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To say that every last detail on each Leisure Travel Van that comes out of our factory matters to us is no exaggeration, and that means that the partners who build our chassis need to be held to the same high standards we hold ourselves to. Fortunately, the Ford Transit Cutaway that our Wonder models – including the newly launched 2021 Wonder Rear Lounge – are built on is created with the kinds of leading-edge technology and exacting standards that ensure the best product, every time.

We were fortunate enough to go inside the Ford Assembly Plant in Kansas City, Missouri, for an up-close look at how the Ford Transit is assembled. With over 4.7 million square feet of production space, this plant produces more units than any other car manufacturing plant in the United States (at the time this video was created). From incredible state-of-the-art robotics equipment to industry-leading safety standards, seeing what goes on inside the plant firsthand will only boost your confidence in the end product. Watch the video below to take a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the Ford Assembly Plant – hosted by your favorite LTV video personality!

You can see and read more about the exciting and innovative features of the 2020 Ford Transit Cutaway here. And now that you’ve seen inside Ford’s factory, keep the behind-the-scenes exploration going with a look inside the LTV factory! LTV owner Tommie Lauer shared her experience touring our factory in Winkler, Manitoba, in this post.

Leisure Travel Vans

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