On June 8th, we arrive in Haines, Alaska, after a memorable drive through the coastal mountains, many flurries of snow covered with misty clouds surrounding them. This was the first heavy fog that we have traveled through. The quaint seaport town of Haines welcomes us with a crab feast at Oceanside RV Park, WOW! In the evening the beautiful lit up cruise ships heading to Skagway and Juneau entice us but these cruisers do not get the views that we get in our LTVs. We took a trip to the cannery and purchased fresh halibut, shrimp, salmon and caviar to fill our freezers for our foodie potlucks! The shops and galleries here are fun and eclectic. Chikoot Lake is home to the hooded merganser with eight babies in tow. We passed the salmon weir counter whose daily count for 7/9/18 was 277, cumulative since June 3, 4,415. Haines, Alaska has the largest migration of eagles in the fall. Many stays and they flew over our heads to their nests high above in the white spruce trees. Haines is home to the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.