Trail Length

Over 62 miles

Trail Start and End Details

Pine Creek Rail Trail runs from Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, to South Point Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, following Pine Creek. To reach the northern trailhead at Wellsboro Junction, take Exit 29 from I-180 West to merge onto US 15 North. Go 27.6 miles, and turn left onto SR 414. Go 9.8 miles; stay straight on SR 287 North. Go 11.7 miles, and turn right onto SR 287/Main Street. Go 0.3 mile, and stay straight on US 6/SR 287/Roosevelt Highway. Go 2.5 miles, and bear right to stay on SR 287. Go 0.4 mile; turn left onto Lower Marsh Creek Road. Go 0.1 mile, and turn left onto Butler Road. Go 0.1 mile; turn right into the parking lot. To reach the southern trailhead in Jersey Shore from I-180 West, stay on US 220 as I-180 ends in Williamsport (past mile marker 29). Go 13.3 miles, then take the Thomas Street exit and turn left onto Thomas Street. Go 0.2 mile, and turn right onto Railroad Street. Go 0.2 mile, and turn left into the parking lot. The endpoint is about 0.9 mile east along the trail at Seminary Street (facing the railroad tracks, turn left along the Pine Creek Rail Trail).

Description and Tips

Pine Creek Rail Trail is one of Pennsylvania’s destination trails and rated one of the ten best rail trails in the world, and for good reason. This well-maintained trail runs at the bottom of scenic Pine Creek Gorge, commonly called the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.” With just a 2% grade over the length of the trail, this is an accessible ride for most cyclists. Small towns along the route cater to trail visitors, and numerous trailheads, comfort stations, campgrounds, and lodging make extended stays possible. You’ll pass by Leonard Harrison State Park, and Colton Point State Park is located on the western side of Pine Creek (note that no public bridges span the creek between Ansonia and Blackwell). Also nearby to explore are Tioga State Forest, Tiadaghton State Forest, and Little Pine State Park. Little Pine State Park Campground and other commercial campgrounds in the valley are available for camping. For more great information, check out The Pine Creek Rail-Trail Guidebook by Linda Stager.

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Scott Shenk, Charles Bierly