“My wife has back and neck problems and needs to be able to stand up much of the day while working on her writing. We used to set a small folding desk on the kitchen counter, but that impeded traffic flow inside our home. Looking for a place to install a stand-up desk, I decided to modify the rear wall between the two twin beds. I removed the mirror panel between the beds and cut a new solid wood panel to fit in the space. I then attached a table top and two folding brackets to the vertical panel, and installed a shelf above the upper end of the folded table top. Honestly, the mirror was always too low to be useful for us, though we did like how it helped lighten the area, so I installed mirror panels between each shelf above the folded up table. This has proved to be very useful for us both, and Connie can enjoy much longer trips by being able to work standing up.”

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Phil Smith

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Phil Smith