We visited Telkwa, BC (the name means “meeting of the water”) located at the confluence of the Telkwa and Buckley rivers. This is a charming Dutch, Swiss village and the hand-hewn Alpenhorn player greets us at Main Street as we refurbish our supplies at The Sausage Factory and Paul’s Bakery. We traveled back to Prince George, Williams Lake and have a farewell dinner @ Brookside RV Park in Cache Creek, BC. After a one night stay in Hope, BC, we said goodbye to many of our group members while the remaining head on to Bothell, Washington. Our Chief and Leader, Dennis Thorig, visited each LTV during these days and asked if there were things that could have been improved upon. I think the most agreed upon the subject was when and where will our next Southwest Runner adventure take us. Dennis will travel to Winkler Manitoba, Canada, home of Leisure Travel Vans, this fall and share his Alaska Bound Southwest Roadrunners LTV Caravan Manual, our feedback and much about the Alaskan Adventure we will never forget!