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Glacé Bay

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“The Miner’s Seafood Chowder ($12) was the most delicious home-cooked chowder ever to be eaten in a restaurant. It was thick with lobster, cod, clams, etc. in a creamy base. Apparently the recipe is based on the actual seafood chowder that the miners ate.”

Nearby Attractions

“The restaurant is located in the village that is part of the Miner’s Museum complex. At the Miner’s Museum, don’t miss taking a thought-provoking and sometimes hilarious mining tour down an original mining tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean! Led by former miners, it is an authentic view of what it was like to be a miner in this area. In true Cape Breton hospitality style, we were welcome to stay overnight in the Museum’s parking lot at the ocean’s edge that night.”

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Melanie Ashton

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Miners Museum