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“This is a modest food truck in a town full of very expensive restaurants, but the ingredients were fresh and everything was incredibly flavorful. The owner uses organic ingredients whenever possible and puts real effort into crafting traditional dishes. Plus, the seating area is outdoors in a courtyard that feels miles away from the busy street. The Mezze Vegetarian Sampler was a standout because it’s a way to try five different menu items. The hummus was fluffy and flavorful, the falafel was crunchy on the outside but soft inside, the tabouli was nicely balanced with lemon and parsley, the spanikopita was crunchy and delicate outside and the spinach inside was flavorful and dense without being soggy, but the thing I still dream about was the baba ganouj. It was fluffy and the eggplant had an incredible, slightly smoky, roasted flavor that was offset perfectly by the tart lemon juice.”

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“There are so many things to see and do in Telluride, but you can’t miss taking a ride on the gondola to visit Mountain Village. The ride is free and you can stop at the mountain top for incredible views of the town before continuing on to Mountain Village. Or, you can get out at the top of the mountain and mountain bike or hike back to town.”

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