Trail Length

78 miles

Trail Start and End Details

This is an easy and beautiful ride stretching from the town of Caldwell at the south end of the trail, to Cass Scenic Railroad State Park at the north end. To reach the northern trailhead at Cass, take US 219 to State Route 66 East or SR 28 to SR 66 West, and look for the trailhead at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park along SR 66 (Back Mountain Road). To reach the southern trailhead at North Caldwell, take Interstate 64 East and take Exit 175 to US 60 West. Travel 2.7 miles to SR 38 (Stone House Road). If you’re coming from I-64 West, take Exit 169 to US 219 North, then travel 0.5 mile to SR 30 (Brush Road). From here, drive another 0.5 mile to SR 38 (Stone House Road).

Description and Tips

One of America’s premier rail-trails, Greenbrier River Trail is popular with bicyclists, hikers, walkers, and cross-country skiers. Most of the trail winds through the picturesque countryside found in the river valley along the gorgeous Greenbrier River. You will see many species of interesting wildlife. The mile posts start at the southern end, but the trail can be traveled either way. Starting at the north end begins your trip on a slightly uphill grade and follows the river downstream, winding 20 miles through some of the most scenic and remote wilderness landscapes in West Virginia. There are overnight campsites and many restroom and water facilities scattered along the route, but is mostly a remote trail with few amenities, and your cell phone may not have service at times. The trail features two spectacular tunnels: the 402-foot-long Droop Mountain Tunnel, built in 1900, and Sharps Tunnel, 511 feet long and built in 1899. At mile 15, the trail crosses two old railroad bridges. The only large town you will encounter along the trail is Marlinton, near mile 55. Here you can find some great lunch spots and B&Bs, as well as a trailside information center at the old train station. At the south trailhead, check out Lewisburg and White Sulphur Springs. At the latter, visit The Greenbriar Resort for a tour of Cold War bunkers that were secretly constructed for federal government officials. Greenbrier River Trail hosts the popular annual Great Greenbrier River Race.

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Howard Blauser