Trail Length

650 kilometres (400 miles)

Trail Start and End Details

The Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) Trail and the Columbia & Western Rail Trail extends from Hope, BC, to Castlegar, BC. The KVR Trail from Penticton, BC, is the “go to” starting point for bike riders of all skill levels – start at the south end of the trail in Penticton off Vancouver Avenue.

Description and Tips

This groomed gravel trail is the longest rail trail network in BC. The portion around Penticton runs alongside Okanagan Lake, and features stunning scenery through Napa-like vineyards with views overlooking the lake. The “Naramata Bench” area found along this section of trail features many excellent wineries to stop and enjoy. If you have the stamina, take the KVR as far as Chute Lake for lunch, then enjoy downhill biking on the return trip to Penticton. Other attractions around this portion of the KVR Trail include an adventurous mountain-biking offshoot called Three Blind Mice (about 3 miles along the KVR trail from Penticton), The Bench Market on Vancouver Hill in Penticton, and Hillside Winery.

Submitted By

Gary Dean