Trail Length

17 miles

Trail Start and End Details

The Hole In The Ground trail is located at the top of Donner Pass, just east of Truckee, California. Although the description found at the website link starts the ride at the forest service road past Boreal Ridge Ski Resort, Dave Dotzler recommends starting your ride by parking a few hundred yards past the fire station on Sherritt Lane, which is located on the north side of Donner Pass Road at the I-80 Sugar Bowl exit. Begin your ride by heading back down Sherritt Lane the way you came, then make a left on Donner Pass Road and cross over I-80. Continue on Donner Pass Road until you pass the small town of Soda Springs, where there is a small grocery store with a deli on the right side of the road. Pay close attention as you ride up Donner Pass Road so you do not miss the wooden sign on your left that says “University of California Sierra Snow Research Laboratory.” Here, take a left onto a dirt road. This section of road will travel 1.5 miles in a northernly direction and then parallel I-80 to the Boreal Ski Resort parking lot. Continue through the parking lot to the far side, then take a left out of the parking lot and ride under I-80 to the dirt road on the north side of I-80.

Description and Tips

This route is mostly single-track. Although this trail requires only about 2,000 feet of climbing, be sure to carry sufficient of water and trail snacks as this ride requires some work. Pick up food in Truckee, or you can always stop at The Soda Springs Store at 21719 Donner Pass Road.

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Dave Dotzler

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Dave Dotzler