The 4th of July was celebrated here and campground host, Loren, prepared a dinner of Baron of Beef, baked potato salad, and a green salad to die for. Apple Crisp with whip cream for dessert. There was live music that evening at Destruction Bay RV Park and many took to the dance floor. The following day before heading for a two-night stay at Cottonwood Park, our LTV caravans lined up to form the letters “LTV”. The event was captured by a drone operated by Kirk Kearl, our videographer. On the road from Kluane Museum, a few of our LTVrs helped a young girl broken down on the side of the road. She was traveling from Anchorage, Alaska, to Provo, Utah, to attend college. That evening at Cottonwood Park, we provided dinner for Simone, spent time getting to know her and even took up a collection to help with her travels. The owner of Cottonwood Resort called this group, The Highway Angels! Two three-year-old bear cubs named Fuzzy & Wuzzy frequent this campground on the spectacular Kluane Lake where our anglers fish for trout and grayling. The last evening at Cottonwood in Destruction Bay our Diana Brannon leads LTVrs around the campground to tour and explore each participant’s creative, innovative additions to make life easier and more efficient. There are 5 different models included among our 22 Vans. After this event, we gather on the deck with appetizers and beverages and play Poop the Potato, a relay game. Another laughter filled the evening.