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“I think it’s really fun to be in a quaint little town; I find there are unique shops and exceptional dining. Pêche is a surprising find, recommended by a local. It is stylish and definitely reflects what this area of Colorado is all about: the orchards and wineries. So the food is amazing! Palisade is not just about the crops – it’s also a very beautiful setting, where the Colorado River runs through a number of huge mesas and beautiful palisades. About 5 minutes before sunset, the palisades turn bright orange or pink! The Fall Salad is an amazing artistic creation! It’s a towering assortment of fresh-picked bounty straight from the gardens to the restaurant. You must have this salad… and we had the grilled ribeye steak with it. And wine. They have two patios, one in front and one in the back. I would describe this restaurant as stylish, creative, and very high-quality fine dining. Make your reservations several days ahead of time.”

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“Around the corner from Pêche there is a wonderful bakery. Downtown the pretty park is surrounded with quaint shops and several wine shops. It’s great fun to drive up to the East Mesa just outside of town and drive through the orchards and see the vineyards. The major wineries offer tastings and the small farms usually are selling, offering fresh produce at roadside stands or their sheds. The vineyards have beautiful tasting rooms.”

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Nancy Nuttelman

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