These LTV owners modified their table, to make space between the cab and the galley. “We generally like to leave the table in place but slightly loosened, so that I can use it like a ‘rotating door.’ We had a new table made out of beautiful maple and had it stained to match the espresso brown. We kept the dimensions of the middle leaf, added 3 inches to one leaf, and subtracted 3 inches from the other leaf. We reattached the mount such that it was 3 inches closer to the larger leaf. When the table is open, it is exactly the same distance to each dinette chair. When the table is closed, we now have 3 inches more egress to whichever side we want (which is usually the side that allows me to walk to and from the cabin and galley).

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Phyllis Schorr

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Unity Twin Bed

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Phyllis Schorr