On June 15, we head out to Destruction Bay and the anglers stop at Haines Junction to buy fishing licenses. The backdrop with our LTVs lined up here is spectacular! The landscape changes around every corner and our generous LTV windshield and windows afford us magical scenic views. We have our first siting of Grizzly Bears and arrive at Cottonwood Park on glacier-fed Kluane Lake and the anglers fish to their heart’s content. Walks along the beach are breathtaking and relaxing and one ambitious couple hike 6 miles to a glacier and back. There is a great deck at Cottonwood and we gather to play cards, board games or just bask in the sun. In the evening the owner cranked up the music and he and our grill master, Chic, start a dance party. The strong downslope winds are strong this night and many thought they would be in the lake in the morning but our heavy duty LTVs withstood.