There are of course an endless array of options for outdoor cooktops and grills, but many of our LTV owners cited induction cooktops as their top choice for cooking both inside and outside of the RV, including this Cuisinart model. Induction cookers heat up and cool down quickly, are efficient and safe, use minimal power, and don’t take up a lot of space.

The dual burners on this particular cooktop make it easy to cook a complete meal, and each burner has an individual timer and on/off switch.


Make sure you have induction-rated cookware (cast iron works well).


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This appliance may exceed your RV’s inverter capacity and may need to be plugged into a non-inverted plug, even when operating on shore or generator power. When plugging into inverted plugs, always check to make sure the appliance’s power requirements do not exceed your inverter capacity.