Trail Length

109 miles

Trail Start and End Details

George S. Mickelson Trail traverses 109 miles on a general north/south route throughout the entire Black Hills, South Dakota, area. The trail’s northernmost access point is at Deadwood, South Dakota, and the southernmost trailhead is found at Edgemont, South Dakota. There are a total of 14 trailheads along the route, many near towns with RV parks.

Description and Tips

George S. Mickelson Trail follows an old railroad bed through the Black Hills in western South Dakota. The trail winds through canyons and tunnels and along mountain streams, with waterfalls and other natural vistas to enjoy as well as old gold mining communities and other sites to explore. The trail is largely hard-packed small gravel with paved sections. Although there can be some elevation gain, the riding here is not technical and easy to traverse for regular riders or ebikes. Beginner riders can choose a trailhead and plan an easy out-and-back ride. With so many towns along the trail, free parking is accessible. The trail passes close to national parks, state parks, and historic landmarks (you can see Sitting Bull Monument from the trail), and offers plenty of shade to keep riders cool. Several Black Hills communities along the way offer RV parks, restaurants, and other amenities. If you are a fisherman, buy a permit online and bring your pole along!

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Steve Paula, Teresa Pennington

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Teresa Pennington