It’s a wildlife study area and the campground on the headwaters of the Arkansas River is quite distinctive and unique. Brown’s Canyon is known for being a hotbed of whitewater rafting on the Arkansas, which has carved out a stunning rocky space. The camp sites are “bookdocking” sites and are craftily constructed out of small boulders. The RV sites are flat and the accompanying tent pads are flat and soft, as well.

Campground Tips

I would recommend Site 7 for views of the river and Site 13 for privacy and seclusion.

Nearby Attractions

There are several quite nice private campgrounds nearby on the state highway to Buena Vista. The Front Range is on the right going north, and the 13 peaks are on the left. The weather in this “bowl” is spoken about as southern California influenced as it is much less snow and milder seasons that other parts of Colorado.

Submitted By

Virgil Moberg