Trail Length

0.62 miles / 1 kilometres

Route Type


Elevation Gain

16.4 feet / 5 metres

Estimated Time

30 – 45 minutes

Description and Tips

This is a different interpretation if hiking. The Unity MB with the tall storage compartment — or the Wonder TB with the garage — make it ideal for being able to take along a collapsible mobility scooter. This makes some of the hiking trails accessible to allow people with difficulty walking a chance to experience less challenging trails, such as the one that is found in Jasper National Park at the Maligne Canyon. The trail that is accessible starts from the parking lot to Bridge 1, then Bridge 2 and back to the parking lot. The trail itself has a few interesting rock outcrops that may be challenging for some, but with a mobility scooter (like the collapsible Travelscoot) it becomes a trail that can be used to see how the Maligne River and the numerous waterfalls have carved a path down the solid rock.

Submitted By

Conrad Boucher