If you are in the vicinity of San Diego, and like mountains and valleys in sparsely populated areas, this can be an easy and stunning drive on 2-lane blacktop roads weaving and winding upward until you are around 4,000 feet above sea level. The drive begins in Jamul, which is in east San Diego County about 35-40 minutes from downtown San Diego. Head to Lyons Valley Road and follow it to Japatul Valley Road, or choose to check out other smaller canyon drives off of both Lyons Valley and Lawson Valley Roads. If it’s a clear day with no rain or fog, the views can be highly enjoyable whether the sun is shining or not. The route ends right at I-8, making the drive back to San Diego or east to Arizona an easy one.

Scenic Drive Tips

There are a myriad of places with spectacular views of the valleys below. It’s not a heavily traveled tourist area so there are no rest stops, viewing points, cafes, or gas stations. But being that this is a relatively short drive, there should be no worries about needing fuel or supplies, especially in your LTV.

If you like to hike, check out Lawson Peak Trail.

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Randy Spencer, Modern Hiker

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