Trail Length

34 miles

Trail Start and End Details

The Monument has two entrances, and the 34-mile loop can be done from either entrance. The west entrance is two miles from the town of Fruita, Colorado, and the east entrance is four miles from Grand Junction, Colorado. Follow Rimrock Drive over the Monument, then follow the “Tour of the Moon” signs back to your vehicle.

Description and Tips

This beautiful and serene ride has very little traffic and bikes often outnumber cars. Watch for the only herds of desert bighorns in Colorado. There is a 2,600 foot climb to the top, ascending for 10 miles from the east side or 14 miles from the west side. There are grades up to 11% on the east for a short distance, but most are around 6%. The west side is steady at a 4-6% grade. Do the loop, or start at the base of the Monument, riding up the west side to the top and then back down the same way. This adds about four miles, but traffic is very light and the descent is lovely. If you want a shorter ride with four miles of steady climbing, ride from the west entrance to the visitor center and back down to the parking area. There is an entrance fee for bikes that covers up to three bikes. Of course, there is no fee if you have an annual national parks pass or a lifetime senior pass. Water and toilets are available at the visitor center, four miles up from the west entrance. There is plenty of room for LTVs to park at the west entrance.

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