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“Where do you put the surviving herd of southern plains bison rescued from annihilation by a rancher’s wife in the late 1800s? The answer might be anywhere they want to go. But they fortunately settled on the 14,000 acres of Caprock Canyon State Park in the Texas Panhandle. The closest town is Quitaque (“kit-ta-kway”), Texas. RV sites are well appointed, along with primitive sites for the rugged backpackers. The trails range from easy to very tough. Sufficient water is necessary for hiking in all seasons. And the bison travel wherever they want. Their ‘calling cards’ are everywhere throughout the campsite and they do visit. Like any large animal, giving them proper respect and distance makes for an enjoyable visit. Use the zoom feature on your phone or camera. DNA records point out that this is a unique variety of bison, different from those at Yellowstone – the last of the southern plains bison, and a pleasure to see in Texas. About an hour and a half southeast of Palo Duro Canyon State Park. On our trips to Colorado in our 2021 Unity TB, we stop at Palo Duro on the way up and Caprock on the way back, just to say hello to the largest land animal in North America.”

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“Canyon, Texas, is a delightful town to visit and to use for resupply. A hidden gem near Quanah, Texas, is Copper Breaks State Park, identified as an International Dark Sky Park, with very nice campsites.”

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