Trail Length

3 miles / 4.8 kilometres

Route Type


Elevation Gain

100 feet / 30 metres

Description and Tips

This trail wanders gently through forest, past beaver a beaver dam, and parallels Eagle River as part of the Alaska Parks system. The trail is clearly marked and easy to identify. We also recommend using a bear bell when walking this trail as we came face to face with a young brown bear while taking a leisurely hike on it on one of our trips. The bear bell worked well and succeeded in making sure the bear knew where we were so that it could easily avoid us. It was fascinating to see a bear in the wild. It is such a beautiful and majestic animal. We also saw a beaver dam over a stream and listened to various birds in the area. I highly recommend this trail for an easy hike to enjoy the beauty of Alaska. Be sure and check on bear activity with the Alaska State Parks and Outdoor Recreation Department before you drive to the Eagle River Nature Center. The park is periodically closed to hiking due to bear activity.

Submitted By

Karen Blue