Jimmy Collins

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Planning your first RV trip.


“I’ll never forget pulling up to Johnson RV just outside Portland, Oregon, in early 2019. Sitting out front was a sparkling-new Leisure Travel Van. And not just any van! It was my new Unity Twin Bed, and I was nervous. I’d been anticipating this moment for months. What if I had made the wrong decision? What if this lifestyle wasn’t for me? And, aside from the deeper questions, what if I’d picked the wrong floor plan?

Looking back at some of my original concerns, I can’t help but laugh! That’s not to say I haven’t had a few tough nights and didn’t make some dumb mistakes along the way. But, what adventure is without challenges? And what challenge doesn’t ultimately turn into a good story?

As a guide to new and prospective RVers, I figured I would do a Q+A between the me of January 2019 and my present-day road-warrior self. Here goes:”