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Grand Rivers

Description and Menu Favorites

“Wonderful atmosphere! Completely rebuilt after a devastating kitchen fire, they kept all the charm of the original restaurant, decorated with stained glass windows, antiques, and colorful quilts. Waitresses with long, flowing, southern-style dresses of the 1800s. Multiple boutique shops in the complex. Setting is near a beautiful state park in the “lakes” region of western Kentucky. The 2-inch-thick pork chop is to die for! Juicy, tender, perfectly seasoned and cooked. Although the pork chop is their speciality, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Other favorites are the flower pot bread with strawberry butter, spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, and an assorted variety of pies with 6-inch tall meringue. The Sawdust Pie is a favorite.”

Nearby Attractions

“2 large manmade lakes are adjacent. Kentucky Lake (a state park) and Barkley Lake. These are long lakes parallel to each other with a long strip of land between – appropriately called ‘Land Between the Lakes’ – with camping, bicycling, fishing, boating, and water sports activities in abundance.”

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William Browning

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@pattis1880settlement on Instagram