Trail Length

449 kilometres (279 miles)

Trail Start and End Details

Confederation Trail is a converted railway track that has been transformed into a non-motorized trail running east to west the full length of PEI. The “tip to tip” distance, from Tignish to Elmira, is 273 km, but thanks to numerous branch trails, there is a total of 449 kilometres to explore. The trail can be accessed at numerous spots across the province; prevailing winds out of the west may dictate where you want to choose to start.

Description and Tips

Confederation Trail takes riders through all of the beautiful PEI landscapes. The rolled stone dust trail has gentle gradients (never more 2% up or down) that make it an easy and thoroughly enjoyable ride for almost anyone. The trail passes through small villages where you can stop for food and grog. Accommodations are in abundance along the way, as are good boondocking spots for a LTV. There are many campsites near the trail, but keep in mind that vacancies may be minimal on summer weekends. Be sure to have repair supplies for a possible flat tire or other snags along with you, as bike repair shops are limited to the larger cities.

Submitted By

Nelson Cornell, Alain Bernard