Before the drive to Stewart, we stayed one night in Iskut, BC, at Mountain Shadow RV Park, true to its name in the shadow of a snow covered mountain! The large lawn provided a place to exercise our four-legged friends and visit with our LTV family. When you have been together 2 months LTVing, you become a big happy family! There is a picturesque lake to fish in and we don’t want the evening to end! Stewart-Hyder Access Road junctions with Cassiar Highway as we wind through scenic Bear Creek Canyon into the magnificent Coast Range mountains snow-topped but velvety green! There are lots of provincial parks with scenic lakes to take road breaks. These LTVs are made for provincial, national and state parks! The cascading waterfalls, glaciers, rivers, creeks and more lakes are astounding. We camp at Bear River RV Park and head out to see the Grizzlies pick the salmon from this river. The salmon is late this year so only a couple of sightings of a handsome male grizzly. We also saw mergansers, eagles, and a beaver. The hikers get another great hike in and the anglers came in with a large salmon and crab for everyone!