This is the overlooked stepchild to the Big Bend National Park. We like it better – less crowded, more water features. Miles and miles of trails with boondocking opportunities – but not accessible with low clearance vehicles. Many of the features are down the 27-mile washboard dirt Sauceda Ranch Road, but oh so worth it. It’s probably better on Sauceda in a higher clearance towed vehicle than an LTV. Other features, including the Warnock Center, Closed Canyon, and the HooDoos, are along the very scenic River Road Dr, TX FM 170. We’ve been going there since just before it opened to the public and still have not seen everything. Closed Canyon is a do not miss hike down a slot canyon. Some mild rock hopping.

Campground Tips

The actual traditional commercial campgrounds are at Lajitas, which also has a nice lodge and is close to Terlingua. Spring break time in Texas is not the time to come–crowds are crazy. Heat can be extreme in summer. We had a surprise 103 degree heat wave when we backpacked Rancherias Loop in mid-March one year.

Nearby Attractions

With a Texas State Park Pass, you might be able to book a ride along with Park staff to the waterfall or mountain lion studies. It doesn’t hurt to ask what might be available.

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Dee King