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“The magnificent California central coast is blessed with beauty and many things to do from Santa Barbara to San Simeon. Any place you choose to stop, whatever you choose to see or do, you will be happy. Take the scenic drive – 154 off the 101 (just as you approach Santa Barbara) – up to Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Solvang Buellton, and more, or down from there. Spectacular drive up or down the mountain, but I do recommend driving down 154 to the 101 and Santa Barbara. While on the central coast, check out the hundreds of wineries, especially in Paso Robles. Cambria, like the other small towns along the way, is charm on steroids. Don’t miss Harmony. The last time I stopped by to visit the population was posted as 18. Restaurants along the way are outstanding. Don’t miss the famous clam chowder in Pismo Beach. I recommend Splash Cafe for this. Good hiking and walks can be found in Los Osos. All the other places and spots that can be named are well-known and all are worth your time for a visit, hike, meal, photos, etc. Of course, Flying Flags RV Resort & Campground in Buellton should be on any list if you want to stay at a resort, for this lovely spot is, indeed, a fun, well-maintained resort. Once it was simply a well-maintained RV park with the option of dry camping at the back of the park (where the autumn leaves stole the show), but those wonderful days are long gone.”

Nearby Attractions

“There is a pretty, easy walk along the San Luis Obispo Creek in Avila Beach. This was not on the beaten path in the past, so you could possibly hope to be among only locals and maybe a few visitors who know about this quiet, charming walk. The farmer’s market in Avila Beach is exceptional, a destination in its own right.”

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Shelley Pitchford

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Rennett Stowe