede and Silver. All Unity models are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 dual rear-wheel chassis powered by the fuel-efficient 3.0L V6 BlueTEC Turbo Diesel with 188 HP and 325 ft-lb of torque. From steep mountain passes to tight city streets, the Unity has the power and agility to take drivers anywhere they want to go. With an estimated 16-19 MPG, the Unity packs plenty of punch without sacrificing fuel economy.

The Unity Murphy Bed starts at $127,465 USD plus $2,600 for the Leisure Lounge Plus option. Delivery to dealers will commence in July. RVers can view and experience the redesigned Unity U24MB at the upcoming Hershey RV Show in Hershey, PA, taking place September 16-20, 2015, and at the California RV show in Pomona, CA, from October 9-18.

For more information, please visit